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Team LTW5LTW4LTW3TLW2TLW1 Win-Loss WLT 601CR301 Last 5 Average Points
PAC Cobra Kai6-55-68-37-43-829-263-2-06-48-715-15WLWWL.52729
Catchers Mitt - Clowns10-16-57-44-7 27-173-1-04-46-617-7WWWL.61427
H.E. Fletcher - Hammers4-76-54-75-67-426-292-3-03-79-614-16LWLLW.47326
FF Club - Null & Boys5-65-63-87-44-724-311-4-03-76-915-15LLLWL.43624
Grainery Pub- Corksuckers7-45-63-84-7 19-251-3-04-46-69-15WLLL.43219
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of The Week - A Division
   Caclulations have not been made.

 Lowell Tuesday Week 5 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Nick DouzanisGrainery Pub- CorksuckersAHigh In100
Joe GionetH.E. Fletcher - HammersAHigh In115
Andy TromblyPAC Cobra KaiARO's6
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dave BalisGrainery Pub- CorksuckersATon's105
Patrick BouchardH.E. Fletcher - HammersARO's4
Mike BourkFF Club - Null & BoysATon's100
Joel GrantH.E. Fletcher - HammersATon's100
Dave HedermanPAC Cobra KaiATon's119
Joe KaneFF Club - Null & BoysATon's264
Benjamin KerouacGrainery Pub- CorksuckersATon's300
Steve KerouacGrainery Pub- CorksuckersARO's7
Pat McDonoughCatchers Mitt - ClownsATon's121
Kevin McPartlinCatchers Mitt - ClownsATon's125
Bob NewmanPAC Cobra KaiAHigh In120
Keith ReedyH.E. Fletcher - HammersATon's200
Mike SaracoCatchers Mitt - ClownsARO's6

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
DCapt John's - Krazy Krew2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting
DCaptain Johns Bones2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting
BTJ Callahans - Chaos2017-09-071Did Not Attend Captain's Meeting