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2Moose Trophy Chasers13-2†9-6†12-3†13-2†11-4†67-236-0-00-0WWWWW.74467
7Moose Heads13-2†11-4†3-12†7-8†11-4†58-324-2-00-0WWLLW.64458
4German Barrel Tossers12-3†6-9†8-7†8-7†8-7†52-385-1-00-0WLWWW.57852
1ANAF Scotty's2-13†10-5†7-8†9-6†7-8†41-492-4-00-0LWLWL.45641
5Rossini Lions6-9†4-11†7-8†2-13†9-6†38-522-4-00-0LLLLW.42238
3Navy Torpedos9-6†5-10†6-9†7-8†4-11†36-541-5-00-0WLLLL.40036
6Navy Stokers3-12†9-6†9-6†6-9†4-11†36-542-4-00-0LWWLL.40036
8German Broken Arrows2-13†6-9†8-7†8-7†6-9†32-582-4-00-0LLWWL.35632
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


 Brantford Men's Darts All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Shawn Garrett3Navy TorpedosBMDLHigh In130
   High In120
   High In120
Brian Huk4German Barrel TossersBMDL180x1
   High In118
   High In108
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brad Claus7Moose HeadsBMDLHigh In160
   High In100
Curtis Saunders5Rossini LionsBMDL180x1
   High In100
Roy Teeple8German Broken ArrowsBMDLHigh In120
   High Out118
Peter Weddel5Rossini LionsBMDLHigh In118
   High Out118
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rick Cromwell8German Broken ArrowsBMDL171x1
Kevin Davies6Navy StokersBMDL180x1
Tim Flack7Moose HeadsBMDLHigh In100
Scott Hardman1ANAF Scotty'sBMDLHigh In152
Keith Kleinsteuber2Moose Trophy ChasersBMDLHigh Out100
Steve Laughlin Jr2Moose Trophy ChasersBMDLHigh In100
Steve Laughlin Sr2Moose Trophy ChasersBMDLHigh Out120
Gerry Lever4German Barrel TossersBMDLHigh In106
Henry Ruuska3Navy TorpedosBMDLHigh In101
Bob Sedman3Navy TorpedosBMDLHigh In108
Tom White7Moose HeadsBMDLHigh Out105