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Division Team Wk 6Wk 4Wk 2Wk 1 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
A1Bucks - Dispectables14-312-516-112-554-144-0-05-311-19-39-320-4WWWW.79454
C1East End - DUI13-412-510-714-349-194-0-06-29-38-410-216-8WWWW.72149
DMax Nailin' the Neighbor13-410-715-210-748-204-0-06-29-38-49-316-8WWWW.70648
C1Sports Zone Lick My Bulls8-98-914-314-344-242-2-03-58-48-48-417-7LLWW.64744
DPAV - Good Yourself?13-45-1212-513-443-253-1-04-410-25-77-517-7WLWW.63243
BBunting Club - GFY'S13-4†12-510-710-742-234-0-03-38-14-58-19-9WWWW.64642*
A1PAC - Polish Punishers14-35-1214-39-840-263-1-05-37-58-47-515-9WLWW.60640*
BAmer. Legion Nab - Licker Pigs12-58-97-1013-440-282-2-03-58-48-48-413-11WLLW.58840
BBunt Club - Who's Round?8-99-810-713-440-283-1-06-28-45-79-312-12LWWW.58840
A2Knick - Dead Giraffes10-711-66-1112-539-293-1-04-46-66-69-314-10WWLW.57439
C2PSC- Titans11-612-56-1110-739-293-1-04-410-26-66-613-11WWLW.57439
DCatchers Mitt Clippers12-512-58-99-838-273-1-05-37-58-48-413-11WWLW.58538*
DMaxamillians - Minions4-1313-49-87-1033-352-2-05-34-86-66-612-12LWWL.48533
A2Bunting Club - Trojans3-1412-511-65-1231-372-2-06-25-76-64-810-14LWWL.45631
BBucks - Darty Deeds9-85-1211-64-1329-392-2-03-55-76-64-811-13WLWL.42629
BTJ Cal - Lethal Injection4-13†12-46-117-1029-381-3-04-22-76-33-610-7LWLL.43329
C1Boathouse - Dart Scrubs9-89-87-103-1428-402-2-06-26-63-94-89-15WWLL.41228
C1Catchers Mitt - Killatons9-8†8-93-148-928-401-3-02-44-54-52-77-11WLLL.41228
C2Jokers - Cheap Flights6-116-118-97-1027-410-4-03-52-106-66-610-14LLLL.39727
C1O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters8-9†5-128-99-827-381-3-02-43-65-46-36-12LLLW.41527*
C2Hynes - Strangers9-8 9-810-726-233-0-03-37-25-44-59-9WWW.53126*
DBucks - Derek's Dik Doots5-127-105-128-925-430-4-02-65-74-84-810-14LLLL.36825
C1SAC Club - Rendezvous4-139-89-83-1425-432-2-03-53-95-73-911-13LWWL.36825
C2Am. Leg. NC Star Players 11-611-6 22-122-0-04-03-33-34-28-4WW.64722
C2Crackers Lounge - Crackdown8-95-12 7-1020-310-3-02-42-74-54-58-10LLL.39220
A2Knickerbocker -La Familia7-105-123-145-1220-480-4-02-63-95-73-97-17LLLL.29420
BHynes - Wise Asses5-124-127-104-1320-470-4-03-52-104-81-1110-13LLLL.29920
A1Bucks - Under the Radar3-146-111-168-918-500-4-02-64-82-104-86-18LLLL.26518
DEast End Backstreet Bulls4-134-132-154-1314-540-4-02-61-115-72-104-20LLLL.20614
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.

 Player of The Week - B Division
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 Player of The Week - C1 Division
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 Player of The Week - C2 Division
   Caclulations have not been made.
 Player of The Week - A1 Division
   Caclulations have not been made.
 Player of The Week - A2 Division
   Caclulations have not been made.
