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Pos Name Division WP DC501S501D PPW AS 130+170+HFHFH7or89 AVG PTS
1DartsLifeA Division1017-3118-4215-502112158030.750
2Starving DartistsA Division910-873-719-90135170010.511
3Power MixA Division87-971-5710-6093118010.550
4Dart VadersA Division911-762-829-9033130010.456
5Black KnightsB Division923-339-1315-11901114100.740
6ShaftersA Division87-957-714-12064136000.425
7Joe's GarageB Division916-1134-2016-1129111301100.611
7RoversB Division916-1132-2218-919100600.611
7Bull FrogsB Division915-1231-2320-71011103300.611
10Liquid AssetsB Division919-831-2314-1314000600.593
11TreblemakersA Division102-1851-1097-13175149000.300
12Tall Boys & ShotsC Division810-1428-2014-105100000.542
12WingItsC Division814-1025-2313-113000000.542
14Darts AmoreC Division813-1122-2614-10901106000.510
15Double OnesC Division812-1222-2613-115000000.490
16In The RedB Division911-1623-3110-178000000.407
17Happy BullmoresC Division811-1323-256-182000100.417
18Swamp PeopleB Division89-1420-268-151202118300.402
19Bud's BunchB Division97-2015-3913-14711116000.324
20Pork PullersB Division93-2413-415-222100200.194

WP - Weeks Played
DC - Doubles Cricket
501S - 501-Singles
501D - 501 Doubles
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
130+ - 130-168
170+ - 170+
7or8 - 7or8
9 - 9
PTS - Points
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