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Team MLW10MLW9MLW8MLW7MLW6 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
AmLeg Tyngsboro Punishers12-513-417-012-514-3128-4210-0-012-827-320-1024-645-15WWWWW.753128
Bucks - Wrecking Crew8-94-139-814-313-4108-627-3-012-820-1016-1419-1141-19LLWWW.635108
Bucks - Dispectables9-815-210-712-53-1498-726-4-016-414-1618-1216-1434-26WWWWL.57698
East End - Deadshot5-1212-58-95-1213-490-805-5-010-1014-1614-1618-1234-26LWLLW.52990
AmLeg Nab - Licker Pigs6-115-127-105-124-1350-1201-9-07-139-2113-177-2314-46LLLLL.29450

Team MLW10MLW9MLW8MLW7MLW6 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
Knick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELY11-611-610-715-28-9102-688-2-011-920-1017-1316-1438-22WWWWL.600102
PSC - Trojans6-119-812-53-149-877-935-5-09-1113-1714-1617-1324-36LWWLW.45377
Maxs Banging the Neighbor11-66-110-179-811-677-935-5-09-1111-1912-1815-1530-30WLLWW.45377
JJ Boomers - X10-78-97-108-94-1373-973-7-07-1314-1616-1412-1824-36WLLLL.42973
Knick - Untouchables7-102-155-122-156-1147-1230-10-07-138-2210-206-2416-44LLLLL.27647

Team MLW10MLW9MLW8MLW7MLW6 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
Bucks - Killatons11-612-514-312-57-10115-559-1-014-625-518-1222-836-24WWWWL.676115
Jokers - Armed & Hammered10-712-59-87-1010-792-787-3-012-813-1717-1318-1232-28WWWLW.54192
Boathouse - Castaways6-119-89-810-711-689-817-3-011-916-1418-1216-1428-32LWWWW.52489
Hynes Tons of Bulls Hit10-78-98-95-1210-783-874-6-08-1215-1514-1613-1733-27WLLLW.48883
BuntingClub - Strangers7-105-128-914-37-1078-923-7-09-1114-1613-1713-1729-31LLLWL.45978

Team MLW10MLW9MLW8MLW7MLW6 Win-Loss WLT 601CRD501CCSGL Last 5 Average Points
Moose - It Doesn't Matter12-57-1011-612-56-1195-756-4-014-616-1419-1116-1430-30WLWWL.55995
PaddysAleHouse- Underdogs5-125-1213-49-812-591-797-3-08-1217-1315-1517-1334-26LLWWW.53591
Hynes - Dart Sharks7-108-96-118-912-583-872-8-09-1115-1513-1715-1531-29LLLLW.48883
Jokers - Why So Serious?12-59-83-145-125-1268-1024-6-08-129-2111-1912-1828-32WWLLL.40068
Maxamillians - Minions5-1210-74-133-145-1256-1141-9-07-1310-2012-188-2219-41LWLLL.32956


 Player of The Week - A Division
Eddie LimaBucks - Dispectables
Tony LeemonAmLeg Tyngsboro Punishers
   Game of the Week
Mike Colon (.571) defeated John Blaikie (.875) in Singles
 Player of The Week - B Division
Chico CostalesMaxs Banging the Neighbor
Adam BellevilleKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELY
   Game of the Week
Jason Campbell (.222) defeated Eric Bettencort (.667) in Singles
 Player Of The Week - D Division
George GartheHynes - Dart Sharks
Patrick GartlandMoose - It Doesn't Matter
   Game of the Week
Dennis White (.286) defeated James Volianites (1.000) in Singles
 Player Of The Week - C Division
Andy TromblyJokers - Armed & Hammered
Rich BueJokers - Armed & Hammered
   Game of the Week
Rob Crawson (.300) defeated Mike Casey (.625) in Singles

