Wednesday, October 16, 2019: Week 6

FMA vs Starving Dartists (Yarmouth Moose Lodge 2270)
Hitmen vs Nature Boys (Cleat & Anchor)
Shooters vs FUPA (JD's Burgers)
Clubbers vs Old School (28 Club)
Riptides vs Fireballs (Brewster VFW)
Brew Dawgs vs Make it Rain (Brewster Pizza)
Steelheads vs Ace Holes (Red Face Jack's)
Nips n Tips vs MuTONy (Yarmouth Moose Lodge 2270)
Dart Zombies vs Dart Hunters (Brewster Pizza)
Come Back Kids vs WD-40 (Royal Palace)
Shenanigans vs Handicapped Jesus (O'Sheas Olde Inn)
Bang,Bang,Bang vs Headlocks Armed & Hammered (Oliver's Restaurant)
Dart Sharks vs The Forsaken (Royal Palace)
Full of Bulls vs Dilligaf (Chatham VFW)
Misfits vs Maniacs (19th Hole Tavern)
Darty Minds vs Is It In? (Brewster VFW)