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Pos Name Team Name WP 301501 CR PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-6CRO'sRO-9TON AVG PTS
1Kyle MuisePAC Bad Company77-03-16-04.93701200120604840.94134.5
2Dana StairsPAC Bad Company76-14-33-04.07180101137N/A015115130.76528.5
3Parker StewartJokers Hit or MIss85-35-32-63.19801120N/A0007890.50025.5
4Gary TowlePAC Bad Company65-12-14-241401000N/A00013850.73324
5Marc SurprenantAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs64-24-13-13.757000N/A0706460.73322.5
5Brad AlexanderJokers Hit or MIss74-34-33-43.215000N/A0005770.52422.5
5Frank WaltersJokers Hit or MIss85-34-31-32.81301050N/A0002050.52622.5
8Jordan HealyPaddy's - Honeybadgers64-22-44-23.55100N/A0004990.55621
8Bob MoynihanAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs73-33-25-23701080N/A0805880.61121
8Jason McGeownAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs71-46-16-137000N/A01206250.68421
11Mark WilliamsPAC Bad Company63-33-04-23.253000N/A0003600.66719.5
12Steve DinsmorePaddy's - Honeybadgers53-21-34-13.3601000N/A0604600.57116.5
12Kevin MedeirosAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs53-23-02-23.39000N/A01806410.66716.5
14Steve WinwardPaddy's - Honeybadgers52-13-23-137000N/A0008490.66715
14Jim MurrayAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs72-42-14-22.143000N/A01301170.53315
14Chris PalmerPaddy's - Honeybadgers51-43-15-034000N/A01602000.64315
17Eric BreenPAC Bad Company62-02-23-32.25801100N/A02004100.58313.5
18Ashley McLuinJokers Hit or MIss71-34-20-71.291000N/A0001290.2949
19John PeirceTJ Callahans - Hurricanes62-40-61-21.257000N/A0007710.2007.5
20Meredith MedeirosAm. Legion NC - F-Bombs40-04-00-01.50000N/A00001.0006
20Melanie NigrelliPAC Bad Company70-04-30-10.860000N/A00000.5006
22Paul CostaTJ Callahans - Hurricanes61-40-51-50.755000N/A0604160.1254.5
22Tom SaucierJokers Hit or MIss41-20-21-31.130000N/A00000.2224.5
22Matt MillsTJ Callahans - Hurricanes41-30-41-31.132000N/A0002000.1674.5
25Ed HammersleyJokers Hit or MIss30-21-11-110000N/A00000.3333
25Scott RyanPaddy's - Honeybadgers11-00-10-130000N/A00000.3333
25Rob MayoTJ Callahans - Hurricanes51-30-40-40.64000N/A0004410.0833
28TJ TraviersoPaddy's - Honeybadgers40-41-30-30.383000N/A0003000.0911.5
28Dan O'BrienTJ Callahans - Hurricanes10-00-11-01.50000N/A00000.5001.5
30Paul KimballTJ Callahans - Hurricanes50-40-30-501000N/A000100000000

WP - Weeks Played
301 - 301 Singles
501 - 501 Team
CR - Teams Cricket
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
RO-9 - RO-9
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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