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Team MLW2MLW1 Win-Loss WLT D501CCSGL601CR Last 5 Average Points
Bucks - Wrecking Crew15-216-131-32-0-05-15-112-04-05-1WW.91231
AmLeg Tyngsboro Punishers13-49-822-122-0-03-35-18-41-35-1WW.64722
East End - Deadshot10-712-522-122-0-02-46-07-53-14-2WW.64722
Bucks - Dispectables7-108-915-190-2-04-20-66-63-12-4LL.44115
AmLeg Nab - Licker Pigs4-131-165-290-2-01-51-51-111-31-5LL.1475

Team MLW2MLW1 Win-Loss WLT D501CCSGL601CR Last 5 Average Points
Maxs Banging the Neighbor10-715-225-92-0-03-35-110-22-25-1WW.73525
Knick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELY9-89-818-162-0-05-13-34-82-24-2WW.52918
JJ Boomers - X7-105-1212-220-2-03-31-54-82-22-4LL.35312
Knick - Untouchables8-92-1510-240-2-02-41-55-72-20-6LL.29410
Bunting Club - Trojans2-158-910-240-2-02-43-33-90-42-4LL.29410

Team MLW2MLW1 Win-Loss WLT D501CCSGL601CR Last 5 Average Points
Bucks - Killatons10-713-423-112-0-05-14-27-52-25-1WW.67623
Boathouse - Castaways10-710-720-142-0-04-23-37-52-24-2WW.58820
BuntingClub - Strangers10-79-819-152-0-03-35-14-83-14-2WW.55919
Hynes Tons of Bulls Hit7-108-915-190-2-02-42-47-51-33-3LL.44115
Jokers - Armed & Hammered7-104-1311-230-2-02-42-45-72-20-6LL.32411

Team MLW2MLW1 Win-Loss WLT D501CCSGL601CR Last 5 Average Points
Hynes - Dart Sharks7-1013-420-141-1-03-34-27-52-24-2LW.58820
PaddysAleHouse- Underdogs10-710-720-142-0-03-33-38-42-24-2WW.58820
Moose - It Doesn't Matter10-77-1017-171-1-04-23-33-93-14-2WL.50017
Jokers - Why So Serious?7-107-1014-200-2-01-52-47-52-22-4LL.41214
Maxamillians - Minions7-104-1311-230-2-03-32-45-71-30-6LL.32411


 Player of The Week - A Division
Darren KnightsonBucks - Wrecking Crew
Wayne WidtfeldtAmLeg Tyngsboro Punishers
   Game of the Week
Mike Robbins (.500) defeated William DeRosa (.600) in Singles
 Player of The Week - B Division
Chuck MamalisMaxs Banging the Neighbor
Brian RobinsonMaxs Banging the Neighbor
   Game of the Week
Bob Newman (.400) defeated Sean Kelley (.600) in Singles
 Player Of The Week - D Division
Chris GartlandMoose - It Doesn't Matter
Nate RobertsJokers - Why So Serious?
   Game of the Week
Jen Lessard + Nick Dovlentis (.450) defeated Krazy Man Sr. + Miguel Linares (.550) in Doubles Cricket
 Player Of The Week - C Division
Ed VeligorBoathouse - Castaways
Joe ToppiMaxamillians - Minions
   Game of the Week
Russ Chapman + Jack Grover (.400) defeated Brian Coolidge + Mike Indorato (.600) in Cork Calls

 Monday Lowell Week 2 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Andy BrunelleAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's545
Tugg McGrathEast End - DeadshotATon's102
   High In102
Frank PetersonBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's120
   High In120
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Adam BellevilleKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's300
William BranchJJ Boomers - XBTon's130
Audrey BrazelKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's121
Brian CampbellAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's200
Jason CampbellAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's231
   High In112
Jeff CoatesPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's100
   High In100
Jose ColonHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's118
Billy DellaRoccaBucks - DispectablesATon's225
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesATon's400
Wayne DufresneKnick - UntouchablesBTon's100
Wayne DumontKnick - UntouchablesBTon's220
   High In120
Fred GambyMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's100
Chris GartlandMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's221
   High In100
Rich GingrasBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's245
   High In105
Brendon Harris Bucks - KillatonsCTon's102
   High In102
Darren KnightsonBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's593
Tony LeemonAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's200
Eddie LimaBucks - DispectablesATon's200
Chuck MamalisMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's420
Deb ManleyMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's101
Erin McGannBucks - DispectablesATon's100
JP McGannBucks - DispectablesATon's100
Colby McGrathEast End - DeadshotATon's112
   High In112
Brandon NewcombBucks - DispectablesATon's100
Mike PrescottBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's135
Chris RichardsJJ Boomers - XBTon's234
Mark RipleyBunting Club - TrojansBTon's100
Chris RobbinsBunting Club - TrojansBTon's100
Mike RobbinsBucks - DispectablesATon's300
Mike RobergeBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's364
Nate RobertsJokers - Why So Serious?DTon's200
Thomas Santosuosso Jr.JJ Boomers - XBTon's107
Glen TompkinsAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's215
Andy TromblyJokers - Armed & HammeredCTon's100
Brian WaegeleinBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's200
Wayne WidtfeldtAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's540
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brian BellMaxs Banging the NeighborBRO's6
Eric BettencortKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's100
John BlaikieAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's200
Bill BovillAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's280
Joe BrunelleAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's240
Mike CaseyBuntingClub - StrangersCTon's114
Russ ChapmanHynes Tons of Bulls HitCRO's13
Alan Clegg Sr.Bucks - KillatonsCTon's100
Brian CoolidgeBucks - KillatonsCRO's6
Mike Cotter Jr.Moose - It Doesn't MatterDRO's7
William DeRosaEast End - DeadshotARO's4
Matt DixonHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's100
Nick DovlentisPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's125
Chris DozoisEast End - DeadshotARO's20
Ed DufresneKnick - UntouchablesBTon's100
Mike GartlandMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's100
Patrick GartlandMoose - It Doesn't MatterDRO's13
G-man GradyPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's100
Kevin GroomBoathouse - CastawaysCTon's140
Jeff HortonMoose - It Doesn't MatterDRO's4
Bruce HughesHynes Tons of Bulls HitCRO's7
Blake JohnsonJJ Boomers - XBTon's116
Sean KelleyKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's118
Justin KenyonEast End - DeadshotATon's100
Anthony MarcheseJJ Boomers - XBTon's100
Rich McCormickHynes - Dart SharksDRO's6
Tom NewcombAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's333
Gary NormandinJokers - Armed & HammeredCTon's171
Kenneth ParentBuntingClub - StrangersCRO's6
Mike RepozaJokers - Armed & HammeredCTon's100
Brian RobinsonMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's340
Becky RocheleauJokers - Why So Serious?DTon's120
Ray ShepardBoathouse - CastawaysCTon's117
John SheridanMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's125
Krazy Man Sr.Hynes - Dart SharksDRO's6
Dana StairsAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersARO's6
Corey Ste. MariePaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's100
Neil SullivanBuntingClub - StrangersCTon's121
Charlie TempleBunting Club - TrojansBTon's276
Joe ToppiMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's300
Ed VeligorBoathouse - CastawaysCTon's300
Mark WilliamsKnick - UntouchablesBTon's340