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Team LTW5LTW4LTW3TLW2TLW1 Win-Loss WLT 601CR301 Last 5 Average Points
Capt John's - Krazy Krew9-28-39-27-47-439-155-0-08-211-421-9WWWWW.72239*
TJ Callahans - Hurricanes9-25-67-44-77-432-233-2-05-510-517-13WLWLW.58232
Captain Johns Bones8-36-56-56-54-729-254-1-07-39-614-16WWWWL.53729*
East End The Guardians3-83-84-76-510-126-292-3-04-66-916-14LLLWW.47326
Captain Johns Frig It2-94-75-65-64-720-350-5-03-76-911-19LLLLL.36420
Jokers - Dartinis2-97-42-95-61-1017-381-4-03-73-1211-19LWLLL.30917
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of The Week - D Division
   Caclulations have not been made.

 Lowell Tuesday Week 5 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rick KellyTJ Callahans - HurricanesDHigh In152
Sam YarbroughEast End The GuardiansDRO's4
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Paul CostaTJ Callahans - HurricanesDTon's120
Anthony HickfordCaptain Johns Frig ItDTon's113
Justin KenyonEast End The GuardiansDTon's240
Antonio MartinCaptain Johns Frig ItDTon's100
Karen McPhillipsJokers - DartinisDTon's130
Jonathan MitchelCapt John's - Krazy KrewDTon's100
Dan O'BrienTJ Callahans - HurricanesDTon's100
Hunter OliveraCaptain Johns BonesDTon's100
John OliveraCaptain Johns BonesDTon's140
John PeirceTJ Callahans - HurricanesDTon's100

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
DCapt John's - Krazy Krew2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting
DCaptain Johns Bones2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting
BTJ Callahans - Chaos2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting