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Team W1 Win-Loss WLT CR501 S501SCR Last 5 Average Points
East End Tiny Tips12-012-01-0-03-03-03-03-0W1.00012
East End Stud Squad12-012-01-0-03-03-03-03-0W1.00012
Knickerbocker - Evolution10-210-21-0-03-02-12-13-0W.83310
PSC Get 8 Out2-102-100-1-00-31-21-20-3L.1672
Bucks - Chuffed To Bits0-120-120-1-00-30-30-30-3L.0000
Bucks - Flat Tires0-120-120-1-00-30-30-30-3L.0000


 Player of The Week - 3V3 Division
   Caclulations have not been made.

 Week 1 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Alan CleggEast End Tiny Tips3V3RO's19
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Sammy AyalaKnickerbocker - Evolution3V3Ton's135
Adam CormierPSC Get 8 Out3V3RO's7
Chris DozoisEast End Tiny Tips3V3RO's20
Tony DrakoulakosEast End Stud Squad3V3RO's6
Phil GibbonsBucks - Chuffed To Bits3V3RO's6
David KamenskiPSC Get 8 Out3V3High Out111
Justin KenyonEast End Stud Squad3V3RO's6
Colby McGrathEast End Stud Squad3V3RO's25
Brandon NewcombKnickerbocker - Evolution3V3RO's8
Tom NewcombKnickerbocker - Evolution3V3High Out131
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike ColonEast End Stud Squad3V3Ton's100
Kevin JusczakEast End Tiny Tips3V3Ton's200
JP McGannBucks - Chuffed To Bits3V3RO's6
Travis McGrathEast End Tiny Tips3V3Ton's100
Tugg McGrathEast End Tiny Tips3V3RO's7
Melissa MehiganBucks - Flat Tires3V3Ton's100
Becki QuinnPSC Get 8 Out3V3RO's7
Brian WaegaleinBucks - Flat Tires3V3RO's6