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Team Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3Wk 2 Win-Loss WLT 401CR301D501CCSCR Last 5 Average Points
Bucks - Wrecking Crew6-1014-214-26-1010-663-334-2-04-88-413-1110-28-420-4LWWLW.65663
East End Club - Assault8-812-49-710-66-1055-414-1-18-49-313-115-78-412-12TWWWL.57355
Bucks - Dispectables8-82-1412-48-88-844-521-2-37-57-510-147-51-1112-12TLWTT.45844

Team Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3Wk 2 Win-Loss WLT 401CR301D501CCSCR Last 5 Average Points
Knick - Beer Belly Hobos7-910-62-148-810-648-483-2-17-54-814-105-78-410-14LWLTW.50048
Max's - Just Havin Fun10-66-107-912-48-846-502-3-16-64-812-126-68-410-14WLLWT.47946
P.A.C. - Wise Guys9-74-124-124-126-1032-641-5-04-84-810-143-93-98-16WLLLL.33332

 Week 6 Monday Lowell Results
P.A.C. - Wise Guys 9-7Knick - Beer Belly HobosView Result
Team Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3Wk 2 Win-Loss WLT 401CR301D501CCSCR Last 5 Average Points
Maxamillians - Z12-414-212-413-312-474-226-0-09-310-222-29-39-315-9WWWWW.77174
JJ Boomers - More Beer10-610-64-1210-67-954-424-2-07-55-713-117-57-515-9WWLWL.56354
BuntingClub - Strangers7-92-149-76-105-1139-572-4-04-86-68-166-63-912-12LLWLL.40639
AmLegNC - Bone Specialist9-76-105-118-84-1238-581-4-16-64-88-164-86-610-14WLLTL.39638

Team Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3Wk 2 Win-Loss WLT 401CR301D501CCSCR Last 5 Average Points
Boathouse - Castaways9-711-511-58-89-762-345-0-17-510-212-1210-27-516-8WWWTW.64662
Hynes - Lick My Bulls4-126-1010-68-811-544-522-3-15-76-610-145-77-511-13LLWTW.45844
O'Haras Tavern - Hubsters7-910-67-93-139-738-582-4-05-75-713-113-95-77-17LWLLW.39638
Jokers - Crackers6-105-116-108-87-935-610-5-15-72-1010-144-84-810-14LLLTL.36535

 Week 6 Monday Lowell Results
Boathouse - Castaways 9-7O'Haras Tavern - HubstersView Result
Team Wk 6Wk 5Wk 4Wk 3Wk 2 Win-Loss WLT 401CR301D501CCSCR Last 5 Average Points
Jokers - Armed&Hammered10-610-69-7 11-551-295-0-07-37-38-127-38-214-6WWWWW.63851
Hynes - Dart Sharks9-7 7-910-68-844-363-1-15-55-511-95-55-513-7WLWTW.55044
Max Nailin' the Neighbor6-1011-510-66-10 38-422-3-04-66-414-64-65-55-15LWWLL.47538
PaddysAleHouse- Underdogs 6-106-1011-58-831-331-2-11-73-56-106-24-411-5LLWT.48431
Maxamillians - Minions7-95-11 5-115-1128-520-5-07-33-79-112-82-85-15LLLLL.35028


 Player of The Week - A Division
Chuck MamalisMax's - Just Havin Fun
Eddie LimaBucks - Wrecking Crew
   Game of the Week
Colby McGrath (.200) defeated Tugg McGrath (.600) in Cricket Singles
 Player of The Week - B Division
Dana StairsP.A.C. - Wise Guys
Carlos MendoncaKnick - Beer Belly Hobos
   Game of the Week
Carlos Mendonca (.300) defeated Tony DeMala (.700) in Singles 301
 Player of The Week - C1 Division
Anthony MarcheseMaxamillians - Z
Chris RichardsMaxamillians - Z
   Game of the Week
Pete Costanza (.200) defeated Ed Amos (.600) in Cricket Singles
 Player of The Week - C2 Division
Kevin GroomBoathouse - Castaways
Brenna BakerO'Haras Tavern - Hubsters
   Game of the Week
Diane Silverio (.200) defeated Dan Himick (.700) in Cricket Singles
 Player Of The Week - D Division
Rob CrawsonJokers - Armed&Hammered
Crystal McCormickHynes - Dart Sharks
   Game of the Week
JJ Santana (.500) defeated Lisa Higgins (.700) in Singles 301

