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Division Team Wk 10Wk 9Wk 8Wk 7Wk 6 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
DSlap Shot - Cork & Bulls11-614-312-512-517-0132-3810-0-013-727-322-823-747-13WWWWW.776132
ABucks - Dispectables13-411-514-311-611-6125-449-1-015-524-621-920-945-15WWWWW.740125
C1Knick Midget Tossing 14-312-513-49-811-6125-4510-0-012-822-824-622-845-15WWWWW.735125
ABucks - Wrecking Crew13-414-314-314-36-11123-469-1-012-823-722-822-845-15WWWWL.728123*
C1Maxamillians - X13-413-38-98-913-4108-617-3-011-920-1017-1222-838-22WWLLW.639108
C1East End - DUI14-3†5-129-816-113-4107-637-3-013-516-1116-1118-930-24WLWWW.629107
C3Crackers Lounge - Crackdown11-613-49-814-39-8104-669-1-08-1220-1018-1219-1139-21WWWWW.612104
C2Boathouse Castaways7-104-1311-611-69-8103-678-2-010-1020-1016-1417-1340-20LLWWW.606103
C2Bunting - Strangers10-712-5†7-1011-612-598-727-3-08-1016-1119-815-1228-26WWLWW.57698
DEast End It is What it is6-118-98-913-410-796-746-4-012-816-1416-1417-1335-25LLLWW.56596
BBunting Club - Trojans4-1314-312-56-1112-589-816-4-010-1017-1317-1316-1429-31LWWLW.52489
C3Max Nailin' the Neighbor6-119-810-77-108-985-854-6-011-914-1618-1214-1628-32LWWLL.50085
DHynes - Dart Sharks12-59-814-35-128-985-854-6-012-811-1912-1820-1030-30WWWLL.50085
DMaxamillians - Minions13-43-149-87-109-884-866-4-09-1112-1818-1215-1530-30WLWLW.49484
C3East End Armed&Hammered13-48-99-810-78-982-884-6-011-911-1917-1312-1831-29WLWWL.48282
C2O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters10-7†8-98-96-118-980-893-7-012-612-1513-1413-1421-33WLLLL.47380*
C3Jokers - Cheap Flights6-1111-68-97-109-878-884-6-08-1215-1515-1513-1731-29LWLLW.47078*
BBucks - Darty Deeds11-65-115-123-1413-475-944-6-011-912-1812-1815-1425-35WLLLW.44475
DRendezvous 1st Time Team5-1212-55-1210-77-1073-974-6-05-1519-1114-1610-2025-35LWLWL.42973
C1Catchers Mitt - Killatons3-14†3-1312-513-46-1165-1033-7-09-913-1412-147-2022-32LLWWL.38765*
C1AmLegNC - Bone Specialist4-1312-54-134-134-1364-1062-8-08-1213-178-2210-2025-35LWLLL.37664
C2O'Haras Daht Shaht Extrav7-10†5-12†6-1110-76-1163-1023-7-09-710-147-1710-1420-28LLLWL.38263*
C3PSC - Misfits4-136-117-103-145-1256-1141-9-010-1010-203-2714-1619-41LLLLL.32956
BBunting Club - GFY'S6-113-143-1410-75-1255-1152-8-09-119-2112-187-2318-42LLLWL.32455
BAm Legion Nab Licker Pigs4-133-143-147-104-1341-1290-10-03-175-256-249-2118-42LLLLL.24141
DBucks - Derek's Dik Doots4-135-123-144-130-1740-1300-10-09-115-258-225-2513-47LLLLL.23540
C1Hynes - Lick My Bulls3-145-125-121-164-1339-1311-9-05-153-279-218-2214-46LLLLL.22939
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.

