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 Match Result

Away Team Total Wins Total Wins Home Team
AmLeg Tyngsboro - Punishers 16 1 Bucks - Wrecking Crew

 All Stars

Away Team  All Stars   All Stars  Home Team
AmLeg Tyngsboro - Punishers 15 7 Bucks - Wrecking Crew

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
John BlaikieTon's1607
John BlaikieRO's113
John BlaikieHigh Out1107
Brian CampbellTon's1180
Brian CampbellRO's120
Brian Campbell1801 
Rich GingrasTon's1455
Darren KnightsonTon's1707
Darren KnightsonRO's16
Tom NewcombTon's1300
Tom NewcombRO's16
Dana StairsTon's1400
Dana StairsRO's14
Wayne WidtfeldtTon's1457
Wayne WidtfeldtRO's113
Wayne WidtfeldtHigh Out1122
Mike RobergeTon's1580
Mike RobergeRO's120
Ken HarveyTon's1665
Ken HarveyRO's113
Brittany EdgettTon's1501
Brittany EdgettRO's17