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 Division B2
Team Team Pts W16W15WK14WK13WK12 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktD 601S 501 Last 5 AVG
Flowertown - Jamie249-78-810-69-79-7143-11314310-2-440-2432-3271-57WTWWW.559
Maguires - Kim197-99-69-77-96-10127-1121279-5-129-3140-2058-61LWWLL.531
Oscars- Krista1610-68-87-96-109-7129-1251296-6-429-3427-3773-54WTLLW.508
Maguires - Paul167-99-78-810-610-6124-1301246-6-431-3336-2857-69LWTWW.488
Frigate - Brian159-77-96-109-77-9130-1261307-8-131-3330-3469-59WLLWL.508
52nd Street - Will46-106-98-87-97-994-141941-12-227-3223-3744-72LLTLL.400


 Week 17 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week