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 Division A1
Team Team Pts W29W28W27W26W25 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG
Spot One - Denise41   16-06-10297-10329719-3-377-23148-5272-28WLWWW.743
C&A - Max38   10-610-6246-15424617-4-458-42131-6957-43WWLWT.615
R.C.L Br 15 - Josianne36   12-48-8238-15823816-5-460-39116-8262-37WTLWT.601
Maguires - Les18   0-164-12145-2511458-15-236-6369-12940-59LLWLW.366
Crown & Lion - Alex14   4-1212-4150-2501505-16-440-6074-12636-64LWTLL.375
R.C.L Br 15 - Mike3   6-108-8120-2801200-22-328-7260-14032-68LTTLL.300

 Division A2
Team Team Pts W29W28W27W26W25 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG
Spot One - Sabrina5615-113-313-312-412-4335-11333528-0-090-22166-5879-33WWWWW.748
Ivy Bridge - Adam3812-411-513-312-49-7263-18526318-8-275-37117-10771-41WWWWW.587
Celtic Club - Jim3412-48-83-1312-411-5253-19525315-9-467-45120-10466-46WTLWW.565
Magnum's - Terry3410-611-510-610-67-9236-21223616-10-251-61123-10162-50WWWWL.527
Oscar's - Garry264-128-86-104-124-12218-23021812-14-261-51106-11851-61LTLLL.487
Oscars - Robin146-103-135-116-106-10156-2901566-20-236-7681-14139-73LLLLL.350
Ivy Bridge - Steve114-125-113-134-1210-6172-2751725-22-136-7696-12740-72LLLLW.385
Crown & Lion - Kris111-155-1111-54-125-11157-2901575-22-132-8085-13840-72LLWLL.351

 Division B1
Team Team Pts W29W28W27W26W25 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG
Flowertown - Darin479-710-67-911-58-8284-16428422-3-373-39137-8774-38WWLWT.634
Jake's Boathouse - Dave438-89-713-37-88-8275-17027520-5-370-42133-8872-40TWWLT.618
Spot One - Randy4312-47-99-77-99-7272-17627219-4-572-40136-8864-48WLWLW.607
Walker's Brew - Bob298-86-109-78-712-4235-21123512-11-556-56122-10057-55TLWWW.527
Keltic Rock - Brian274-1211-53-139-77-9208-23820812-13-353-59105-11750-62LWLWL.466
52nd Street - Steve219-78-87-913-37-9195-2511958-15-547-6590-13258-54WTLWL.437
Celtic Club - Sean137-98-810-65-119-7183-2651835-20-354-5892-13237-75LTWLW.408
Flowertown - Jamie17-95-116-103-134-12134-3111340-27-123-8975-14636-76LLLLL.301

 Division B2
Team Team Pts W29W28W27W26W25 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG
Celtic Club - Colin39   13-315-1268-13226818-4-369-31136-6463-37WWLLW.670
Celtic Club - Krista36   3-1310-6237-16323717-6-263-37113-8761-39LWWWW.593
Maguires - Kim33   10-66-10224-17622414-6-552-48116-8456-44WLWWT.560
Maguires - Paul31   14-214-2243-15624314-8-367-33120-7956-44WWLWT.609
Frigate - Brian9   6-102-14141-2581413-19-331-6968-13142-58LLTLL.353
Keltic Rock - Cecilia2   2-141-1586-314860-23-218-8246-15422-78LLTLL.215


 Week 29 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Robert Bowman JrOscar's - GarryDivision A21-High Scoresx2
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Elvis RobertsCeltic Club - JimDivision A21-High Scoresx2
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Josh TatchellIvy Bridge - AdamDivision A21-High Scoresx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jason AtchisonCrown & Lion - KrisDivision A28-170Fx1
   4-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
Jim GardinerWalker's Brew - BobDivision B11-High Scoresx2
Cheryl Heffernan Flowertown - DarinDivision B11-High Scoresx2
Garry KalcsicsOscar's - GarryDivision A26-171x2
Ben KuipersMagnum's - TerryDivision A23-High Finish119
   1-High Scoresx1
Chris Martin52nd Street - SteveDivision B11-High Scoresx2
Mark Mooyer52nd Street - SteveDivision B15-180x1
   1-High Scoresx1
Leo MorganIvy Bridge - AdamDivision A21-High Scoresx2
Merv RollingsMagnum's - TerryDivision A21-High Scoresx2
Marc TullettIvy Bridge - AdamDivision A21-High Scoresx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Wayne AmiraultJake's Boathouse - DaveDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Shane BarronCeltic Club - JimDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Harold BingleyIvy Bridge - SteveDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Mike BrackenJake's Boathouse - DaveDivision B12-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Jonathan BruneauKeltic Rock - BrianDivision B14-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
Ken BurfieldFlowertown - DarinDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Sean ChettleSpot One - SabrinaDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Terry CreamerCeltic Club - SeanDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Neil DimonOscars - RobinDivision A22-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Brian DoveIvy Bridge - SteveDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Barry DuffyOscar's - GarryDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Dave DurocherJake's Boathouse - DaveDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Peggy EtheridgeIvy Bridge - SteveDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Brent FosterFlowertown - DarinDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Scott HammetFlowertown - JamieDivision B15-180x1
Reg HeathSpot One - RandyDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Dean HoskinsSpot One - SabrinaDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Devin JacksonCeltic Club - SeanDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Omar KhanCeltic Club - JimDivision A23-High Finish116
Trevor MaraisJake's Boathouse - DaveDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Claude MartinIvy Bridge - AdamDivision A24-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
Rob MattaWalker's Brew - BobDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Kris McGinnisCrown & Lion - KrisDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Richard MillsKeltic Rock - BrianDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Chris PeddigrewIvy Bridge - AdamDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Darin PletschOscar's - GarryDivision A23-High Finish101
Alex RaposeiroSpot One - SabrinaDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Mike RosartOscars - RobinDivision A22-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Rick SanfordSpot One - RandyDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Dana SansonJake's Boathouse - DaveDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Mickey SauveMagnum's - TerryDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Bruce SimmondsSpot One - SabrinaDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Fred TremblettIvy Bridge - AdamDivision A24-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
Sean WinterCrown & Lion - KrisDivision A21-High Scoresx1
Garfield YoungSpot One - RandyDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Travis YoungSpot One - RandyDivision B11-High Scoresx1