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Division Team Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3Wk 2 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points MP
BAmer. Legion Nab - Licker Pigs14-311-612-514-312-577-256-0-010-217-110-815-325-11WWWWW.755776
A1PAC - Polish Punishers13-47-1015-213-48-973-294-2-06-616-214-413-524-12WLWWL.716734
A1Bucks - Dispectables10-710-715-212-512-572-306-0-09-312-611-714-426-10WWWWW.706726
DPSC- Titans11-69-814-311-612-569-336-0-07-512-613-511-726-10WWWWW.676696
A2Maverick - Henchmen13-413-414-34-1314-369-325-1-09-314-412-611-724-12WWWLW.68369*5
BHynes - Wise Asses13-46-119-87-1014-359-434-2-06-610-811-710-822-14WLWLW.578594
CBoathouse - Dart Scrubs11-68-99-811-611-658-435-1-07-512-611-711-718-18WLWWW.57458*5
DMax Nailin' the Neighbor10-79-811-68-95-1255-474-2-09-310-88-1010-818-18WWWLL.539554
CCatchers Mitt - Killatons11-69-89-810-78-955-465-1-05-78-1010-88-1025-11WWWWL.54555*5
DMaxamillians - Minions12-58-93-1410-77-1053-493-3-03-910-810-811-719-17WLLWL.520533
DJokers - Cheap Flights6-1113-410-79-810-753-494-2-06-68-109-910-820-16LWWWW.520534
CCrackers Lounge - Crackdown8-99-88-99-89-852-504-2-06-65-1311-710-820-16LWLWW.510524
BCSC - Lick My Bulls10-78-95-1210-77-1052-493-3-06-69-912-67-1119-17WLLWL.51552*3
A1Bucks - Under the Radar10-713-48-94-135-1250-523-3-07-512-69-96-1216-20WWLLL.490503
CBunting Club Psycho Tend9-89-88-96-119-849-533-3-06-610-89-98-1016-20WWLLW.480493
CJokers - Tokers6-118-910-77-108-947-551-5-07-57-117-118-1018-18LLWLL.461471
A1Bunting Club - GFY'S7-106-119-813-49-847-543-3-07-56-128-1010-817-19LLWWW.46547*3
A2Knick - Dead Giraffes12-5†5-123-149-86-1147-553-3-04-65-108-75-1013-17WLLWL.461473
BEast End - Double Shot7-1010-78-911-65-1245-572-4-06-66-127-1110-816-20LWLWL.441452
A2Bunting Club - Trojans4-1312-52-1511-611-645-573-3-05-78-107-1111-714-22LWLWW.441453
CBunt Club - Strangers6-118-97-108-96-1143-590-6-05-712-66-129-911-25LLLLL.422430
DHynes Smokin' Flights7-108-97-107-108-942-600-6-05-79-95-137-1116-20LLLLL.412420
A1Knick - More Cowbell7-1011-62-155-1211-641-592-4-04-86-129-98-1016-20LWLLW.41041*2
BTJ Cal - Sudden Death3-149-812-56-113-1436-662-4-03-95-137-116-1215-21LWWLL.353362
BHynes - Mystery Box4-137-105-123-1410-736-661-5-05-77-117-116-1211-25LLLLW.353361
DBucks - Derek's Dik Doots5-124-136-116-119-834-681-5-06-65-139-95-139-27LLLLW.333341
A2Knick - Slackers4-134-1312-58-96-1134-681-5-06-64-146-125-1313-23LLWLL.333341
A2Bucks - Darty Deeds5-12†4-135-126-113-1428-740-6-01-94-113-124-1111-19LLLLL.275280
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.

