Tuesday, January 22, 2019: Week 16

Marty Gras 3 have a bye
EuroPub vs NA Knights of Columbus (EuroPub)
Hartley's vs JKs Boathouse 19 (Hartley's)
Donegal 1 vs Wild Rover (Donegal Saloon)
Corks Corner vs NA Elks (Corks Corner Bar)
Hinchy's 1 vs Belleville Legion 105 (Hinchy's Steel Bar)
Kearny VFW vs Donegal 2 (Kearny VFW)
Marty Gras 2 vs Kearny Elks (Marty Gras)
Legends vs Tonys End Zone (Legends)
Kearny Elks 2 vs Lyndhurst Legion 139 (Kearny Elks Lodge)
Wild Rover 2 vs Hinchy's 2 (Wild Rover Irish Pub)
Central Lounge vs LCC (Central Lounge)
Harrison Elks vs Polka Dot (Harrison Elks Lodge)
Reilly's 3 have a bye