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 Division B2
Team Team Pts W14W13W12W11W10 Win-Loss MatchPts WLT S 501D 601DCkt Last 5 AVG
Celtic Club - Colin2313-310-68-810-614-2151-7315110-1-376-3634-2241-15WWTWW.674
Maguires - Kim229-78-810-68-88-8131-931319-1-469-4332-2430-26WTWTT.585
Celtic Club - Krista1813-312-48-86-108-8134-901348-4-263-4938-1833-23WWTLT.598
Maguires - Paul167-98-813-313-312-4136-881367-5-269-4330-2637-19LTWWW.607
Frigate - Brian53-136-106-108-84-1278-146782-11-136-7624-3218-38LLLTL.348
Keltic Rock - Cecilia03-134-123-133-132-1442-182420-14-023-8910-469-47LLLLL.188


 Week 14 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Danny MillsFrigate - BrianDivision B21-High Scoresx4
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Paul McKenzieCeltic Club - ColinDivision B24-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
   1-High Scoresx1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Anthony BakkerCeltic Club - KristaDivision B22-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
Mark ChambersCeltic Club - ColinDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Warren CraigFrigate - BrianDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Alan HallsworthCeltic Club - ColinDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Doug HarrisonCeltic Club - KristaDivision B24-Cricket - 3 Bulls / 9Cx1
Barry HayesMaguires - PaulDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Paddy LinehanMaguires - PaulDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Mike MiculinicMaguires - PaulDivision B22-Cricket - 7C / 8Cx1
John PhilipMaguires - KimDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Dave PugsleyMaguires - KimDivision B21-High Scoresx1
Ian WooldridgeMaguires - KimDivision B21-High Scoresx1