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 Monday 2
Team W15-MW14-MW13-MW12-MW11-M Win-Loss WLT 501 SCr. DCr. S501 D601 Last 5 AVG PTS
GJOA (Sr.)8-1116-312-714-516-3193-9213-2-044-3121-947-2812-312-3LWWWW.677193
Bullseye (Kim)10-917-27-1217-217-2†188-9113-2-033-2217-536-195-68-3WWLWW.674188
No Quarter (Anthony)9-1017-211-8†5-148-11136-1495-10-035-3011-1535-306-74-9LWWLL.477136
Soccer (Jason)9-102-178-11†13-63-16132-1536-9-029-3610-1634-316-78-5LLLWL.463132
Pour House (Katie)10-93-1617-2†2-1711-8129-1567-8-031-3913-1527-435-95-9WLWLW.453129
Bar Ridge(Willie)11-82-172-17†6-132-17†71-2081-14-023-376-1816-445-72-10WLLLL.25471
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.

 Playoffs Results
   Monday 2
GJOA (Sr.) had a bye this week.
Bullseye (Kim) had a bye this week.
No Quarter (Anthony) vs.Bar Ridge(Willie) 
Soccer (Jason) vs.Pour House (Katie) 

 Playoffs All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week