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 Division B2
Team Team Pts WK9WK8WK7W6W5 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT DCktD 601S 501 Last 5 AVG
Oscars- Krista10 8-810-614-25-1169-57694-2-217-1416-1636-27TWWLL.548
Flowertown - Jamie109-78-8 8-811-564-48644-1-217-1115-1332-24WTTWW.571
Maguires - Kim9 8-811-54-12 55-41554-1-113-1118-624-24TWLWW.573
Frigate - Brian77-98-86-1012-49-771-73713-5-118-1818-1835-37LTLWW.493
Maguires - Paul7 8-85-118-87-959-67592-3-313-1916-1630-32TLTLW.468
52nd Street - Will1 8-8 2-14 30-62300-5-19-145-1916-29TLLLL.326


 Week 9 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Shannon HiltzFrigate - BrianDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Sandy MandevilleFrigate - BrianDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Neil ParsonsFrigate - BrianDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Walter WarrenFrigate - BrianDivision B21-High Scoresx1