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Team W23W22W21W18W17 Win-Loss WLT T7DCD6S5 Last 5 Average Points
I Don’t Know 9-513-113-110-411-3214-8019-0-234-848-1545-1887-39WWWWW.728214
Queens & Kings 8-69-510-411-313-1184-11016-4-131-1144-1942-2167-59WWWWW.626184
Piper Dragons6-86-88-65-95-8130-1637-14-014-2828-3525-3863-62LLWLL.444130
Shooters 8-66-84-103-11126-1546-13-122-1825-3529-3150-70WLLLW.450126
Cobras 2 1-131-133-111-1362-2181-19-08-3210-5010-5034-86LLLLL.22162

 Week 27 Results
Shooters vs.Cobras 2 
Piper Dragons vs.Queens & Kings  
Rockets vs.I Don’t Know  

 Week 27 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week