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 Week 14 January 9th
 Top Player Of The Week
WinnerTJ DemnickiDonegal 1
Runner-UpJoe ZiayaNA Elks
   Game of the Week
WinnerMark Husseini (.077) defeated Rich Otero (.455) in 301 Singles D/D
WinnerVasco SantosHinchy's 2
Runner-UpBrandon LauerKearny Elks
   Game of the Week
WinnerDave Peselli + Tim Hedden (.381) defeated Keith Sconfienza + Jonathan Wagner (.455) in 501 Doubles D/D
WinnerFrank PerezTonys End Zone
Runner-UpBill DowKearny Elks 2
   Game of the Week
WinnerEddie Bradow + Tiffany Garcia (.100) defeated Daniel Hidrovo + Bobby Helms (.800) in Doubles Cricket