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Division Team Wk 10Wk 9Wk 8Wk 7Wk 6 Win-Loss WLT CR301D501CCSCR401 Last 5 Average Points
B2Muddy Waters Bull Shooter10-68-88-815-113-3118-428-0-216-432-815-514-628-1213-7WTTWW.738118
A1Bucks Bar - Good Luck9-76-1015-114-27-9113-468-2-015-521-1916-416-432-814-6WLWWL.711113*
CCatchers Mitt - Killatons10-69-713-310-613-3110-508-1-112-824-1616-416-428-1214-6WWWWW.688110
CBoat House - Dart Scrubs6-1012-411-513-313-3109-519-1-014-625-1514-615-529-1112-8LWWWW.681109
B2CSC - Lick My Bulls15-111-512-48-83-13101-587-2-114-628-1211-912-826-1411-9WWWTL.635101*
DO'Hara's Eyes Wide Shut14-29-711-512-49-7100-597-1-214-626-1411-915-522-1813-7WWWWW.629100*
A1Hynes - LCFCM8-814-28-89-79-799-617-1-214-622-1811-913-725-1514-6TWTWW.61999
B2East End - Double Shot14-211-58-88-812-497-636-2-211-922-1815-513-723-1713-7WWTTW.60697
A2Ward 6-Six Shooters North7-913-37-915-112-493-665-5-014-621-1911-910-1023-1614-6LWLWW.58593
B1Hynes - Wise Asses11-59-75-1114-28-893-676-3-113-724-1611-913-722-1810-10WWLWT.58193
DMaxamillians - Minions8-810-610-64-128-891-696-2-211-922-1811-911-923-1713-7TWWLT.56991
B1Maverick - Breakfast Club13-37-912-49-78-888-696-3-112-824-1611-911-925-158-12WLWWT.56188*
A2Ward 6 - Who Cares9-79-711-513-32-1488-718-2-011-921-1910-109-1126-1412-8WWWWL.55388*
B1Claddagh - One More Shot5-119-711-0†8-87-987-685-4-19-919-1710-88-1018-1812-6LWWTL.56187
B1Keltic Club - Massholez6-108-811-57-99-783-756-3-111-921-199-1113-718-2213-7LTWLW.52583*
DHynes Smokin' Flights11-511-55-1110-68-882-785-3-26-1422-1814-611-920-209-11WWLWT.51382
A1Bucks - Dispectables12-410-68-84-1213-381-794-5-19-1122-1810-1011-920-209-11WWTLW.50681
B1Frosty Mug - Jager Bums10-67-94-128-813-378-814-5-18-1219-219-1111-923-179-11WLLTW.49178*
CBunt Club - Strangers8-87-98-83-1311-577-833-5-212-822-1810-107-1319-217-13TLTLW.48177
A1PAC - Dance of Death8-88-81-1512-414-270-902-5-37-1322-186-149-1120-206-14TTLWW.43870
A2Bucks Bar - CBT's4-123-136-103-136-1070-894-6-09-1119-217-138-1216-2412-8LLLLL.44070*
A1British Club - Terra 77-98-89-77-93-1369-913-5-29-1121-1910-107-1314-268-12LTWLL.43169
CEast End - Dublin Out11-57-98-86-103-1364-961-6-38-1217-237-137-1315-2510-10WLTLL.40064
DHynes - Mystery Box5-116-105-113-137-960-1000-7-39-1114-265-158-1215-259-11LLLLL.37560
B2Rolfs - Drunkin Wolfpack1-158-84-129-74-1259-1013-6-110-1014-267-135-1516-247-13LTLWL.36959
A2Bucks Bar - Purrty Bulls9-72-145-111-1510-658-1013-7-04-1618-229-119-1111-287-13WLLLW.36558
B2Ward 6 - Wolfpack2-145-1112-41-159-756-1043-7-04-169-318-129-1118-228-12LLWLW.35056
A2Ward 6 - More Cowbell7-97-910-62-144-1255-1052-8-08-1213-2710-108-1212-284-16LLWLL.34455
DBucks - Derek's Dik Doots2-145-116-1013-33-1354-1061-8-17-1314-265-156-1416-246-14LLLWL.33854
CWard 6 - Sexxy Bitches5-114-123-136-105-1148-1082-8-07-1314-267-134-1613-277-13LLLLL.30848*
B2Keltic Club - Hubsters 6-105-114-127-97-947-1120-10-05-1515-254-167-139-318-12LLLLL.29647*
B1TJ Callahans Just The Tip3-138-80-11†2-143-1339-1150-9-15-139-278-102-1610-266-12LTLLL.25339*
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.

