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Team W21W20W19W18W17 Win-Loss WLT T701D601S501 Last 5 AVG PTS
Beer Drummers7-47-44-75-64-7128-10112-9-025-1729-3476-50WWLLL.559128*
Bulls Hitters5-6‡9-25-68-36-5120-10012-8-025-1535-2560-60LWLWW.545120
Sir Monty's3-86-56-54-77-4107-12410-11-021-2133-3053-73LWWLW.463107
Shoot "N" Blanks4-73-83-83-86-5104-1276-15-016-2628-3560-66LLLLW.450104
Sonny's Dream8-34-73-85-65-6102-1297-14-020-2222-4160-66WLLLL.442102
Dart Dynasty8-3‡2-98-37-45-699-11910-10-021-1928-3252-68WLWWL.45499*
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
‡ in the weekly scores means the result has been entered but may not yet be included in the points until the stats are re-calculated.


 Week 21 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
CCJust the Tip2018-02-012Results due from Jan.20th have not been added.
CCPure Ball2018-01-222Results not posted
EEMuckers2018-01-152No results posted
EDart Dynasty2017-12-112Failure to post results on time.
DOne More2017-12-112Failure to post results on time.
EBeer Drummers2017-11-062Failure to entering results.
DDMacKenzie's Closers2017-11-062Failure to enter results
EEMuckers2017-11-062Failure to enter results on time.
DDSwift Flights2017-11-062Failure to enter results on time.
EEMuckers2017-10-162Results posted
CCPure Ball2017-10-162Results not posted
BThe Drunken Sailors2017-10-162Results not posted