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Pos Name Team Name WP 601CR301 PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-6CRO'sRO-9TON AVG PTS
1Patrick BouchardHammers106-49-18-24.3512012001101908900.76743.5
2Paul Coolong Jr.Elks Nashua - WTF96-37-28-14.5100106112N/A05013300.77840.5
3Keith ReedyHammers107-39-16-43.851001050N/A02507820.73338.5
4Rich ClocherAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM105-46-37-33.54000N/A0007000.64335
5Kevin MedeirosAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs94-56-27-23.781201000N/A07023230.65434
6David McAlleerFF Club - Null & Boys73-46-17-04.71701200N/A0704550.76233
7Norm WelchAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM95-36-36-33.566000N/A01706250.65432
8Steve BarthelmesFF Club - Null & Boys96-35-46-33.56000N/A0608000.63031.5
8Joel GrantHammers103-65-57-33.154000N/A0608990.51731.5
10Dave BurnsHammers94-46-36-33.449000N/A020013590.61531
11Don JonesAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM103-46-46-136000N/A0006450.62530
12Kenneth MacShaneFF Club - Null & Boys94-53-46-02.94601100N/A0006380.59126.5
13Tony St. OngeAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM95-36-34-52.89901200N/A0006850.57726
13Cathy NullFF Club - Null & Boys95-44-55-42.89301060N/A0002060.51926
15Jeff ReedyHammers107-32-35-52.53000N/A0003230.56025
16Joe KaneFF Club - Null & Boys62-35-15-14.08801200N/A0708610.70624.5
17Jim MurrayAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs94-57-23-62.612000N/A0002650.51923.5
18Jason McGeownAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs96-25-43-52.570142100N/A0608420.56022.5
19Melissa McMahonElks Nashua - WTF83-56-23-52.6370120100N/A0008750.50021
20Ken CrawfordFF Club - Null & Boys94-53-64-52.28400101N/A0006230.40720.5
21Marc SurprenantAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs75-12-54-32.863000N/A0006800.55020
22Bob BergeronHammers90-43-65-32.173000N/A01001210.38119.5
22Randy St. OngeAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM83-23-04-32.445000N/A0606410.66719.5
24Brian CreswellK Of C Avengers 83-53-53-42.063000N/A0703790.39116.5
24Bob Richardson, Jr.Am Leg NC -Legion of DOOM70-33-44-22.362000N/A0002340.43816.5
26Bob MoynihanAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs85-23-52-51.94601020N/A0006530.45515.5
27Tim McMahonElks Nashua - WTF96-32-52-71.674000N/A0004000.40015
28Matthew GovertsenK Of C Avengers 81-63-43-31.812000N/A0601250.35014.5
29Tim LordAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM95-30-23-41.560000N/A00000.47114
30Steve "Stumpy" ActisElks Nashua - WTF93-61-53-61.5501070N/A0004620.29213.5
31Meredith MedeirosAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs74-32-52-41.861000N/A0001080.40013
32Dave St. OngeElks Nashua - WTF95-41-52-41.393100N/A0003060.38112.5
33Eric BaillargeonHammers73-34-31-21.711000N/A0002000.50012
34Chris TuckerElks Nashua - WTF52-02-22-32.24000N/A0603100.54511
34Travis CarterAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM105-34-40-31.12000N/A0002400.47411
34Joe GogliaK Of C Avengers 72-52-42-41.57901200N/A01905800.31611
37Ron SullivanFF Club - Null & Boys51-31-42-31.71000N/A0001220.2868.5
38Brian RobertsonK Of C Avengers 62-42-31-51.33401200N/A0004450.2948
39Jake BrennanK Of C Avengers 41-22-11-31.751000N/A0001000.4007
40Dave RatnoffK Of C Avengers 32-11-21-22.171000N/A0001200.4446.5
40Mike BourkFF Club - Null & Boys42-21-31-31.63401000N/A013202320.3336.5
42Frank GodinhoK Of C Avengers 30-21-11-11.51000N/A07000.3334.5
43Melvin BradyAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs42-21-20-40.880000N/A00000.2733.5
44Jessica SymesElks Nashua - WTF71-21-50-50.361000N/A0001000.1432.5
44Jennifer CoolongElks Nashua - WTF81-41-50-10.311000N/A0001000.1672.5
46Dan VigentAm Leg NC -Legion of DOOM42-20-10-00.50000N/A00000.4002
47Billy GideonElks Nashua - WTF20-01-10-20.751000N/A0001000.2501.5
48Stephanie MurrayAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000

WP - Weeks Played
601 - 601
CR - Teams Cricket
301 - 301 Singles
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
RO-9 - RO-9
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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