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Pos Name Team Name WP 301601CR PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-6CRO'sRO-9TON AVG PTS
1Chris TuckerElks Nashua - WTF107-35-15-43.35911080N/A0009310.68033.5
2Derek CarrCapt John's - Krazys Krew93-65-23-52.062000N/A0002200.45818.5
2Paul Coolong Jr.Elks Nashua - WTF99-07-27-24.941101120N/A00011500.85244.5
2Noel KeaneSport Zone - Clowns109-15-59-14.555000N/A0006050.76745.5
2Rick KellyTJ Callahans - Hurricanes85-33-57-13.56501070N/A0603240.62528.5
2James BrownCapt John's - Krazys Krew41-11-31-21.381000N/A0001000.3335.5
2Ben SymesElks Nashua - WTF105-44-22-72.22000N/A0002460.45822
2Mark VallanteSport Zone - Clowns105-56-46-43300109N/A0701090.56730
2Paul CostaTJ Callahans - Hurricanes93-67-25-42.61501050N/A0004300.55623.5
2Rodney BrunettCapt John's - Krazys Krew84-45-22-62.53000N/A01201210.47820
2Jamie LetcherSport Zone - Clowns109-14-66-442000N/A0002400.63340
2Paul KimballTJ Callahans - Hurricanes42-23-13-13.382000N/A0002400.66713.5
2Chelsea NormanCapt John's - Krazys Krew94-57-24-42.782000N/A0002310.57725
2Bryant MorganElks Nashua - WTF90-64-32-30.783000N/A0003150.3337
2John OBrienSport Zone - Clowns97-25-45-43.721101200N/A0009250.63033.5
2Eric LawTJ Callahans - Hurricanes20-20-11-00.750000N/A00000.2501.5
2Joel GacekCapt John's - Krazys Krew84-45-24-32.884000N/A0604450.59123
2Jessica SymesElks Nashua - WTF90-25-23-51.060000N/A00000.4719.5
2Tricia BeanSport Zone - Clowns10-01-01-02.50000N/A00001.0002.5
2Matt MillsTJ Callahans - Hurricanes97-23-66-33.67800109N/A0007380.59333
2James DonnellyCapt John's - Krazys Krew10-00-00-100000N/A0000000000
2Jennifer CoolongElks Nashua - WTF71-00-04-21.290000N/A00000.7149
2Jim JohnsonSport Zone - Clowns20-11-11-01.250000N/A00000.5002.5
2Cathy PeirceTJ Callahans - Hurricanes10-11-00-110000N/A00000.3331
2Ann NelsonCapt John's - Krazys Krew101-95-58-222000N/A0002080.46720
2Tim McMahonElks Nashua - WTF104-67-31-32.052000N/A0002210.50020.5
2Tim GoldenSport Zone - Clowns104-64-56-42.52000N/A0701200.48325
2John PeirceTJ Callahans - Hurricanes97-23-65-43.5501320N/A0003700.55631.5
2Steve "Stumpy" ActisElks Nashua - WTF86-25-30-12.881000N/A0001110.64723
2Krazy Man, SrCapt John's - Krazys Krew107-35-58-23.8601200N/A0704400.66738
2Melissa McMahonElks Nashua - WTF93-25-26-32.561000N/A0001010.66723
2Kevin RichardsonSport Zone - Clowns95-44-58-13.44501360N/A0003820.63031
2Dan O'BrienTJ Callahans - Hurricanes99-05-45-44.395000N/A0009050.70439.5

WP - Weeks Played
301 - 301 Singles
601 - 601
CR - Teams Cricket
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
RO-9 - RO-9
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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