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 B Division
Team W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT 501S501DDC Last 5 AVG PTS
Darts of Hazard7-56-64-86-523-242-1-110-136-67-5WTLW.48923
Bull Shots2-107-58-45-722-262-2-012-123-97-5LWWL.45822
Joe's Garage 6-611-15-622-131-1-113-45-44-5TWL.62922
Bud's Bunch 6-63-97-516-201-1-18-103-65-4TLW.44416
Pork Pullers5-75-71-111-1112-360-4-04-206-62-10LLLL.25012


 Week 4 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dennis KeoughBull ShotsB Division7or87
Enzo LamaidaPork PullersB Division130-168132
Dave PotterShaftersB Division170+174