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Team W21W20W19W18W17 Win-Loss WLT T701D601S501 Last 5 AVG PTS
Tilted Misfits4-77-47-48-38-3137-9416-5-024-1836-2777-49LWWWW.593137
The Posse7-44-75-64-79-2132-9915-6-026-1633-3073-53WLLLW.571132
The Black Bears6-57-45-67-43-8117-11412-9-025-1730-3362-64WWLWL.506117
Darty Minds 2-97-43-83-84-792-1395-16-012-3026-3754-72LWLLL.39892
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Week 21 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Phil GarbuttThe PosseBB100+ Out167
Adam GroomeHuckersBB180x1
Matt HewittHuckersBB100+ Out110
Terry HickeyBOBBB180x1
Matt MikichakHuckersBB100+ Out103
Mike O'ShaughnessyBOBBB100+ Out106
James PoznyszTilted MisfitsBB180x1
John TurcoBOBBB180x1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
CCJust the Tip2018-02-012Results due from Jan.20th have not been added.
CCPure Ball2018-01-222Results not posted
EEMuckers2018-01-152No results posted
EDart Dynasty2017-12-112Failure to post results on time.
DOne More2017-12-112Failure to post results on time.
EBeer Drummers2017-11-062Failure to entering results.
DDMacKenzie's Closers2017-11-062Failure to enter results
EEMuckers2017-11-062Failure to enter results on time.
DDSwift Flights2017-11-062Failure to enter results on time.
EEMuckers2017-10-162Results posted
CCPure Ball2017-10-162Results not posted
BThe Drunken Sailors2017-10-162Results not posted