 Player of The Week - B Division
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 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Player Of The Week - D Division
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 Player Of The Week - C Division
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 Week 6 Monday Lowell All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bob HamiltonBunting Club - GFY'SA1Ton's585
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jason CampbellAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's428
   High Out108
Jose ColonCSC - Lick My BullsBTon's441
Rich GingrasBunting Club - TrojansA2Ton's500
   High In100
Bruce HughesCSC - Lick My BullsBTon's431
   High In106
Steve MuiseKnick - SlackersA2Ton's200
Don OuelletteBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's435
   High In120
   High Out115
Mark RipleyBunting Club - GFY'SA1Ton's597
   High In112
Raymond RoweEast End - Double ShotBTon's100
JJ SantanaKnick - SlackersA2Ton's220
   High In120
Dana StairsBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's769
   Low Dart Game10
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Steve AmaralMaverick - HenchmenA2Ton's200
Seth BlackMaverick - HenchmenA2Ton's256
   High In130
John BlaikiePAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's400
Bill BovillAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's240
Andy DresselBoathouse - Dart ScrubsCTon's452
Dave DwyerMaverick - HenchmenA2Ton's200
Andrew EatonHynes - Mystery BoxBTon's100
Kevin HamelJokers - TokersCTon's236
   High In136
Brian HigginsJokers - TokersCTon's102
   High In102
Ed KelleyBunting Club - GFY'SA1Ton's472
Darren KnightsonBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's140
Tony LeemonPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's271
Matt ManautouAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's100
Ellen MartinezBucks - Derek's Dik DootsDTon's112
   High In112
Rich McCormickHynes Smokin' FlightsDTon's352
Jim MorehousePAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's324
   Low Dart Game11
Tom NewcombBunting Club - GFY'SA1Ton's240
Jason OgasianKnick - More CowbellA1Ton's230
Ray OteroBucks - Derek's Dik DootsDTon's120
   Low Dart Game12
Wayne PaigeEast End - Double ShotBTon's657
Mike PrescottBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's140
Brian QuinnCrackers Lounge - CrackdownCTon's100
Phil ReisherPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's440
   High In160
Steve St. CyrBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's223
Tony ThompsonBucks - DispectablesA1RO's14
   Low Dart Game11
Mark TimpeBunting Club - GFY'SA1Ton's233
Andy TromblyTJ Cal - Sudden DeathBTon's120
Mike WalshKnick - SlackersA2Ton's238
Norm WelchHynes - Wise AssesBTon's200
Joe WilliamsMaverick - HenchmenA2Ton's422
   High In101
Steve WittsCrackers Lounge - CrackdownCTon's101
   High In101
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nick BlanchetteMax Nailin' the NeighborDTon's101
Mike BounamanoCatchers Mitt - KillatonsCTon's225
Vicki BriggsBunting Club - TrojansA2RO's13
Gary BurkeBunting Club - TrojansA2Ton's360
Mike CaseyBunt Club - StrangersCRO's13
Amy-Lynne Cotter-JosephBucks - Derek's Dik DootsDTon's105
Frank DelleDonneHynes - Wise AssesBTon's134
Tony DeMalaCatchers Mitt - KillatonsCTon's300
Tom DillonHynes - Wise AssesBTon's140
Matt DixonCSC - Lick My BullsBTon's100
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's400
Tommy EichelMaverick - HenchmenA2Ton's100
Mike FrenchBunting Club Psycho TendCTon's100
Ben GeddesMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's200
Phil GibbonsJokers - Cheap FlightsDTon's101
Mark GrimshawHynes - Mystery BoxBTon's435
Kevin GroomBoathouse - Dart ScrubsCRO's7
Jack GroverCSC - Lick My BullsBTon's100
Kenny HarveyPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's300
Mike IndoratoCatchers Mitt - KillatonsCTon's200
Bob JewerPSC- TitansDTon's100
Blake JohnsonMax Nailin' the NeighborDRO's6
Jim KelleyKnick - More CowbellA1Ton's265
Mike KelleyCrackers Lounge - CrackdownCRO's6
Tom KellyCSC - Lick My BullsBTon's100
Abby LanthierHynes - Mystery BoxBRO's6
Miguel LinaresHynes Smokin' FlightsDTon's117
Keith LordKnick - SlackersA2Ton's200
Jamey LyonsBunting Club Psycho TendCTon's114
Anthony MarcheseJokers - TokersCTon's220
Colby McGrathEast End - Double ShotBRO's6
Tugg McGrathEast End - Double ShotBRO's12
Ed McleanBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's133
Josh McMahonAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's300
Josh McNamaraHynes - Wise AssesBTon's100
Carlos MendoncaKnick - SlackersA2Ton's420
Mike MorlockKnick - SlackersA2Ton's300
Julie MorrissetteHynes - Mystery BoxBTon's205
Bob MoynihanCrackers Lounge - CrackdownCTon's100
Angel NalesHynes - Mystery BoxBTon's100
Gary NormandinTJ Cal - Sudden DeathBRO's6
Kenneth ParentBunt Club - StrangersCRO's6
Mike RobbinsBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's131
Matt RudTJ Cal - Sudden DeathBTon's101
Bob SaulnierBunting Club Psycho TendCRO's7
Chris SherwoodCatchers Mitt - KillatonsCTon's125
Matt SherwoodMaxamillians - MinionsDRO's6
Stacey SpinkBunt Club - StrangersCTon's140
Krazy Man Sr.Hynes - Wise AssesBTon's205
Neil SullivanBunt Club - StrangersCTon's140
Lisa TimpeBunting Club - GFY'SA1RO's12
Glen TompkinsAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's220
Gary TowleKnick - More CowbellA1Ton's125
Jose VegaKnick - More CowbellA1Ton's218
Ed VeligorBoathouse - Dart ScrubsCTon's100
Scott VyeKnick - More CowbellA1RO's6
Frank WaltersTJ Cal - Sudden DeathBTon's100
Wayne WidtfeldtPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's261

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
A1Knick - More Cowbell2014-10-141Week 5 Text score was not received by Tues 2am
A1Bunting Club - GFY'S2014-09-241Week 2 match report not received by Wed Noon
CCatchers Mitt - Killatons2014-09-241Week 2 match report not received by Wed Noon
A1Knick - More Cowbell2014-09-221No Text Received As Of 5:00 pm on 9-23-14
CBoathouse - Dart Scrubs2014-09-151Match Score Not Received As Of 5am on 9-16-14
A2Maverick - Henchmen2014-09-151Match Score Not Received As Of 1:00 pm on 9-16-14
BCSC - Lick My Bulls2014-09-111Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting