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Pos Name Division WP D501CCSGL601CR PPW AS TONRO'sH-InH-OutRO-9180RO-6CLDG AVG PTS
1AmLeg Tyngsboro - PunishersA1322-827-344-1615-529-12128268512212274080.766
2Bucks - Wrecking CrewA1118-1213-1728-3211-917-131487336516012230090.527
3AmLeg Nab - Licker PigsB1323-1025-740-2615-722-1115222492146120010N/A0.641*
4Bucks - DispectablesA1316-1417-1341-196-1417-1310295536152117730100.534
5Maxamillians - Mentally ChallengedB1313-2014-1937-2913-913-20103913180123230N/A0.489
6East End - Peep Show SqueegeesA1116-1415-1528-3214-613-1793343470116210N/A0.481
7JJ Boomers - XB119-249-2326-406-1612-2196032291800110N/A0.333
8Bucks - KillatonsB1010-207-2318-426-1410-205814230120118200N/A0.300
8Knick Abso-phuck-inlutelyA1013-1714-1620-408-1214-168404219120160110110.406
10PSC - TrojansB1116-1714-1930-3610-129-247125184107102100100.422
10Mill City BBQ - Bad CompanyC1319-1420-1328-388-1419-14509091120102010110.543*
12PaddysAleHouse- UnderdogsD917-1015-1225-2911-712-1543671091160100N/A0.509
13Moose Club - StrangersC1116-1716-1732-3412-1019-1438111031120000N/A0.511
13Moose Club - It Doesn't MatterD1112-1519-836-189-920-73585139140100110N/A0.624
15PSC - MisfitsC1315-1815-1837-2915-717-16473077122132100110.509
15Captian John Krazy's KrewC1012-1811-1928-3210-1010-202588102122100610N/A0.418
17Boathouse - CastawaysC1013-1716-1429-319-1116-143759741160000N/A0.488
18Jokers - Armed & HammeredC1121-1218-1538-2810-1215-182185871130000N/A0.513
19O'Haras - BullkakeD1112-1513-1434-207-1116-113044581200000N/A0.524
20Jokers - Why So Serious?D913-149-1820-3411-79-1818714600100N/A0.404
21Bucks - The Cheaters!D812-1210-1417-316-109-1521795500000N/A0.397

Team Name Division Penalty Date Deduction Reason
AmLeg Nab - Licker PigsB2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting
Mill City BBQ - Bad CompanyC2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting

WP - Weeks Played
D501 - 501 Doubles
CC - Cork Calls
SGL - Singles
601 - Team 601
CR - Doubles Cricket
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
TON - Ton's
RO's - RO's
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
RO-9 - RO-9
180 - 180
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
LDG - Low Dart Game
PTS - Points
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