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 Match Result

Away Team Total Wins Total Wins Home Team
Bucks - Wrecking Crew 11 6 Knick Abso-phuck-inlutely

 All Stars

Away Team  All Stars   All Stars  Home Team
Bucks - Wrecking Crew 11 7 Knick Abso-phuck-inlutely

 All Star Breakdown

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All Stars

Name of Player All Star Type # Hit Throw Score
Sammy AyalaTon's1220
Eric BettencortTon's1234
Rich GingrasTon's1382
Rich GingrasRO's16
Rich GingrasHigh In1160
Rich GingrasHigh Out1122
Kevin GreerTon's1100
Audrey BrazelTon's1100
Sean KelleyTon's1220
Sean KelleyHigh In1120
Ryan LongdinTon's1100
Adam BellevilleTon's1300
Adam BellevilleRO's118
Mike RobergeTon's1205
Mike RobergeRO's114
Terry RadcliffTon's1516
Terry RadcliffRO's115
Terry RadcliffRO-91