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Team W9W8W7W6W5 Win-Loss WLT T701D601S501 Last 5 AVG PTS
Shoot "N" Blanks5-6‡8-36-58-39-258-306-2-011-514-1033-15LWWWW.65958
Bulls Hitters7-46-59-28-311-063-366-2-011-517-728-20WWWWW.63656
Dart Dynasty 3-82-98-37-448-406-2-09-714-1025-23LLWWW.54548
Renegades 9-25-66-54-745-434-4-09-713-1123-25WLWLL.51145
Sonny's Dream4-72-99-23-88-346-533-5-08-811-1323-25LLWLW.46542
Chucks Chuckers 9-24-73-82-942-464-4-06-1013-1123-25WLLLL.47742
Beer Drummers 5-67-43-83-837-512-6-08-89-1520-28LWLLL.42037
Darts of Hazard6-5‡2-92-95-60-1124-641-7-02-145-1917-31WLLLL.27324
‡ in the weekly scores means the result has been entered but may not yet be included in the points until the stats are re-calculated.


 Week 9 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week