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Team 4012Crkt3012b501Crkt Win-Loss AVG WLT PTS
Marty Gras 336-2025-1728-2822-2033-23191-145.5689-2-3191
NA Knights of Columbus33-2321-2125-3125-1734-22184-152.5488-5-1184
Marty Gras 230-2625-1732-2420-2226-30178-158.5306-4-4178
Hinchy's 221-3521-2130-2620-2232-24165-171.4916-7-1165
Hinchy's 136-2021-2127-2918-2423-33164-172.4886-6-2164
Donegal 224-3220-2228-2823-1925-31163-173.4855-5-4163
Kearny Elks23-3322-2026-3019-2329-27160-176.4764-10-0160


 Top Player Of The Week
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 Week 15 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Butch AlmodarNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points140
   All Star Points116
   All Star Points97
Dan BuczynskiLegendsBAll Star Points140
   All Star Points100
   All Star Points95
Dean LowensteinMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points125
   All Star Points121
   All Star Points120
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Anthony AldersLegendsBAll Star Points259
   All Star Points100
Keith DonnellyDonegal 2BAll Star Points100
   All Star Points98
Richard GrandaDonegal 2BAll Star Points95
   All Star Points95
Tim HeddenMarty Gras 3BAll Star Points140
   All Star Points100
Brian LukemanNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points96
   All Star Points95
Ed SmolenKearny ElksBAll Star Points190
   All Star Points
Eric VelosoHinchy's 2BAll Star Points133
   All Star Points95
AJ WeirNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points160
   All Star Points100
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Billy AlvarezDonegal 2BAll Star Points100
Bobby BowerHinchy's 1BAll Star Points100
Ryan BowerKearny ElksBAll Star Points100
TJ BradleyDonegal 2BAll Star Points120
Joe CarusoDonegal 2BAll Star Points99
John CowleyHinchy's 1BAll Star Points100
Michelle CowleyHinchy's 1BAll Star Points100
Doug DaRochaHinchy's 2BAll Star Points120
Erik DaRochaHinchy's 2BAll Star Points125
Jon DaRochaHinchy's 2BAll Star Points95
Mike Dominguez JrNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points100
Chris FerreiraHinchy's 2BAll Star Points140
Zach GumbleMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points95
Brandon LauerKearny ElksBAll Star Points285
Chris LearyMarty Gras 3BAll Star Points100
Pat McLoughlinLegendsBAll Star Points133
Chris MiterkoKearny ElksBAll Star Points221
Dante RagnoLegendsBAll Star Points125
Steve RuddenMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points99
Vasco SantosHinchy's 2BAll Star Points100
Josh SarnowskiNA Knights of ColumbusBAll Star Points140
Frank SroczynskiMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points135
Steve SroczynskiMarty Gras 2BAll Star Points100
John SylvestriHinchy's 1BAll Star Points118
Jonathan WagnerKearny ElksBAll Star Points257