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Pos Name Team Name WP 301601CR PPW AS 180H-InH-OutLDGRO-6CRO'sRO-9TON AVG PTS
1Nick DouzanisGrainery Pub- Corksuckers11-01-01-05.51000N/A0001001.0005.5
1Mark WilliamsPAC Bad Company11-01-01-05.50000N/A00001.0005.5
1Steve KerouacGrainery Pub- Corksuckers11-01-01-05.51000N/A0001251.0005.5
1Keith ReedyH.E. Fletcher - Hammers11-01-01-05.50000N/A00001.0005.5
1Andy TromblyPAC Bad Company11-01-01-05.5201010N/A0001001.0005.5
6Dave BurnsH.E. Fletcher - Hammers11-00-11-04.51000N/A010000.6674.5
6Bob NewmanPAC Bad Company11-00-11-04.50000N/A00000.6674.5
6Al HodgeGrainery Pub- Corksuckers11-00-01-04.52000N/A0701001.0004.5
6Matt RudPAC Bad Company11-00-11-04.50000N/A00000.6674.5
6Corey Ste. MarieO'Haras Banging The Neighbor11-00-11-04.50000N/A00000.6674.5
11Donnie SullivanTJ Callahans - Chaos11-01-00-141000N/A018000.6674
11Jeff CoatesO'Haras Banging The Neighbor11-01-00-040000N/A00001.0004
13Paul CuocoCatchers Mitt - Clowns11-00-10-130000N/A00000.3333
13Tom MurnaneCatchers Mitt - Clowns11-00-10-130000N/A00000.3333
13Phil AucoinCatchers Mitt - Clowns11-00-10-130000N/A00000.3333
13Joe GionetH.E. Fletcher - Hammers11-00-10-13200136N/A06000.3333
13Mark McCarthyTJ Callahans - Chaos11-00-10-130000N/A00000.3333
13Joel GrantH.E. Fletcher - Hammers11-00-10-131000N/A0001000.3333
19Patrick BouchardH.E. Fletcher - Hammers10-11-01-02.52000N/A01301000.6672.5
19Dave BalisGrainery Pub- Corksuckers10-11-01-02.51000N/A0001000.6672.5
19Bob BergeronH.E. Fletcher - Hammers10-11-01-02.51000N/A0001210.6672.5
19Dana StairsPAC Bad Company10-11-01-02.51000N/A0001050.6672.5
19Eric BreenO'Haras Banging The Neighbor10-11-01-02.51000N/A07000.6672.5
19Tom BolenGrainery Pub- Corksuckers10-11-01-02.51000N/A0001160.6672.5
25Ken HebertPAC Bad Company10-10-11-01.51000N/A0002200.3331.5
26Benjamin KerouacGrainery Pub- Corksuckers10-11-00-011000N/A0001000.5001
26Dawn CallahanTJ Callahans - Chaos10-11-00-110000N/A00000.3331
26Mike ByronO'Haras Banging The Neighbor10-11-00-110000N/A00000.3331
26Terry RileyTJ Callahans - Chaos10-11-00-110000N/A00000.3331
30David BradyO'Haras Banging The Neighbor10-00-00-100000N/A0000000000
30Jim MulveyCatchers Mitt - Clowns10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000
30Mike SaracoCatchers Mitt - Clowns10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000
30Ricky GriffinO'Haras Banging The Neighbor10-10-10-101000N/A000111000000
30Jeff ReedyH.E. Fletcher - Hammers00-00-00-001000N/A000129000000
30Chris JohnsonTJ Callahans - Chaos10-10-10-100000N/A0000000000
30Sean KelleyO'Haras Banging The Neighbor10-10-10-101000N/A0600000000

WP - Weeks Played
301 - 301 Singles
601 - 601
CR - Teams Cricket
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
180 - 180
H-In - High In
H-Out - High Out
LDG - Low Dart Game
RO-6C - RO 6 - Cork
RO's - RO's
RO-9 - RO-9
TON - Ton's
PTS - Points
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