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Division Team Wk 3Wk 2Wk 1 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
DSlap Shot - Cork & Bulls15-212-516-143-83-0-03-38-18-18-116-2WWW.84343
C1Knick Midget Tossing 14-312-513-439-123-0-03-38-18-17-213-5WWW.76539
C2Boathouse Castaways14-314-311-639-123-0-01-58-18-17-215-3WWW.76539
ABucks - Dispectables13-416-18-937-142-1-05-18-16-36-312-6WWL.72537
ABucks - Wrecking Crew16-111-69-836-153-0-04-26-36-36-314-4WWW.70636
C1East End - DUI5-1214-312-531-202-1-03-37-26-35-410-8LWW.60831
C3Max Nailin' the Neighbor12-58-911-631-202-1-04-25-46-35-411-7WLW.60831
C2Bunting - Strangers8-99-814-331-202-1-02-48-17-26-38-10LWW.60831
DEast End It is What it is9-813-49-831-203-0-04-26-36-34-511-7WWW.60831
C3Crackers Lounge - Crackdown10-710-710-730-213-0-01-57-26-35-411-7WWW.58830
C1Maxamillians - X12-55-1211-628-232-1-04-24-53-66-311-7WLW.54928
DMaxamillians - Minions8-911-69-828-232-1-04-24-56-34-510-8LWW.54928
C2O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters13-48-96-1127-241-2-05-15-44-55-48-10WLL.52927
DHynes - Dart Sharks11-65-128-924-271-2-04-24-51-85-410-8WLL.47124
BBucks - Darty Deeds8-96-1110-724-271-2-05-14-54-55-46-12LLW.47124
C3Jokers - Cheap Flights7-1011-66-1124-271-2-03-35-46-34-56-12LWL.47124
BBunting Club - Trojans9-81-1613-423-282-1-02-43-63-65-410-8WLW.45123
C1Catchers Mitt - Killatons8-910-74-1322-291-2-03-34-56-33-66-12LWL.43122
C2O'Haras Daht Shaht Extrav3-149-89-821-302-1-04-23-63-64-57-11LWW.41221
BBunting Club - GFY'S4-1313-44-1321-301-2-02-45-45-43-66-12LWL.41221
C1Hynes - Lick My Bulls9-83-146-1118-331-2-03-32-73-63-67-11WLL.35318
C3East End Armed&Hammered4-136-117-1017-340-3-02-41-82-73-69-9LLL.33317
DRendezvous 1st Time Team2-156-118-916-350-3-02-45-41-84-54-14LLL.31416
C1AmLegNC - Bone Specialist3-147-105-1215-360-3-02-42-71-83-67-11LLL.29415
C3PSC - Misfits5-127-103-1415-360-3-04-21-81-83-66-12LLL.29415
BAm Legion Nab Licker Pigs1-164-137-1012-390-3-00-61-83-62-76-12LLL.23512
DBucks - Derek's Dik Doots6-114-131-1611-400-3-01-50-95-42-73-15LLL.21611
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.

 Summer 2015 Season End Banquet Results

 Player of The Week - A Division
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 Player of The Week - B Division
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 Player of The Week - C1 Division
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 Player of The Week - C2 Division
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 Player Of The Week - D Division
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 Player of the Week - C3 Division
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 Summer 2015 Season End Banquet All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
C2LafayettDoublePenetration2015-09-281Winning Text Not Received By 2:00 am (Week 2)