 Player of The Week - A1 Division
Eddie LimaBucks Bar - Good Luck
Kenny HarveyPAC - Dance of Death
   Game of the Week
William DeRosa (.333) defeated Frank Peterson (.700) in Cricket Singles
 Player of The Week - A2 Division
Steve St. CyrBucks - Dispectables
Scott VyeWard 6-Six Shooters North
   Game of the Week
Jim Kelley + Shannon Mahoney (.143) defeated Ed Collins + Brian Waegelein (.667) in Doubles Cricket
 Player of The Week - B1 Division
Wayne DumontHynes - Wise Asses
Frank SlaterCladdagh - One More Shot
   Game of the Week
Chris Delosh (.000) defeated Austin Williams (.444) in Cricket Singles
 Player of The Week - B2 Division
Wayne PaigeEast End - Double Shot
John MinahanMuddy Waters Bull Shooter
   Game of the Week
Mike McCarthy (.400) defeated Mike Desmaris (.740) in Cricket Singles
 Player Of The Week - D Division
Rich McCormickHynes Smokin' Flights
Bryan ComtoisO'Hara's Eyes Wide Shut
   Game of the Week
Robin Gallant (.000) defeated Andrea Maille (.429) in Singles 301
 Player Of The Week - C Division
Mike BounamanoCatchers Mitt - Killatons
Chris SherwoodCatchers Mitt - Killatons
   Game of the Week
Mike Bounamano (.667) defeated Ed Veligor (.834) in Singles 301

 Week 10 Monday Lowell/Lawrence All Stars
7 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Eddie LimaBucks Bar - Good LuckA1Ton's867
   High In142
   Low Dart Game9
Tony ThompsonBucks Bar - Good LuckA1Ton's500
   High In160
   High In120
   High In120
   Low Dart Game7
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ed CollinsBucks Bar - Purrty BullsA2Ton's348
   High In108
   High In102
Sean RaymondHynes - LCFCMA1Ton's480
   High In120
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike ColonBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's452
   High In112
   Low Dart Game12
William DeRosaBritish Club - Terra 7A1Ton's221
   High In120
   High In101
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's412
   High In112
Kenny HarveyPAC - Dance of DeathA1Ton's560
   High In120
   High In100
Steve St. CyrBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's677
   High In117
Wayne WidtfeldtPAC - Dance of DeathA1Ton's380
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brett HamelBritish Club - Terra 7A1Ton's321
   Low Dart Game10
Jim KelleyWard 6 - More CowbellA2Ton's240
Ryan LongdinBritish Club - Terra 7A1Ton's180
Mike McCarthyRolfs - Drunkin WolfpackB2Ton's208
   High In108
Jason OgasianHynes - LCFCMA1Ton's323
   High In100
Brian ProvencalFrosty Mug - Jager BumsB1Ton's340
   High In100
Levi RemickHynes - LCFCMA1Ton's252
   High In112
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Eric ArcoiteMuddy Waters Bull ShooterB2Ton's260
Mike CagneyHynes - LCFCMA1Ton's135
Alex DiazKeltic Club - MassholezB1Ton's100
Blaine DoyleWard 6 - Who CaresA2Ton's581
Wayne DumontHynes - Wise AssesB1Ton's441
Dave DwyerWard 6-Six Shooters NorthA2Ton's221
Andrew EatonHynes - Mystery BoxDTon's180
Eric EdwardsRolfs - Drunkin WolfpackB2Ton's100
Scott GallantHynes - Wise AssesB1Ton's125
Brian GaudreauWard 6 - Who CaresA2Ton's340
Darren KnightsonPAC - Dance of DeathA1Ton's305
Abby LanthierHynes - Mystery BoxDTon's101
Shannon MahoneyWard 6 - More CowbellA2Ton's225
Rich McCormickHynes Smokin' FlightsDTon's243
   High In110
Erin McGannBucks Bar - Purrty BullsA2Ton's325
JP McGannBucks - DispectablesA1Ton's280
John MinahanMuddy Waters Bull ShooterB2Ton's420
Aaron MottramKeltic Club - MassholezB1Ton's125
Kyle MuiseKeltic Club - MassholezB1Ton's100
Bob NewmanTJ Callahans Just The TipB1Ton's100
Don OuelletteBucks Bar - CBT'sA2Ton's100
Wayne PaigeEast End - Double ShotB2Ton's600
Frank PetersonBucks Bar - Good LuckA1Ton's441
Mike PrescottBucks Bar - CBT'sA2Ton's100
Arthur Robichaud JrFrosty Mug - Jager BumsB1Ton's100
   High In100
Russ ShurtleffWard 6 - Who CaresA2Ton's240
Frank SlaterCladdagh - One More ShotB1Ton's417
