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 B Division
Team W9W8W7W6W5 Win-Loss WLT 501DDC501S Last 5 Average Points
Black Knights11-18-48-48-412-068-246-1-113-1020-335-11WWWWW.73968
Liquid Assets5-7 7-57-510-259-376-1-114-1017-728-20LWWWW.61559
Bull Frogs7-55-7 4-86-659-375-2-118-613-1128-20WLLTW.61559
Rovers 4-88-45-76-656-404-3-116-813-1127-21LWLTL.58356
Joe's Garage 9-34-87-58-449-354-3-011-1012-926-16WLWWL.58349
In The Red12-0†6-65-7 0-1239-572-5-16-157-1414-28WTLLW.40639
Swamp People0-12†7-511-15-74-837-553-5-08-129-1120-20LWWLL.40237
Bud's Bunch 6-64-88-42-1030-542-4-111-107-1412-30TLWLL.35730
Pork Pullers1-113-91-114-8 19-770-8-04-203-2112-36LLLLL.19819
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


 Week 9 All Stars
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Stuart KempstonBlack KnightsB Division130-168140
Sean McInerneyBlack KnightsB Division130-168136