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 Division B1
Team Team Pts W22W20W19W18W17 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktS 501D 601 Last 5 AVG
Flowertown - Darin3711-512-46-1013-39-7221-11522118-2-161-23101-6759-25WWLWW.658
Jake's Boathouse - Dave339-77-913-33-1315-1212-12321216-4-153-31105-6254-30WLWLW.633
Spot One - Randy338-89-710-611-512-4205-13120514-2-553-31100-6852-32TWWWW.610
Walker's Brew - Bob208-84-1215-013-310-6175-1601758-9-440-4492-7543-41TLWWW.522
Keltic Rock - Brian208-810-63-1310-67-9157-1771579-10-240-4482-8435-49TWLWL.470
52nd Street - Steve168-89-70-155-111-15138-1961386-11-435-4963-10340-44TWLLL.413
Celtic Club - Sean87-97-911-56-106-10131-2051313-16-238-4668-10025-59LLWLL.390
Flowertown - Jamie15-116-105-113-134-12101-2331010-20-116-6857-10928-56LLLLL.302


 Week 22 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Joey O'BrienFlowertown - DarinDivision B11-High Scoresx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Sean BeattieCeltic Club - SeanDivision B13-High Finish100
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Carl FridayWalker's Brew - BobDivision B11-High Scoresx1
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Jack MillerKeltic Rock - BrianDivision B11-High Scoresx2
Dave RossFlowertown - DarinDivision B11-High Scoresx1
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Scott SmithJake's Boathouse - DaveDivision B13-High Finish110
   1-High Scoresx1
Barry Turnbull52nd Street - SteveDivision B11-High Scoresx1
   2-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Terry CreamerCeltic Club - SeanDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Stewart DickinsonFlowertown - DarinDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Brent FosterFlowertown - DarinDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Jim GardinerWalker's Brew - BobDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Scott HammetFlowertown - JamieDivision B12-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Reg HeathSpot One - RandyDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Ed MillsFlowertown - DarinDivision B14-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
Mark Mooyer52nd Street - SteveDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Chad PilgerKeltic Rock - BrianDivision B13-High Finish114
Matt SchellFlowertown - JamieDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Jerritt Strong52nd Street - SteveDivision B11-High Scoresx1
Randy WillmanSpot One - RandyDivision B14-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
Garfield YoungSpot One - RandyDivision B11-High Scoresx1