 Player Of The Week - D Division
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 Week 6 Monday Lowell All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Steve St. CyrBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's860
   High In160
   High In120
   RO 6 - Corkx1
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dana StairsBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's300
   High In100
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Alan Clegg Sr.East End - DUIC1Ton's340
   High In100
Tony LeemonPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's330
JP McGannBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's305
Shawn WhalenBunt Club - Who's Round?BTon's489
   High In114
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Amir AlasadyKnickerbocker -La FamiliaA2Ton's240
Todd ArpinBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's100
Kim BalcomBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's363
Ozzy BernierPSC- TitansC2Ton's525
John BlaikiePAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's320
William BranchMax Nailin' the NeighborDTon's120
   High In120
Andy BrunelleAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's404
Jimmy BuzzellPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's221
Dale CyrBunt Club - Who's Round?BTon's100
Frank DelleDonneHynes - Wise AssesBTon's125
Chris DozoisBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's325
Dave DozoisBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's120
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's125
Phil GibbonsJokers - Cheap FlightsC2Ton's100
   High In100
Dan HimickBoathouse - Dart ScrubsC1Ton's125
Darren KnightsonBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's222
Glen MaynardKnick - Dead GiraffesA2Ton's125
Erin McGannBucks - Darty DeedsBTon's236
Travis McGrathEast End - DUIC1Ton's200
Wayne PaigeEast End - DUIC1Ton's200
Levi RemickBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's200
Steve SchafferJokers - Cheap FlightsC2Ton's100
Krazy Man Sr.Hynes - Wise AssesBTon's115
   High In115
Brian WaegeleinBucks - Under the RadarA1Ton's100
Wayne WidtfeldtPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's200
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nick BarberaBoathouse - Dart ScrubsC1Ton's100
Nick BlanchetteMax Nailin' the NeighborDTon's101
Bill BovillAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's363
Vicki BriggsBunting Club - TrojansA2RO's6
Gary BurkeBunting Club - TrojansA2Ton's200
Robbie ByronPSC- TitansC2RO's7
Brian CampbellPAC - Polish PunishersA1RO's7
Jason CampbellAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBRO's7
Dara ChanJokers - Cheap FlightsC2Ton's100
Pete CostanzaHynes - StrangersC2Ton's100
Ed CunninghamKnick - Dead GiraffesA2Ton's130
Keith CurtisCatchers Mitt ClippersDTon's100
Angie DaigleHynes - StrangersC2Ton's115
Jim DavisBunt Club - Who's Round?BRO's7
Joanie DavisBunt Club - Who's Round?BRO's7
Tom DillonHynes - Wise AssesBTon's132
Matt DixonSports Zone Lick My BullsC1Ton's100
Andy DresselBoathouse - Dart ScrubsC1Ton's100
Rich GingrasBunting Club - TrojansA2Ton's400
Mark GrimshawSAC Club - RendezvousC1Ton's300
Jack GroverSports Zone Lick My BullsC1Ton's132
Bruce HughesSports Zone Lick My BullsC1RO's13
Bob JewerPSC- TitansC2RO's6
Blake JohnsonMax Nailin' the NeighborDTon's103
Mike KelleyCrackers Lounge - CrackdownC2Ton's127
Tom KellySports Zone Lick My BullsC1Ton's100
Kevin LachanceKnick - Dead GiraffesA2Ton's248
Butch LaPlanteBunting Club - TrojansA2Ton's280
Mike LynchMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's103
Steve MarchantBunting Club - TrojansA2RO's12
Crystal McCormickSAC Club - RendezvousC1Ton's101
Jeff McCormickSAC Club - RendezvousC1Ton's100
Melissa McMahonEast End Backstreet BullsDTon's104
Carlos MendoncaKnickerbocker -La FamiliaA2Ton's100
Jim MorehousePAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's240
Mike MorlockKnickerbocker -La FamiliaA2Ton's100
Steve MuiseKnickerbocker -La FamiliaA2Ton's200
Mike MurphyBunt Club - Who's Round?BTon's100
Leeann NewcombPSC- TitansC2RO's6
Tom NewcombPAC - Polish PunishersA1Ton's461
Ray OteroBucks - Derek's Dik DootsDTon's140
Don OuelletteBucks - Under the RadarA1RO's7
Kenneth ParentHynes - StrangersC2RO's7
Mike RobbinsBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's140
Ray RoweEast End - DUIC1Ton's100
JJ SantanaKnickerbocker -La FamiliaA2RO's7
Mark SmithMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's100
Charlie TempleBunting Club - TrojansA2Ton's100
Glen TompkinsAmer. Legion Nab - Licker PigsBTon's100
Patty WalzKnick - Dead GiraffesA2RO's6
Norm WelchHynes - Wise AssesBRO's6
Steve WetterwaldBunt Club - Who's Round?BRO's7
Steve WittsCrackers Lounge - CrackdownC2Ton's121

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
BBunting Club - GFY'S2015-02-271Week 6 match report not received by Fri 6 pm
C1O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters2015-02-271Week 6 match report not received by Fri 6 pm
BBunting Club - GFY'S2015-02-261Week 6 match report not received by Thurs 6 pm
C1O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters2015-02-261Week 6 match report not received by Thurs 6 pm
BBunting Club - GFY'S2015-02-251Week 6 match report not received by Wed Noon
C1O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters2015-02-251Week 6 match report not received by Wed Noon
C2Hynes - Strangers2015-02-231Winning Score Not Received By 2:00 am
DCatchers Mitt Clippers2015-02-121Week 4 match report not received by Thurs 6 pm
DCatchers Mitt Clippers2015-02-111Week 4 match report not received by Wed 6 pm
A1PAC - Polish Punishers2015-02-111Week 4 match report not received by Wed 6 pm
DCatchers Mitt Clippers2015-02-101Week 4 match report not received by Tues Noon
A1PAC - Polish Punishers2015-02-101Week 4 match report not received by Tues Noon
C2Hynes - Strangers2015-01-191Winning Text Score Not Received By 2:00 am