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 B Division
Team W17W16W15W14W13 Win-Loss WLT 501D501SDC Last 5 Average Points
Black Knights9-35-78-47-5 106-5010-2-123-1650-2833-6WLWWL.679106
Liquid Assets 9-3 8-45-796-609-3-123-1645-3328-11WWLWW.61596
Joe's Garage6-67-55-7 9-395-618-4-123-1650-2822-17TWLWW.60995
Bull Frogs  4-82-103-983-737-5-122-1742-3619-20LLLLW.53283
In The Red6-63-9 5-76-655-1131-10-313-2929-5513-29TLLTL.32755
Bud's Bunch6-61-118-44-8 53-1033-8-219-2026-528-31TLWLW.34053
Pork Pullers6-6 4-8 6-644-1120-11-29-3024-5411-28TLTLL.28244


 Week 17 All Stars
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Robert SpencerPork PullersB Division130-168140
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Graham PrenticeRoversB DivisionHF112
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rick DeschampsRoversB Division130-168132
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Chloe AoshimaIn The RedB Division7or87
Glen AshquabeJoe's GarageB Division130-168160
Tom BakerBud's BunchB Division130-168134
Oral CoombsBlack KnightsB Division130-168140
Josh DupuisBud's BunchB Division7or87
Tony ElefteriadisPork PullersB Division130-168140
Gord McMillanBlack KnightsB Division130-168140
Paul O'DonnellJoe's GarageB Division130-168140
Brian PlatnickRoversB Division130-168140
Ross SatterleyJoe's GarageB Division130-168140
AJ WineckIn The RedB DivisionHF105