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Team Wk 18Wk 17Wk 16Wk 15Wk 14 Win-Loss WLT D6S5T7DC Last 5 AVG PTS
Rockets 9-58-66-812-2152-8613-2-229-2267-3523-1133-18WWLWW.639152
I Don't Know 11-36-88-64-10136-8710-3-333-1556-3920-1227-21WLWLT.610136
No Nonsense 5-98-6 9-5118-768-3-326-1648-3615-1129-13LWWWT.608118
Piper Dragons7-77-76-8 10-4100-1143-8-522-2637-5816-1425-23TTLWT.467100
Cobras 2 3-117-77-72-1292-1463-11-317-3444-5814-2017-34LTTLL.38792
383 Bulldogs7-77-77-77-75-985-1602-12-420-3441-678-2816-38TTTTL.34785


 Week 18 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Zoe ReidPiper DragonsIntercity130+x2