 Monday Lowell Week 10 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Eddie LimaBucks - DispectablesATon's1021
   High In106
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Adam BellevilleKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's468
   High In103
Mike ColonEast End - DeadshotATon's147
   High Out147
Chico CostalesMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's606
Chris GartlandMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's100
   High In100
Kenny HarveyAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's305
Sean KelleyKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's108
   High Out108
Darren KnightsonBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's361
   High Out136
Will MateoBucks - DispectablesATon's425
Mike RobergeBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's216
   High In116
Brian WaegeleinBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's380
   High Out100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Chuck Allen JrPSC - TrojansBTon's257
John BlaikieAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's240
Andy BrunelleAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's121
   High In121
Rich BueJokers - Armed & HammeredCTon's200
Mike CaseyBuntingClub - StrangersCTon's100
   High In100
Larry CuttsJJ Boomers - XBTon's100
Chris DozoisEast End - DeadshotATon's200
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesATon's125
Ed DufresneKnick - UntouchablesBTon's400
George GartheHynes - Dart SharksDTon's300
Kevin GroomBoathouse - CastawaysCTon's140
Justin KenyonEast End - DeadshotATon's525
Tony LeemonAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's566
   High Out139
Rich McCormickHynes - Dart SharksDTon's100
Mike MorlockKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's300
Tom NewcombAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's200
Bob NewmanKnick - UntouchablesBTon's100
Frank PetersonBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's100
Mike PrescottBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's200
Mike RobbinsBucks - DispectablesATon's100
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Eric BettencortKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's380
Nick BlanchetteJJ Boomers - XBTon's100
Bill BovillAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's100
William BranchJJ Boomers - XBTon's321
Eric BreenPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's134
Joe BrunelleAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's340
Brian CampbellAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's100
Dara ChanJokers - Why So Serious?DRO's6
Russ ChapmanHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's120
Alan Clegg Sr.Bucks - KillatonsCTon's100
Joanie DavisBuntingClub - StrangersCTon's100
Andrea DemareeJokers - Why So Serious?DTon's132
Matt DixonHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's121
Mindy DonohoePSC - TrojansBTon's200
Wayne DufresneKnick - UntouchablesBTon's135
Wayne DumontKnick - UntouchablesBTon's271
Fred GambyMaxs Banging the NeighborBTon's100
Patrick GartlandMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's218
Rich GingrasBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's351
G-man GradyPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's174
Chris GreeneHynes - Dart SharksDRO's6
Jack GroverHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's100
Brendon Harris Bucks - KillatonsCTon's100
Dave HedermanKnick - UntouchablesBTon's100
Robyn HigginsBuntingClub - StrangersCTon's100
Laura HudsonMaxamillians - MinionsDRO's12
Mike IndoratoBucks - KillatonsCTon's100
Robert JeffersonHynes Tons of Bulls HitCTon's107
Blake JohnsonJJ Boomers - XBRO's6
Jerry JutrasKnick ABSO-PHUCK-LUTELYBTon's240
Butch LaPlantePSC - TrojansBTon's125
Jen LessardPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's125
Chuck MamalisMaxs Banging the NeighborBRO's6
Anthony MarcheseJJ Boomers - XBTon's240
Crystal McCormickHynes - Dart SharksDRO's7
Dawn McCormickHynes - Dart SharksDTon's207
JP McGannBucks - DispectablesATon's140
Tugg McGrathEast End - DeadshotATon's123
Josh McMahonAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's100
Brandon NewcombBucks - DispectablesARO's7
Mark RipleyPSC - TrojansBRO's7
Chris RobbinsPSC - TrojansBTon's100
Thomas Santosuosso Jr.JJ Boomers - XBTon's140
Krazy Man Sr.Hynes - Dart SharksDRO's13
Charlie TemplePSC - TrojansBTon's121
Andy TromblyJokers - Armed & HammeredCTon's221
James VolianitesPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's132
Dennis WhiteMoose - It Doesn't MatterDTon's100
Wayne WidtfeldtAmLeg Tyngsboro PunishersATon's361
Mike WoznacAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsATon's100