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Pos Name Team Name WP 301601CR PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-6CRO'sRO-9TON AVG PTS
1Stephen DoakBeen Had 100's54-13-25-04.54000N/A0007200.80022.5
2John PeirceTJ Callahans - Hurricanes54-11-33-23.52000N/A0003250.57117.5
3Dave BuckmanTJ Callahans - Hookas44-02-22-24.251000N/A0001000.66717
4Dan O'BrienTJ Callahans - Hurricanes54-13-21-33.33000N/A0003200.57116.5
4Kevin RichardsonSport Zone - Clowns43-13-13-14.133000N/A0602400.75016.5
4Matt DoakBeen Had 100's52-33-25-03.3301020N/A0005020.66716.5
7Justin KerriganBeen Had 100's53-24-12-33.22000N/A0002410.60016
8Chris DeLoshBeen Had 100's43-12-23-13.881000N/A0001000.66715.5
9Noel KeaneSport Zone - Clowns42-23-14-03.754000N/A01202410.75015
9Jamie LetcherSport Zone - Clowns42-23-14-03.751000N/A0001230.75015
11Rick KellyTJ Callahans - Hookas43-11-33-13.632000N/A0002000.58314.5
12Paul CostaTJ Callahans - Hurricanes53-22-22-32.82000N/A0002030.50014
13Travis BinghamRendezvous - VousDoo Too53-23-21-42.74000N/A0603400.46713.5
14Matt MillsTJ Callahans - Hurricanes53-21-42-32.64000N/A0005200.40013
15John OBrienSport Zone - Clowns42-22-23-13.13301200N/A0003310.58312.5
15Danny KunguRendezvous - VousDoo Too43-12-11-23.13301320N/A0002320.60012.5
17Tim GoldenSport Zone - Clowns42-22-22-22.751000N/A0002000.50011
17Paul KimballTJ Callahans - Hurricanes51-22-34-02.21000N/A0001400.58311
19Karen LachapelleRendezvous - VousDoo Too41-23-13-12.630000N/A00000.63610.5
20Justin McCarthyTJ Callahans - Hookas32-11-22-13.333000N/A0602000.55610
20Bernie BelleyRendezvous - VousDoo Too32-11-12-13.332000N/A0601210.62510
22Nicole CharltonTJ Callahans - Hookas42-22-11-22.380000N/A00000.5009.5
23John MuroTJ Callahans - Hookas31-11-23-02.830000N/A00000.6258.5
24Lou LachapelleRendezvous - VousDoo Too51-42-22-31.60000N/A00000.3578
24Mark VallanteSport Zone - Clowns31-22-12-12.670000N/A00000.5568
24Al HebertRendezvous - VousDoo Too42-22-20-220000N/A00000.4008
27Rob MillsTJ Callahans - Hurricanes22-00-11-03.751000N/A0001050.7507.5
27Kevin WatsonRendezvous - VousDoo Too50-33-23-11.50000N/A00000.5007.5
29Scott MinchelloBeen Had 100's31-22-11-22.170000N/A00000.4446.5
30Charlie PriceTJ Callahans - Hurricanes50-42-32-211000N/A0001140.3085
31Megan AlexanderTJ Callahans - Hookas41-31-30-410000N/A00000.1674
32Nick FulmerRendezvous - VousDoo Too11-00-00-130000N/A00000.5003
32Jason DesrosiersSport Zone - Clowns11-00-10-130000N/A00000.3333
34Rob MayoTJ Callahans - Hurricanes10-01-01-02.50000N/A00001.0002.5
34Eric JohnsonTJ Callahans - Hookas10-11-01-02.50000N/A00000.6672.5
36Ryan DoakBeen Had 100's30-32-10-30.671000N/A0001140.2222
37Pat SmithBeen Had 100's30-31-20-30.330000N/A00000.1111
37Liz BinghamRendezvous - VousDoo Too10-01-00-110000N/A00000.5001
39Mike SmithTJ Callahans - Hookas20-20-10-101000N/A000100000000
39Chip HelmarTJ Callahans - Hookas10-00-10-100000N/A0000000000

WP - Weeks Played
301 - 301 Singles
601 - 601
CR - Teams Cricket
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
RO-9 - RO-9
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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