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Team MLW6MLW5MLW4MLW3MLW2 Win-Loss WLT CRD501CCSGL601 Last 5 Average Points
AmLeg Tyngsboro Punishers 12-510-716-113-460-255-0-013-29-611-422-85-5WWWWW.70660
Bucks - Wrecking Crew 11-67-1011-615-260-254-1-010-510-511-423-76-4WLWWW.70660
Bucks - Dispectables 6-1116-112-57-1049-362-3-06-99-67-818-129-1LWWLL.57649
East End - Deadshot 5-1214-36-1110-747-383-2-08-76-910-517-136-4LWLWW.55347
AmLeg Nab - Licker Pigs 10-73-145-124-1323-621-4-06-94-114-115-254-6WLLLL.27123

Team MLW6MLW5MLW4MLW3MLW2 Win-Loss WLT CRD501CCSGL601 Last 5 Average Points
Knick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELY8-97-1011-611-69-855-474-2-010-810-89-921-155-7LLWWW.53955
Maxs Banging the Neighbor11-68-96-111-1610-751-513-3-08-108-109-921-155-7WLLLW.50051
Bunting Club - Trojans9-89-88-911-62-1547-553-3-09-910-810-814-224-8WWLWL.46147
JJ Boomers - X 9-89-86-117-1036-492-3-07-88-77-810-204-6WWLLL.42436
Knick - Untouchables6-118-91-166-118-931-710-6-04-147-113-1511-256-6LLLLL.30431

Team MLW6MLW5MLW4MLW3MLW2 Win-Loss WLT CRD501CCSGL601 Last 5 Average Points
Bucks - Killatons 9-811-616-110-759-265-0-014-110-510-518-127-3WWWWW.69459
Boathouse - Castaways11-68-96-1110-710-755-474-2-010-813-511-715-216-6WLLWW.53955
Hynes Tons of Bulls Hit10-79-811-67-107-1052-503-3-08-108-108-1022-146-6WWWLL.51052
Jokers - Armed & Hammered 12-511-610-77-1044-413-2-07-87-89-616-145-5WWWLL.51844
BuntingClub - Strangers7-105-126-117-1010-744-582-4-08-107-118-1016-205-7LLLLW.43144

Team MLW6MLW5MLW4MLW3MLW2 Win-Loss WLT CRD501CCSGL601 Last 5 Average Points
Hynes - Dart Sharks12-58-98-96-117-1054-482-4-09-99-910-820-166-6WLLLL.52954
Moose - It Doesn't Matter6-118-911-611-610-753-493-3-08-1011-79-917-198-4LLWWW.52053
PaddysAleHouse- Underdogs 9-86-1112-510-747-384-1-08-77-89-618-125-5WLWWW.55347
Jokers - Why So Serious? 10-79-81-167-1034-512-3-05-106-96-914-163-7WWLLL.40034
Maxamillians - Minions5-127-106-115-127-1034-680-6-07-116-124-1412-245-7LLLLL.33334


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 Monday Lowell Week 6 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Chico CostalesMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's280
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Patrick GartlandMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's100
   High In100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brian BellMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's240
Adam BellevilleKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's314
Jose ColonHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's200
Mike Cotter Jr.Moose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's240
   High Out100
Tony DrakulakosKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's100
Wayne DumontKnick - UntouchablesBTon's116
Fred GambyMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's221
Chris GartlandMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's460
Kevin GroomBoathouse - CastawaysCRO's12
   RO 6 - Corkx1
Dan HimickBoathouse - CastawaysCTon's100
Sean KelleyKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's300
Steve MarchantBunting Club - TrojansBTon's200
Chris RobbinsBunting Club - TrojansBTon's140
Brian RobinsonMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's125
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Chuck Allen JrBunting Club - TrojansBRO's13
Eric BettencortKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's112
Mike BourkHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's131
Audrey BrazelKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's100
Mike CaseyBuntingClub - StrangersCTon's100
Russ ChapmanHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's120
Chris DeloshBoathouse - CastawaysCRO's6
Rick DonavanMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's100
Mindy DonohoeBunting Club - TrojansBRO's7
Ed DufresneKnick - UntouchablesBRO's7
Wayne DufresneKnick - UntouchablesBTon's124
Tyrone GomezBuntingClub - StrangersCRO's8
Jack GroverHynes Tons of Bulls HitCRO's6
Dave HedermanKnick - UntouchablesBTon's123
Jeff HortonMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's100
Bruce HughesHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's100
Robert JeffersonHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's100
Jerry JutrasKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBRO's14
Butch LaPlanteBunting Club - TrojansBTon's140
Carlos MendoncaKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's100
Mike MorlockKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's100
Bob NewmanKnick - UntouchablesBTon's475
Kenneth ParentBuntingClub - StrangersCRO's6
Gregg RassierMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's300
Krazy Man Sr.Hynes - Dart SharksDTon's100
Charlie TempleBunting Club - TrojansBRO's7
Dennis WhiteMoose - It Doesn't MatterDRO's6