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Team W5W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT 601CR301 Last 5 Average Points
PAC Bad Company8-37-48-36-58-337-185-0-08-212-317-13WWWWW.67337
TJ Callahans - Chaos8-35-66-56-53-828-273-2-05-56-917-13WLWWL.50928
O'Haras Banging The Neighbor6-57-45-65-64-727-282-3-06-47-814-16WWLLL.49127
Catchers Mitt - Clowns5-66-53-89-23-826-292-3-04-66-916-14LWLWL.47326
Grainery Pub- Corksuckers3-84-75-65-68-325-301-4-04-68-713-17LLLLW.45525
H.E. Fletcher - Hammers3-84-76-52-97-422-332-3-03-76-913-17LLWLW.40022


 Player of The Week - A Division
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 Week 5 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Pat McDonoughCatchers Mitt - ClownsA180x1
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dana StairsPAC Bad CompanyATon's140
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bob BergeronH.E. Fletcher - HammersATon's120
Patrick BouchardH.E. Fletcher - HammersAHigh In100
Bob NewmanPAC Bad CompanyA180x1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dave BurnsH.E. Fletcher - HammersATon's121
Dawn CallahanTJ Callahans - ChaosATon's100
Paul CuocoCatchers Mitt - ClownsATon's100
Chris GartlandO'Haras Banging The NeighborARO's7
Joel GrantH.E. Fletcher - HammersARO's6
Ricky GriffinO'Haras Banging The NeighborATon's121
Ken HebertPAC Bad CompanyATon's100
Anthony HillTJ Callahans - ChaosARO's6
Al HodgeGrainery Pub- CorksuckersATon's124
Sean KelleyO'Haras Banging The NeighborAHigh In112
Steve KerouacGrainery Pub- CorksuckersATon's100
Kevin McPartlainCatchers Mitt - ClownsARO's6
Tom MurnaneCatchers Mitt - ClownsARO's6
Terry RileyTJ Callahans - ChaosARO's6
Matt RudPAC Bad CompanyARO's6
Mark WadlandTJ Callahans - ChaosARO's6