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Division Team Wk 5Wk 3Wk 10Wk 9Wk 8 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
A1Bucks - Dispectables15-215-217-09-815-2135-3510-0-012-827-325-524-647-13WWWWW.794135
C1East End - DUI12-512-511-614-313-4126-4410-0-015-523-722-824-642-18WWWWW.741126
A1PAC - Polish Punishers10-714-311-68-914-3113-558-2-013-721-922-819-1140-20WWWLW.673113*
DMax Nailin' the Neighbor6-1010-711-611-612-5111-589-1-011-921-918-1121-940-20LWWWW.657111
BBunting Club - GFY'S8-912-59-89-814-3106-649-1-015-522-817-1320-1032-28LWWWW.624106
DPAV - Good Yourself?10-610-76-1114-38-9104-657-3-011-920-1014-1521-938-22WWLWL.615104
BBunt Club - Who's Round?9-86-118-912-512-598-727-3-013-718-1214-1618-1235-25WLLWW.57698
BAmer. Legion Nab - Licker Pigs10-79-89-85-1212-593-776-4-09-1118-1218-1217-1331-29WWWLW.54793
DCarlo Rose Clippers14-37-1012-53-145-1292-756-4-013-715-1516-1418-1233-27WLWLL.55192*
C1Sports Zone Lick My Bulls10-75-128-910-74-1389-814-6-06-1416-1416-1417-1334-26WLLWL.52489
A1Bucks - Under the Radar12-512-515-212-514-388-805-5-08-1218-1212-1817-1335-25WWWWW.52488*
C2Am. Leg. NC Star Players9-811-69-89-810-784-528-0-011-514-1013-1115-931-17WWWWW.61884
BBucks - Darty Deeds11-68-912-58-95-1282-885-5-09-1113-1714-1615-1531-29WLWLL.48282
C1Catchers Mitt - Killatons5-1213-46-1110-710-681-885-5-010-1013-1712-1813-1733-26LWLWW.47981
DMaxamillians - Minions6-107-109-811-69-879-905-5-09-1114-1617-1311-1928-31LLWWW.46779
C1O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters7-109-89-83-147-1076-944-6-08-1215-1517-1314-1622-38LWWLL.44776
BTJ Cal - Lethal Injection7-1011-68-98-95-1275-932-8-07-1314-1615-1512-1828-31LWLLL.44675*
C1Boathouse - Dart Scrubs5-128-912-57-1010-772-984-6-011-912-1814-1613-1722-38LLWLW.42472
C2Hynes - Strangers12-56-1112-5 7-1071-635-3-07-915-915-913-1123-25WLWLL.53071*
DBucks - Derek's Dik Doots10-68-98-96-1110-771-982-8-09-1112-1811-1911-1928-31WLLLW.42071
A2Bunting Club - Trojans7-105-126-1111-63-1470-1003-7-014-69-2113-1712-1822-38LLLWL.41270
C1SAC Club - Rendezvous12-54-135-127-106-1065-1043-7-010-1011-199-219-2126-33WLLLL.38565
C2Crackers Lounge - Crackdown8-97-108-912-59-864-722-6-08-810-1411-1312-1223-25LLLWW.47164
A2Knick - Dead Giraffes2-153-140-175-123-1462-1084-6-09-119-219-2113-1722-38LLLLL.36562
C2Jokers - Cheap Flights 10-7 8-98-962-742-6-08-88-1613-1111-1322-26WLLWL.45662
C2PSC- Titans5-12 5-125-12 57-793-5-06-1013-118-169-1521-27LLLLW.41957
BHynes - Wise Asses6-115-125-129-83-1454-1151-9-07-135-2512-188-2222-37LLLWL.32054
DEast End Backstreet Bulls3-149-85-126-117-1048-1221-9-07-138-2213-178-2212-48LWLLL.28248
A2Knickerbocker -La Familia5-122-152-156-112-1538-1320-10-04-166-249-215-2514-46LLLLL.22438
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.

 Finals Week 1 Results

 Player of The Week - B Division
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 Player of The Week - C1 Division
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 Player of The Week - C2 Division
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 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Player Of The Week - D Division
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 Finals Week 1 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
BTJ Cal - Lethal Injection2015-04-081Week 5 match report not received by Wed Noon
A1Bucks - Under the Radar2015-03-121Week 8 match report not received by Thurs 6 pm
A1Bucks - Under the Radar2015-03-111Week 8 match report not received by Wed Noon
C2Hynes - Strangers2015-02-231Winning Score Not Received By 2:00 am
DCarlo Rose Clippers2015-02-121Week 4 match report not received by Thurs 6 pm
DCarlo Rose Clippers2015-02-111Week 4 match report not received by Wed 6 pm
A1PAC - Polish Punishers2015-02-111Week 4 match report not received by Wed 6 pm
DCarlo Rose Clippers2015-02-101Week 4 match report not received by Tues Noon
A1PAC - Polish Punishers2015-02-101Week 4 match report not received by Tues Noon
C2Hynes - Strangers2015-01-191Winning Text Score Not Received By 2:00 am