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Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
NA Elks54-3051-1252-3243-2058-26352-152.69817-3-1352
Wild Rover46-3836-2746-3833-3053-31283-221.56213-6-2283
Donegal 136-4829-3441-4323-4039-45220-284.4378-13-0220
Lyndhurst Legion 13934-5014-4932-5224-3916-68158-346.3132-19-0158
Park Pub34-5020-4338-4633-3037-47215-289.4278-12-1215
Kearny Elks 328-5625-3836-4818-4528-56178-326.3534-16-1178

Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Marty Gras 351-3338-2541-4333-3048-36282-222.56013-5-3282
Hinchy's 150-3435-2840-4426-3732-52244-260.4848-11-2244
NA Knights of Columbus48-3228-3240-4035-2552-28282-214.56913-7-1282
Marty Gras 245-3931-3247-3732-3138-46256-248.5088-8-5256
Donegal 238-4635-2844-4033-3044-40262-242.52011-5-5262
Kearny Elks36-4830-3338-4627-3639-45227-277.4506-15-0227
Hinchy's 231-5332-3146-3831-3246-38249-255.49410-10-1249

Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Tonys End Zone48-2439-1549-2133-2134-38275-155.64013-4-1275
Harrison Elks42-3029-2540-3229-2536-36234-198.54210-7-1234
Wild Rover 341-3130-2430-4025-2930-42211-219.4919-9-0211
Kearny VFW37-3534-2043-2939-1552-20278-154.64416-1-1278
Kearny Elks 237-3528-2644-2830-2443-29240-192.55610-6-2240
Central Lounge36-3629-2534-3824-3034-38210-222.4866-9-3210
Polka Dot29-4322-3236-3628-2636-36190-231.4515-11-2190
Wild Rover 228-4422-3140-3222-3142-27198-216.4786-10-2198
Kearny Eagles Club24-488-4516-5612-4120-49100-325.2351-16-1100


 Top Player Of The Week
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 Week 21 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tom KingsleyEuroPubAAll Star Points133
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points98
Brian RomanoPark PubAAll Star Points120
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points95
Mike TrofimowHartley'sAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points140
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points100
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Butch AlmodarNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points120
   All Star Points120
   All Star Points120
Pat BrennanNA ElksAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points140
   All Star Points100
Ali DieguezHartley'sAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points140
   All Star Points96
Dave FatonePark PubAAll Star Points125
   All Star Points115
   All Star Points100
Pat LockardDonegal 1AAll Star Points140
   All Star Points140
   All Star Points100
Paul MetzingerMarty Gras 3BAll Star Points120
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points100
Tommy PetryPark PubAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points100
Steve SroczynskiMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points135
   All Star Points101
   All Star Points97
Fritz SteverWild RoverAAll Star Points148
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jerry DelliSantiHartley'sAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points120
TJ DemnickiDonegal 1AAll Star Points125
   All Star Points100
Tim HeddenMarty Gras 3BAll Star Points140
   All Star Points100
Kenneth LantzWild RoverAAll Star Points180
   All Star Points95
Chris LearyMarty Gras 3BAll Star Points140
   All Star Points120
James McGovernEuroPubAAll Star Points125
   All Star Points120
Rich OteroKearny Elks 3AAll Star Points100
   All Star Points97
Lou PaolacciHartley'sAAll Star Points95
   All Star Points95
Paul RendeiroDonegal 2BAll Star Points120
   All Star Points100
John SalpepeLyndhurst Legion 139AAll Star Points140
   All Star Points100
Joe ZiayaNA ElksAAll Star Points140
   All Star Points120
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jeffrey BenevidesNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points97
Ryan BowerKearny ElksBAll Star Points100
Joe BranickWild RoverAAll Star Points120
Dan BuczynskiLegendsBAll Star Points140
Hugo CastilloLyndhurst Legion 139AAll Star Points98
John CowleyHinchy's 1BAll Star Points98
Erik DaRochaHinchy's 2BAll Star Points96
Rich DeMartinoLyndhurst Legion 139AAll Star Points125
Mike Dominguez JrNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points98
Russell DonnellyNA ElksAAll Star Points100
Rich EnsmengerEuroPubAAll Star Points140
Tony Espaillat Donegal 2BAll Star Points120
Bryan FitzgeraldKearny Elks 3AAll Star Points112
Bill GrayNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points100
Mike GreenEuroPubAAll Star Points100
Terry HeddenMarty Gras 3BAll Star Points140
Remo IannitelliPark PubAAll Star Points108
Chris KeetheLegendsBAll Star Points117
Bob KeirleHartley'sAAll Star Points100
Dan KellyWild RoverAAll Star Points100
Joe KowalickEuroPubAAll Star Points100
Mike LaCorteEuroPubAAll Star Points140
Brandon LauerKearny ElksBAll Star Points95
Brian LukemanNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points100
Kyle MacconchileDonegal 1AAll Star Points100
Keith MairEuroPubAAll Star Points140
Bill ManzoNA ElksAAll Star Points97
Frank MartinezKearny ElksBAll Star Points140
Jim McHenryKearny Elks 3AAll Star Points95
Lou MessanoPark PubAAll Star Points100
Chris MiterkoKearny ElksBAll Star Points100
Danny NankivellHinchy's 1BAll Star Points98
Tony NardiniNA ElksAAll Star Points100
Dave PeselliMarty Gras 3BAll Star Points129
Rich PodolskiMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points98
Mike RandleNA ElksAAll Star Points140
Fernando RendeiroDonegal 2BAll Star Points140
Craig RobinLyndhurst Legion 139AAll Star Points100
Vasco SantosHinchy's 2BAll Star Points100
Frank SroczynskiMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points116
John SylvestriHinchy's 1BAll Star Points120
Mark SzumiloKearny Elks 3AAll Star Points120
Nick TarabocchiaKearny Elks 3AAll Star Points95
Jonathan WagnerKearny ElksBAll Star Points95
AJ WeirNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points100
Tom WorleyWild RoverAAll Star Points98