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Pos Name Team Name WP 601CR301 PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-6CRO'sRO-9TON AVG PTS
1Kevin McPartlinCatchers Mitt - Clowns51-42-35-03.84000N/A01302250.53319
2Bob NewmanPAC Cobra Kai52-33-24-13.7301200N/A0002210.60018.5
2Patrick BouchardH.E. Fletcher - Hammers52-33-24-13.74000N/A01002000.60018.5
4Dana StairsPAC Cobra Kai53-24-13-23.61000N/A0001000.66718
5Ken CrawfordFF Club - Null & Boys52-34-13-23.44000N/A0006010.60017
5Pat McDonoughCatchers Mitt - Clowns52-32-24-03.44000N/A0604610.61517
7Andy TromblyPAC Cobra Kai53-23-23-13.3701000N/A01205050.64316.5
8Joel GrantH.E. Fletcher - Hammers41-24-03-144000N/A0006000.72716
9Phil AucoinCatchers Mitt - Clowns33-02-13-050000N/A00000.88915
9Mark WilliamsPAC Cobra Kai53-12-33-231000N/A0001250.57115
9Steve KerouacGrainery Pub- Corksuckers53-14-12-334000N/A0704500.64315
9Al HodgeGrainery Pub- Corksuckers53-22-23-130000N/A00000.61515
13Benjamin KerouacGrainery Pub- Corksuckers52-12-33-12.82000N/A0004340.58314
14Joe KaneFF Club - Null & Boys52-33-22-32.5401170N/A0007810.46712.5
15Dave BalisGrainery Pub- Corksuckers41-23-12-02.884000N/A0803050.66711.5
15Steve BarthelmesFF Club - Null & Boys31-21-23-03.83501000N/A0504400.55611.5
15Jim MulveyCatchers Mitt - Clowns51-31-33-22.31000N/A0001340.38511.5
18Dave BurnsH.E. Fletcher - Hammers42-24-01-32.75601080N/A0605480.58311
19Brian DavisPAC Cobra Kai43-13-11-22.633000N/A0003510.63610.5
19Neil MoranFF Club - Null & Boys40-43-12-22.632000N/A0002000.41710.5
21Kenneth MacShaneFF Club - Null & Boys31-10-33-03.33200111N/A0001110.50010
22Keith ReedyH.E. Fletcher - Hammers52-33-21-41.95000N/A01206200.4009.5
22Joe HigginsGrainery Pub- Corksuckers42-13-11-22.38401100N/A0003550.6009.5
22Nick DouzanisGrainery Pub- Corksuckers42-21-22-22.38401040N/A0002040.4559.5
25Joe GionetH.E. Fletcher - Hammers40-22-22-02.25401150N/A0702150.5009
26Mike SaracoCatchers Mitt - Clowns42-22-21-32401120N/A0603320.4178
27Tom BolenGrainery Pub- Corksuckers43-11-11-31.881000N/A0001280.5007.5
27Paul CuocoCatchers Mitt - Clowns53-13-20-41.51000N/A0001000.4627.5
29Bob BergeronH.E. Fletcher - Hammers30-20-22-122100N/A0002960.2866
29Matt JacobsCatchers Mitt - Clowns20-22-01-131000N/A06000.5006
31Jeff ReedyH.E. Fletcher - Hammers51-41-01-31.10000N/A00000.3005.5
32Dave MacAleerFF Club - Null & Boys10-01-01-04.50000N/A00001.0004.5
33Cathy NullFF Club - Null & Boys41-30-41-211000N/A00000.1824
33Dave MchughPAC Cobra Kai11-00-11-040000N/A00000.6674
35Tom MurnaneCatchers Mitt - Clowns20-20-21-11.51000N/A0001000.1673
36Mike LachanceH.E. Fletcher - Hammers51-31-40-30.51000N/A0001000.1672.5
36Tony DeMalaPAC Cobra Kai11-01-00-12.52000N/A0701380.6672.5
38Ron SullivanFF Club - Null & Boys31-20-10-30.330000N/A00000.1431
38Dave HedermanPAC Cobra Kai11-00-10-111000N/A0001190.3331
38Bob FarinaGrainery Pub- Corksuckers31-10-30-20.331000N/A06000.1431
38Matt RudPAC Cobra Kai31-20-20-30.331000N/A0001400.1251
38Mike BourkFF Club - Null & Boys51-30-40-30.21000N/A0001000.0911
38Jeff CarterGrainery Pub- Corksuckers21-10-00-20.50000N/A00000.2501

WP - Weeks Played
601 - 601
CR - Teams Cricket
301 - 301 Singles
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
RO-9 - RO-9
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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