   High In152
George SowardsCladdagh - One More ShotB1Ton's374
Krazy Man Sr.Hynes - Wise AssesB1Ton's253
Dana StairsPAC - Dance of DeathA1Ton's340
Neil SullivanBunt Club - StrangersCTon's100
   High In100
Ryan TerrazzanoBritish Club - Terra 7A1Ton's200
Brian WaegeleinBucks Bar - Purrty BullsA2Ton's262
Stephanie WalshRolfs - Drunkin WolfpackB2Ton's103
   High In103
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Willy WortmanEast End - Dublin OutCTon's100
Kim BalcomBucks Bar - Purrty BullsA2Ton's121
Adam BellevilleO'Hara's Eyes Wide ShutDTon's133
Tony BenjaminWard 6 - Sexxy BitchesCTon's140
Seth BlackMaverick - Breakfast ClubB1Ton's140
Mike BounamanoCatchers Mitt - KillatonsCTon's380
Mike BoutotWard 6 - Who CaresA2Ton's120
Matt BrunaultBritish Club - Terra 7A1Ton's200
Jose ColonEast End - Double ShotB2Ton's225
Bryan ComtoisO'Hara's Eyes Wide ShutDTon's200
Shaun CullenWard 6-Six Shooters NorthA2Ton's225
Tim DarlingBucks - Derek's Dik DootsDTon's105
Chris DeloshTJ Callahans Just The TipB1Ton's258
Tony DeMalaMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's200
Mike DesmarisCSC - Lick My BullsB2Ton's100
Matt DixonCSC - Lick My BullsB2RO's7
Andy DresselBoat House - Dart ScrubsCTon's100
Eric DubeFrosty Mug - Jager BumsB1Ton's300
James FinoCladdagh - One More ShotB1RO's6
Adam FournierCSC - Lick My BullsB2Ton's315
Tyrone GomezBunt Club - StrangersCTon's100
Kevin GroomBoat House - Dart ScrubsCTon's125
Dave HedermanTJ Callahans Just The TipB1Ton's100
Lisa HigginsMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's125
Dan HimickBoat House - Dart ScrubsCTon's121
Bill HollandFrosty Mug - Jager BumsB1RO's13
Rob HughesHynes Smokin' FlightsDRO's6
Colby McGrathEast End - Double ShotB2Ton's200
Tyler McGrathEast End - Dublin OutCTon's100
Brent McKennaMuddy Waters Bull ShooterB2Ton's125
Tom NewcombBucks Bar - CBT'sA2Ton's480
Rick NimmoKeltic Club - Hubsters B2Ton's100
Andy ParkeHynes - Wise AssesB1Ton's100
JJ SantanaBucks Bar - CBT'sA2RO's12
Chris SherwoodCatchers Mitt - KillatonsCTon's300
Sonny SokMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's100
Jessica St. HilaireWard 6 - Sexxy BitchesCTon's100
Gary TowleWard 6 - More CowbellA2Ton's240
Ed VeligorBoat House - Dart ScrubsCTon's100
Scott VyeWard 6-Six Shooters NorthA2Ton's600
Austin WilliamsMaverick - Breakfast ClubB1Ton's120
Joe WilliamsMaverick - Breakfast ClubB1Ton's340
Zach ZiolkowskiMaverick - Breakfast ClubB1Ton's359

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
CWard 6 - Sexxy Bitches2014-08-011Week 10 match report not received by 6 pm Fri
CWard 6 - Sexxy Bitches2014-07-311Week 10 match report not received by 6 pm Thurs
B2Keltic Club - Hubsters 2014-07-301Week 10 match report not received by Noon Wed
B1Maverick - Breakfast Club2014-07-301Week 10 match report not received by Noon Wed
CWard 6 - Sexxy Bitches2014-07-301Week 10 match report not received by Noon Wed
A1Bucks Bar - Good Luck2014-07-281No Match Score Received By 8:00 Am
DO'Hara's Eyes Wide Shut2014-07-281No Match Score Received By 8:00 Am
B1Maverick - Breakfast Club2014-07-231Week 9 match report not received by Noon Wed
A2Bucks Bar - CBT's2014-07-161Week 8 match report not received by Noon Wed
B2CSC - Lick My Bulls2014-07-091Week 7 match report not received by Noon Wed.
A2Ward 6 - Who Cares2014-07-021Week 6 match report not received by Noon Wed
B1Keltic Club - Massholez2014-06-261Week 5 match report not received by 6 pm Thurs
B1Keltic Club - Massholez2014-06-251Week 5 match report not received by noon on Wed
B1Frosty Mug - Jager Bums2014-06-161Match Score was not received by 2am
B1Maverick - Breakfast Club2014-06-021Week 3 No match score received by 2 am
CWard 6 - Sexxy Bitches2014-05-191No Match Report Results Received As Of 8:00 am on 5-20-14
B1TJ Callahans Just The Tip2014-05-081No attendance at Captains meeting