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Pos Name Team Name WP 501SSOSPPD501DDC PPW AS HFHFH130+170+1vs27or89 AVG PTS
1Donnie CulbertsonShafters1716-10.43318.2315-116-18.7118001130400.940148
2Dave PotterShafters1713-40.41717.9815-216-18.181821141320100.863139
3Billy CripsShafters1712-50.32814.8614-214-26.9491113500300.816118
4Michael ComeauShafters108-00.57116.338-06-16.6600600000.95766
5Dan NaranjoShafters137-40.39212.596-18-54.69200100100.67761
6David Fox-SproullShafters126-40.44815.967-39-25200100100.71060
7Bryan MichaudShafters144-20.42212.7211-27-24.07300300000.78657
8Mike CusackShafters125-40.44714.728-04-33.83100000100.70846
9Ross CooperShafters53-20.43117.14-12-15.411120000000.69227

WP - Weeks Played
501S - 501 Singles
501D - 501 Dbls
DC - Cricket Dbls
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
130+ - 130-168
170+ - 170+
1vs2 - 1vs2
7or8 - 7or8
9 - 9
PTS - Points
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