 Week 6 Monday Lowell All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dana StairsP.A.C. - Wise GuysBTon's795
   High In120
   High In103
   Low Dart Game11
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Derek DubielBucks - DispectablesATon's332
   High In120
   High In112
Chuck MamalisMax's - Just Havin FunBTon's687
   High In120
JP McGannBucks - DispectablesATon's105
   High In105
Tom NewcombEast End Club - AssaultATon's352
   High In112
   Low Dart Game10
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Kenny HarveyMax's - Just Havin FunBTon's300
Sean LindbergMaxamillians - ZC1Ton's133
Anthony MarcheseMaxamillians - ZC1Ton's542
   High In112
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
William BranchMaxamillians - ZC1Ton's201
   High In101
Rob CrawsonJokers - Armed&HammeredDTon's385
Rich GingrasBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's140
Kevin GroomBoathouse - CastawaysC2Ton's400
Jerry JutrasKnick - Beer Belly HobosBTon's119
David LeonardO'Haras Tavern - HubstersC2Ton's110
   High In110
Eddie LimaBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's625
Ryan LongdinBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's340
Crystal McCormickHynes - Dart SharksDTon's206
   High In106
Mike MorlockKnick - Beer Belly HobosBRO's29
Mike PrescottBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's222
Jim RadzikMax's - Just Havin FunBTon's529
   High In160
Mike RobbinsBucks - DispectablesATon's200
Tom WhalenMax's - Just Havin FunBTon's100
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brenna BakerO'Haras Tavern - HubstersC2Ton's137
Bob BeausheneMax Nailin' the NeighborDTon's122
Brian BellMax's - Just Havin FunBTon's101
Eric BettencortKnick - Beer Belly HobosBTon's100
Nick BlanchetteMaxamillians - ZC1Ton's120
Kyle BrittonJJ Boomers - More BeerC1RO's7
Russ ChapmanHynes - Lick My BullsC2Ton's100
Larry CuttsMax Nailin' the NeighborDTon's200
Angie DaigleBuntingClub - StrangersC1Ton's101
Chris DeloshBoathouse - CastawaysC2Ton's100
Matt DixonHynes - Lick My BullsC2Ton's100
Wayne DumontP.A.C. - Wise GuysBRO's7
Jack GroverHynes - Lick My BullsC2Ton's100
Ken HebertJJ Boomers - More BeerC1Ton's100
Jim HollingsworthJJ Boomers - More BeerC1Ton's100
Robert JeffersonHynes - Lick My BullsC2RO's7
Blake JohnsonMax Nailin' the NeighborDTon's139
Justin KenyonEast End Club - AssaultARO's18
Deb ManleyMaxamillians - MinionsDTon's100
Colby McGrathBucks - DispectablesATon's240
Carlos MendoncaKnick - Beer Belly HobosBTon's210
Christopher MorlockKnick - Beer Belly HobosBRO's14
Brandon NewcombEast End Club - AssaultATon's300
Bob NewmanP.A.C. - Wise GuysBTon's138
Gary NormandinJokers - Armed&HammeredDRO's6
Wayne PaigeEast End Club - AssaultATon's300
Frank PetersonBucks - Wrecking CrewATon's225
Chris RichardsMaxamillians - ZC1Ton's216
JJ SantanaHynes - Dart SharksDRO's7
Andy TromblyJokers - Armed&HammeredDRO's12