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Team MLW5MLW4MLW3MLW2MLW1 Win-Loss WLT D501CCSGL601CR Last 5 Average Points
AmLeg Nab - Licker Pigs12-515-27-1010-711-654-304-1-010-512-318-126-49-6WWLWW.64354*
Maxamillians - Mentally Challenged2-152-1511-613-412-540-453-2-06-97-816-146-45-10LLWWW.47140
PSC - Trojans10-79-86-117-101-1633-522-3-07-87-812-183-74-11WWLLL.38833
Bucks - Killatons5-128-98-96-115-1232-530-5-07-83-1211-194-67-8LLLLL.37632
JJ Boomers - X7-103-149-84-136-1129-561-4-04-115-1013-172-85-10LLWLL.34129
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of The Week - B Division
   Caclulations have not been made.

 Monday Lowell Week 5 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Andy BrunelleAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsBTon's520
   High Out120
Chuck MamalisMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's356
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nick BlanchetteJJ Boomers - XBTon's200
William BranchJJ Boomers - XBTon's460
   High In160
Joey BrunelleAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsBTon's680
Jason CampbellAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsBTon's200
Alan Clegg Sr.Bucks - KillatonsBTon's125
Mindy DonohoePSC - TrojansBTon's110
Blake JohnsonJJ Boomers - XBTon's321
Jim RadzikMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's140
Charlie TemplePSC - TrojansBTon's140
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Randy BenjaminMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's480
Bill BovillAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsBTon's361
Tony DeMalaBucks - KillatonsBTon's326
Mike IndoratoBucks - KillatonsBTon's101
Butch LaPlantePSC - TrojansBRO's6
Anthony MarcheseJJ Boomers - XBTon's480
Gregg RassierMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's200
Chris RichardsJJ Boomers - XBTon's134
Chris RobbinsPSC - TrojansBRO's7
Brian RobinsonMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBRO's7
John SheridanMaxamillians - Mentally ChallengedBTon's125
Ken TassiPSC - TrojansBTon's120
Glen TompkinsAmLeg Nab - Licker PigsBTon's200

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
BAmLeg Nab - Licker Pigs2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting
CMill City BBQ - Bad Company2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting