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Team W28W27W26W25W24 Win-Loss WLT T701D601S501 Last 5 AVG PTS
Cadeau's Crew 8-38-37-49-2224-7325-2-039-1569-12116-46WWWWW.754224
Triple Threat8-310-19-24-7 205-9222-5-043-1151-30111-51WWWLW.690205
Arrows7-47-49-2 9-2168-12916-11-027-2749-3292-70WWWWL.566168
Wee Raiders3-83-82-98-34-7146-15114-13-025-2936-4585-77LLLWL.492146
Bang Off9-2 3-83-82-9141-15614-13-024-3042-3975-87WLLLW.475141
I'd Hit That 2-94-72-93-87-4105-1925-22-024-3029-5252-110LLLLW.354105
Trebled Bunch4-71-10 8-32-999-1985-22-013-3924-5451-105LLWLL.33399
Dragons     67-1644-17-013-2712-4842-78LLLLL.29067


 Week 28 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Derrick GinterI'd Hit That Prem100+ Out145
Dalton HowardI'd Hit That Prem180x1
Ted MorrisWee RaidersPrem180x1
Dave ReidArrowsPrem180x1
Stu RuttenTrebled BunchPrem100+ Out100