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Team W2W1 Win-Loss WLT CCSGL601CRD501 Last 5 Average Points
AmLeg Tyngsboro - Punishers15-215-230-42-0-05-111-13-15-16-0WW.88230
Shameless Flying Cock Fighters14-313-427-72-0-05-19-33-15-15-1WW.79427
Bucks - Dispectables2-1512-514-201-1-03-34-83-13-31-5LW.41214
Audreys 7 Sexy Fat Bastards9-84-1313-211-1-02-43-92-23-33-3WL.38213
American legion nab Licker pigs8-92-1510-240-2-02-44-81-32-41-5LL.29410
Bucks - Wrecking Crew3-145-128-260-2-01-55-70-40-62-4LL.2358

Team W2W1 Win-Loss WLT CCSGL601CRD501 Last 5 Average Points
Barley Boys11-613-424-102-0-03-39-33-15-14-2WW.70624
Maxamillians - Mentally Challenged4-137-1011-230-2-02-45-71-31-52-4LL.32411
Coyles 10-710-71-0-02-12-42-02-12-1W.58810
JJ Boomers - X6-113-149-250-2-02-42-101-32-42-4LL.2659
Moose Club - It Doesn't Matter 4-134-130-1-01-22-40-20-31-2L.2354

Team W2W1 Win-Loss WLT CCSGL601CRD501 Last 5 Average Points
Waist Band Boners11-69-820-142-0-03-39-32-22-44-2WW.58820
Jokers - Armed & Hammered8-98-916-180-2-03-34-82-23-34-2LL.47116
PSC - Misfits6-119-815-191-1-03-35-72-24-21-5LW.44115
Bucks - Killatons9-86-1115-191-1-03-36-62-23-31-5WL.44115
Moose Club - Strangers11-611-611-61-0-02-13-31-12-13-0WW.64711
Boathouse - Castaways6-118-98-90-1-01-23-31-11-22-1LL.4718

Team W2W1 Win-Loss WLT CCSGL601CRD501 Last 5 Average Points
Why So Serious?11-614-325-92-0-04-210-23-14-24-2WW.73525
Captain Johns Krazy's Krew6-117-1013-210-2-03-35-70-42-43-3LL.38213
Bulls Brewsed 10-710-71-0-02-13-32-02-11-2W.58810
Bucks - The Cheaters!8-9 8-90-1-01-23-31-12-11-2L.4718


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 Player of The Week - B Division
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 Player Of The Week - D Division
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 Player Of The Week - C Division
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 Week 2 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Colby McGrathBucks - DispectablesATon's282
   High Out142
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Andy BrunelleAmerican legion nab Licker pigsATon's280
   Low Dart Game13
Ed KelleyG.F.Y.'sBTon's355
Justin KenyonBucks - DispectablesATon's425
Tony LeemonAmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersATon's400
Wayne WidtfeldtAmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersATon's280
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brian BellMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's100
Adam BellevilleAudreys 7 Sexy Fat BastardsATon's125
Joe BrunelleAmerican legion nab Licker pigsATon's200
Rich BueJokers - Armed & HammeredCTon's240
Jason CampbellAmerican legion nab Licker pigsATon's225
Scott ColeG.F.Y.'sBTon's225
Tony DrakulakosAudreys 7 Sexy Fat BastardsATon's200
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesATon's100
Phil GibbonsJokers - Armed & HammeredCTon's210
   High Out110
Ken HarveyAmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersATon's500
Kevin JusczakBarley BoysBRO's9
Chris KelleyG.F.Y.'sBTon's200
Darren KnightsonBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's125
Anthony MarcheseJJ Boomers - XBTon's628
Travis McGrathBarley BoysBTon's300
Tugg McGrathBarley BoysBTon's100
Brandon NewcombAmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersATon's112
Tom NewcombAmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersATon's271
Ray OteroBucks - The Cheaters!DTon's140
Travis RaesideShameless Flying Cock FightersATon's101
Ken RielJJ Boomers - XBTon's120
   High In120
Mike RobbinsBucks - DispectablesATon's125
Nate RobertsWhy So Serious?DTon's100
Rob SmithShameless Flying Cock FightersATon's100
Krazy Man Sr.Captain Johns Krazy's KrewDTon's200
Jay WaughShameless Flying Cock FightersATon's321
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Sammy AyalaAudreys 7 Sexy Fat BastardsATon's363
Jeff BelliveauShameless Flying Cock FightersARO's10
Eric BettencortAudreys 7 Sexy Fat BastardsATon's117
John BlaikieAmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersATon's200
Bill BovillAmerican legion nab Licker pigsATon's240
William BranchJJ Boomers - XBRO's14
Audrey BrazelAudreys 7 Sexy Fat BastardsATon's100
Eric BreenWaist Band BonersCTon's240
Amanda BrooksBucks - KillatonsCTon's100
Lilia ChanWhy So Serious?DTon's124
Adam CormierPSC - MisfitsCTon's138
Mark DunnMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBRO's7
Brittany EdgettBucks - Wrecking CrewARO's7
Bill FooteBucks - KillatonsCTon's240
Frank GodboisBucks - Wrecking CrewARO's7
Steve GrantBarley BoysBTon's100
Ricky GriffinWaist Band BonersCRO's4
Chris HardyAmerican legion nab Licker pigsATon's100
Michael HarrisBucks - KillatonsCTon's121
Dave KamenskiPSC - MisfitsCRO's6
Larry LegereMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's100
Chris LevassuerPSC - MisfitsCRO's13
Mike LheureuxWaist Band BonersCTon's300
Chuck MamalisMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBRO's13
Will MateoShameless Flying Cock FightersARO's14
JP McGannBucks - DispectablesATon's134
Bob NewmanBarley BoysBTon's200
Frank PetersonBucks - Wrecking CrewARO's21
Rich PooreBucks - DispectablesARO's18
Chris RichardsJJ Boomers - XBTon's352
Dominic RoccoMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's100
John SheridanMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's120
Chris SherwoodBucks - KillatonsCRO's6
Dana StairsAmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersATon's276
Mark TimpeG.F.Y.'sBRO's7
Mark Timpe JrG.F.Y.'sBTon's200
Casey TorigianPiratesDTon's100
Andy TromblyBarley BoysBTon's121