 Player of The Week - A Division
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 Player of The Week - B Division
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 Player of The Week - C1 Division
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 Player of The Week - C2 Division
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 Player Of The Week - D Division
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 Player of the Week - C3 Division
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 Week 10 Monday Lowell All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesATon's420
   High In120
   Low Dart Game10
Darren KnightsonBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's414
   High In120
Jason OgasianBucks - DispectablesATon's200
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Steve MarchantBunting Club - TrojansBTon's273
   High In152
Charlie TempleBunting Club - TrojansBTon's423
   High Out123
Mark Timpe JrBunting Club - GFY'SBTon's100
   High Out100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bob BeausheneMax Nailin' the NeighborC3Ton's140
Bill BovillAm Legion Nab Licker PigsBTon's140
Gary BurkeBunting Club - TrojansBTon's423
Mike CaseyBunting - StrangersC2Ton's225
Jackie DemareeJokers - Cheap FlightsC3Ton's100
William DeRosaBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's363
Michael DodgeAmLegNC - Bone SpecialistC1Ton's100
Chris DozoisBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's100
Adam FournierLafayettDoublePenetrationC2Ton's255
   High In130
Bruce HughesHynes - Lick My BullsC1Ton's100
Ed KelleyBunting Club - GFY'SBTon's371
Eddie LimaBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's418
Anthony MarcheseMaxamillians - XC1Ton's200
JP McGannBucks - DispectablesATon's140
Carlos MendoncaKnick Midget Tossing C1Ton's600
Christopher MorlockKnick Midget Tossing C1Ton's340
Tom NewcombBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's492
   High In152
Gary NormandinEast End Armed&HammeredC3Ton's228
   High In120
Mike PrescottBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's140
Levi RemickBucks - DispectablesATon's346
Mike RobbinsBucks - DispectablesATon's100
JJ SantanaKnick Midget Tossing C1Ton's106
   High Out106
Dana StairsBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's520
Mike TherrienSlap Shot - Cork & BullsDTon's100
Lisa TimpeBunting Club - GFY'SBTon's125
James VolianitesRendezvous 1st Time TeamDTon's100
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nicole LavoieEast End Armed&HammeredC3Ton's100
Mike AbdinoorSlap Shot - Cork & BullsDTon's140
Mike AndersonAmLegNC - Bone SpecialistC1Ton's100
Nick BarberaBoathouse CastawaysC2Ton's200
Brian BellMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's220
Mike BenoitRendezvous 1st Time TeamDTon's100
Eric BettencortBunting Club - GFY'SBRO's13
Nick BlanchetteMaxamillians - XC1Ton's100
Vicki BriggsBunting Club - TrojansBTon's254
Andy BrunelleAm Legion Nab Licker PigsBTon's540
Dara ChanJokers - Cheap FlightsC3RO's6
Rob CrawsonEast End Armed&HammeredC3Ton's116
Adam CuipaSlap Shot - Cork & BullsDTon's357
Chris DeloshBoathouse CastawaysC2Ton's100
Mindy DonohoeBunting Club - TrojansBRO's6
Andy DresselBoathouse CastawaysC2Ton's125
Robin GallantBucks - Derek's Dik DootsDRO's6
Phil GibbonsJokers - Cheap FlightsC3RO's6
Rich GingrasBunting Club - TrojansBTon's437
Stacey GomezBunting - StrangersC2RO's7
Tyrone GomezBunting - StrangersC2Ton's240
Darryl GreeneKnick Midget Tossing C1RO's14
Jordan HealyKnick Midget Tossing C1RO's13
Robyn HigginsBunting - StrangersC2Ton's100
Dan HimickBoathouse CastawaysC2RO's7
Blake JohnsonMax Nailin' the NeighborC3Ton's138
Jerry JutrasKnick Midget Tossing C1RO's19
Chris KelleyBunting Club - GFY'SBTon's132
Tom KellyHynes - Lick My BullsC1RO's12
Jenna KempBucks - Darty DeedsBRO's6
Kyle KurpisLafayettDoublePenetrationC2RO's6
Butch LaPlanteBunting Club - TrojansBTon's100
Andrea MailleLafayettDoublePenetrationC2RO's7
Leo ManleyMaxamillians - MinionsDRO's6
Erin McGannBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's425
Sherry MillerEast End It is What it isDTon's115
Robert MontminyRendezvous 1st Time TeamDTon's114
Julie MorrissetteHynes - Dart SharksDTon's121
Brandon NewcombPSC - MisfitsC3Ton's100
Leeann NewcombPSC - MisfitsC3Ton's246
Melanie NigrelliBucks - Derek's Dik DootsDRO's6
Jim OrleansKnick Midget Tossing C1RO's6
Kenneth ParentBunting - StrangersC2Ton's238
Chris RobbinsEast End It is What it isDTon's100
James RobsonSlap Shot - Cork & BullsDTon's100
Becky RocheleauJokers - Cheap FlightsC3Ton's138
Steve SchafferJokers - Cheap FlightsC3RO's7
Neil SullivanBunting - StrangersC2RO's7
Mark TimpeBunting Club - GFY'SBTon's100
Dana VanderbieMax Nailin' the NeighborC3Ton's133
Brian WaegeleinBucks - Wrecking CrewARO's6
Paul WallaceEast End It is What it isDTon's118

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
C1Catchers Mitt - Killatons2015-11-251Week 10 match report not received by Wed noon
C2O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters2015-11-251Week 10 match report not received by Wed noon
C2O'Haras Daht Shaht Extrav2015-11-221Week 9 match report not received by Sun 6pm
C2O'Haras Daht Shaht Extrav2015-11-211Week 9 match report not received by Sat 6 pm
C2O'Haras Daht Shaht Extrav2015-11-201Week 9 match report not received by Fri 6pm
C2O'Haras Daht Shaht Extrav2015-11-191Week 9 match report not received by Thurs 6pm
C2O'Haras Daht Shaht Extrav2015-11-181Week 9 match report not received by Wed noon
C2LafayettDoublePenetration2015-11-171Week 9 no text of winning score received by 2am
C3Jokers - Cheap Flights2015-11-071Week 7 match report not received by Sat 6pm
C3Jokers - Cheap Flights2015-11-061Week 7 match report not received by Fri 6pm
C3Jokers - Cheap Flights2015-11-051Week 7 match report not received by Thurs 6pm
ABucks - Wrecking Crew2015-11-041Week 7 match report not received by Wed noon
C3Jokers - Cheap Flights2015-11-041Week 7 match report not received by Wed noon
C2LafayettDoublePenetration2015-10-131Week 4 winning text not received by 2am
C2LafayettDoublePenetration2015-09-281Winning Text Not Received By 2:00 am (Week 3)