Monday, February 25, 2019: Week 22

Wee Raiders vs Trebled Bunch (Wee Hideaway)
Cadeau's Crew vs Arrows (General Pub and Grill )
I'd Hit That have a bye
Bang Off vs Triple Threat (Crazy Jack)
Raging Bulls vs Really (King's Castle )
Bandits vs Magnums (Waltzing Weasel)
Tilted Misfits vs Smoked Bacon (Pearson Pub )
Wired Out vs Executioner's (Simcoe Blues and Jazz)
Falcons vs Hammer Heads (Shamrocks Pub)
Come Back Kids vs Bull Shooters (Shamrocks Pub)
Dirty Old Men +1 vs Rifles (Wee Hideaway)
Bull Hunters vs Drunken Sailors (Players Bench)
Tugboats vs Hornets (Drums N Flats Ajax)
Fish & Chips vs Bushwhackers (Sabina's )
BOB vs Black Bears (Edge)
Treble Makers vs Huckers (Drums N Flats Ajax)
John's Rhinos vs Goodtimers (Whisky John's Bar)
Wee Mob vs Bent Tips (Wee Hideaway)
Cock & Bulls vs Hee Haws (T Williams )
Pylons vs Totally Re-Darted (Courtyard )
Pure Bull vs Just the Tip (King's Castle )
Crude Tudes vs Lion Tamers (Tudor Rose)
Darty Minds vs Wicked Women (Sabina's )
Castaways vs Bears (Tudor Arms Pub )
66er's vs Flatliners (Tudor Rose)
Marksmen vs Swiftflytes (Players Bench)
Split Hares vs Trouble Shooters (Chasers Bar & Grill)
Crooked Arms vs Broken Flights (Thornton Arms)
Johnny's Sinners vs One More (Whisky John's Bar)
Wing Nuts vs Stick It! (St. Louis Bar & Grill)
All in the Family vs Lightning (Drums N Flats Ajax)
Bear Dart Players vs Poison Arrows (King's Castle )
Kodiak Bears vs Swift Flights (King's Castle )
Dartside vs Insane Dart Posse (Sabina's )
SideKicks vs United (Ridges Pub )
Sonny's Dream vs Bulls Hitters (Chasers Bar & Grill)
Beer Drummers vs Dart Dynasty (Beer Drum Bar )
Chucks Chuckers vs Renegades (Chuck's Roadhouse)
Shoot "N" Blanks vs Darts of Hazard (Fox and the Goose)