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Team W7W6W5W4W3 Win-Loss WLT 601CR301 Last 5 Average Points
FF Club - Null & Boys6-55-66-58-37-446-316-1-09-510-1127-15WLWWW.59746
Am Leg NC -Legion of DOOM7-46-54-77-46-543-345-2-08-613-822-20WWLWW.55843
Knick Lawn Dart Specialists6-510-15-64-78-342-353-4-07-711-1024-18WWLLW.54542
Am. Legion NC - F-Bombs5-67-47-47-43-839-384-3-010-411-1018-24LWWWL.50639
Paddy's - Honeybadgers5-64-77-43-85-634-432-5-03-1111-1020-22LLWLL.44234
KofC Tewks - Avengers4-71-104-74-74-727-501-6-05-97-1415-27LLLLL.35127


 Week 9 All Stars
There were no all stars found for this week