Monday, November 20, 2017: Week 10

All 4 Fun vs Dragons (Shagwell's)
Triple Threat vs Armageddon (The Players Bench)
Arrows vs Trebled Bunch (Drums N Flats Ajax)
Wee Raiders vs Bang "On" (The Wee Hideaway)
Hornets vs Wired Out (Mackenzie's Pub)
Men With Big Bulls vs The Bandits (Top Shelf Bar & Grill)
Really vs Executioner's (The General Pub and Grill )
Brokenarrows vs Ruthless (Ridges Pub )
Bull Shooters vs Dirty Old Men +1 (The Wee Hideaway)
Falcons vs The Bull Hunters (Shamrocks Pub & Grill House)
Rifles vs The Drunken Sailors (T Williams )
Magnums vs Hammer Heads (Chuck's Roadhouse)
BOB vs Bushwhackers (The Edge)
The Posse vs Bears (Tudor Rose)
Tilted Misfits vs The Black Bears (Pearson Pub )
Darty Minds vs Huckers (Sabina's )
Bent Tips vs Rhinos (Ballers)
The Pylons vs The Cock & Bulls (Courtyard )
Ballers Bouncers vs Goodtimers (Ballers)
The Wee Mob vs Stick It! (The Wee Hideaway)
The Gals vs 66er's (Sabina's )
Smoked Bacon vs Pure Ball (Grizzly's Bar & Grill)
Castaways vs Fish & Chips (Tudor Arms Pub & Restaurant)
Just the Tip vs Grizzly's (Sabina's )
Split Hares vs One More (Chasers Bar & Grill)
Broken Flights vs Crooked Arms (Stag's Head Pub & Grill)
Swiftflytes vs Hee Haws (The Waltzing Weasel)
Totally Re-Darted vs Marksmen (Chasers Bar & Grill)
Wing Nuts vs MacKenzie's Closers (St. Louis Bar & Grill)
Lion Tamers vs Swift Flights (The Edge)
Poison Arrows vs BYE (Tudor Rose)
Lightning vs United (Grizzly's Bar & Grill)
Sir Monty's vs Beer Drummers (Sir Monty's Brewing Company)
D.U.I. vs Renegades (Ballers)
Bulls Hitters vs Sonny's Dream (Thornton Arms)
Shoot "N" Blanks vs Dart Dynasty (Fox and the Goose)
Beers and Spears vs The Dartside (Tudor Rose)
Redartly Challenged vs The Kodiak Bears (Top Shelf Bar & Grill)
Top Shelf vs Muckers (Top Shelf Bar & Grill)
Bear Dart Players vs All in the Family (Drums N Flats Ajax)