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Team Wk 14Wk 13Wk 12Wk 11Wk 10 Win-Loss WLT S5T7DCD6 Last 5 AVG PTS
I Don't Know4-107-77-7 12-2111-708-2-347-3016-1021-1827-12LTTWW.613111
No Nonsense9-513-17-7 11-3105-567-2-343-2911-1127-924-12WWTWW.652105
Piper Dragons10-47-710-48-67-774-913-6-328-4311-1120-1615-21WTWWT.44874
Cobras 22-126-84-106-83-1167-1152-10-135-439-1711-2812-27LLLLL.36867
383 Bulldogs5-91-133-113-112-1257-1302-12-026-588-209-3314-28LLLLL.30557


 Week 14 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Billy CrippsI Don't KnowIntercity130+x2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ed Corbett383 BulldogsIntercity130+x1
Don CulbertsonI Don't KnowIntercity130+x1
Jay HarrisonNo NonsenseIntercityHF101+157
Carl Hodge383 BulldogsIntercity130+x1
Vern LepinePiper DragonsIntercity130+x1
Zoe ReidPiper DragonsIntercity130+x1