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Pos Name Team Name WP LegsLegsLegsLegsLegs W/L PPW AS AVG PTS
1James KnightANAF Scotty's00-003000000
1Scott LudwigGerman Barrel Tossers00-002000000
1Dave ElmsMoose Bulls00-0013000000
1Alan TyrrellGerman Broken Arrows00-008000000
1Cory RogalMoose Heads00-002000000
1Jim CowhigNavy Torpedos00-003000000
1Mike HoltMoose Who Darted00-001000000
1Curtis SaundersRossini Lions00-0010000000
1Todd CollingANAF Scotty's00-002000000
1Gerry LeverGerman Barrel Tossers00-004000000
1Dave TurkeyMoose Bulls00-001000000
1John NealGerman Broken Arrows00-001000000
1Mark FordNavy Torpedos00-002000000
1Richard CromwellNavy Stockers00-002000000
1Keith KleinstuberMoose Who Darted00-0021000000
1Peter WeddelRossini Lions00-0010000000
1Adam HardmanANAF Scotty's00-001000000
1Geoff AdeneyGerman Barrel Tossers00-004000000
1Dave EnglishMoose Bulls00-001000000
1Randy NockMoose Heads00-0020000000
1Hank SirvionskasNavy Torpedos00-001000000
1Don WindsorNavy Stockers00-001000000
1Ray HowickMoose Who Darted00-008000000
1Doc JohnsonRossini Lions00-001000000
1Roger WeissANAF Scotty's00-003000000
1Joe FergusonGerman Barrel Tossers00-004000000
1Mike BredeauMoose Bulls00-001000000
1Dave WestwoodMoose Heads00-0013000000
1Pat MunroeNavy Torpedos00-002000000
1Kevin DaviesNavy Stockers00-004000000
1Bobby BiggsMoose Who Darted00-007000000
1Tom RoseRossini Lions00-0014000000
1Dan SageRossini Lions00-002000000
1Bob ConwayANAF Scotty's00-002000000
1Graeme ScrimgeourGerman Barrel Tossers00-0011000000
1Brian WallaceMoose Bulls00-001000000
1Darryl GambleMoose Heads00-006000000
1Tom DenholmNavy Torpedos00-004000000
1Ernie SinclairNavy Stockers00-001000000
1Rick HardenMoose Who Darted00-0013000000
1Art PakeANAF Scotty's00-002000000
1Darren HutsonGerman Barrel Tossers00-0013000000
1Brian HukGerman Barrel Tossers00-002000000
1Tim WhiteGerman Broken Arrows00-003000000
1Tim FlackMoose Heads00-002000000
1Richard HalletNavy Torpedos00-002000000
1Dave WatsonNavy Stockers00-003000000
1Joe LaingMoose Who Darted00-005000000
1Scott HardmanANAF Scotty's00-001000000
1George ScottGerman Barrel Tossers00-001000000
1Ritch LizotteMoose Bulls00-002000000
1Roy TeepleGerman Broken Arrows00-0015000000
1Chris LeggoMoose Heads00-005000000
1Henry RuuskaNavy Torpedos00-008000000
1Dave JonesNavy Stockers00-001000000
1Mike SandersonMoose Who Darted00-004000000
1Jean-Marc GirouxRossini Lions00-001000000
1Kevin TottenANAF Scotty's00-001000000
1Ken HutsonGerman Barrel Tossers00-002000000
1Dave McGinnisMoose Bulls00-003000000
1Dieter SeibGerman Broken Arrows00-002000000
1Sean O'ReillyMoose Heads00-001000000
1Shawn GarrettNavy Torpedos00-006000000
1Jim MudsordNavy Stockers00-002000000
1Matt EastonMoose Who Darted00-004000000
1Brandon HowickRossini Lions00-002000000

WP - Weeks Played
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
PTS - Points
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