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Team W5w4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT D501CC601CR301 Last 5 Average Points
O'Haras - Bullkake11-611-613-48-97-1050-353-2-09-68-78-210-515-15WWWLL.58850
Captian John Krazy's Krew13-46-119-811-69-848-374-1-06-99-63-710-520-10WLWWW.56548
PaddysAleHouse- Underdogs11-610-78-98-910-747-383-2-010-57-86-48-716-14WWLLW.55347
Jokers - Why So Serious?6-1114-39-89-88-946-393-2-05-1010-56-47-818-12LWWWL.54146
Captain Johns Smokin Flights4-137-108-99-810-738-472-3-07-87-84-65-1015-15LLLWW.44738
Bucks - The Cheaters!6-113-144-136-117-1026-590-5-08-74-113-75-106-24LLLLL.30626


 Player Of The Week - D Division
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 Week 5 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nick FulmerPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's100
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rodney BrunetteCaptian John Krazy's KrewDTon's133
Andrea DemareeJokers - Why So Serious?DTon's101
Phil GibbonsJokers - Why So Serious?DTon's111
Chris GreeneBucks - The Cheaters!DTon's116
   High Out116
Jen LessardPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's125
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike BenoitPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's100
Derek CarrCaptian John Krazy's KrewDTon's108
Dave DaigleO'Haras - BullkakeDTon's120
Jack LopesCaptain Johns Smokin FlightsDTon's134
Melanie "Boo" NigrelliBucks - The Cheaters!DTon's131
Melissa NormandieO'Haras - BullkakeDTon's100
Ray OteroBucks - The Cheaters!DTon's137
Nate RobertsJokers - Why So Serious?DTon's100
Krazy Man Sr.Captian John Krazy's KrewDRO's6
Pedro Tavares JrCaptain Johns Smokin FlightsDTon's117
James VolianitesPaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsDTon's100
James WatsonO'Haras - BullkakeDTon's200