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Pos Name Division WP 501S501DDC PPW AS 130+HFHFH170+7or891vs2 AVG PTS
1Joe's GarageOpen Division2492-5248-2450-227.9296574127629000.660190
2RoversOpen Division2492-5246-2647-257.7183572126816000.642185
3ShaftersOpen Division2494-5047-2542-307.6371466121514000.635183
4Liquid AssetsOpen Division2482-6247-2548-247.3873511116515100.615177
5Tall Boys & ShotsC Division2578-7242-3338-376.321915210602000.527158
6WingItsC Division2578-7234-4142-336.1618150012000.513154
7Double OnesC Division2573-7737-3840-3562114110114100.500150
8Happy BullmoresC Division2568-8243-3236-395.8816150001000.490147
9Fox in the Dart HouseC Division2574-7635-4037-385.842721112123000.487146
10Darts AmoreC Division2579-7134-4132-435.81290011100.483145
11Black KnightsOpen Division2469-7536-3639-3363824311628100.500144
12In The RedOpen Division2463-8023-4934-3854532115157000.418120
13Bud's BunchOpen Division2458-8632-4028-444.9264443115512000.410118
14Bull FrogsOpen Division2455-8822-5014-583.793425112816100.31791
15Pork PullersOpen Division2442-10223-4922-503.6342340025100.30287

WP - Weeks Played
501S - 501 Singles
501D - 501 Dbls
DC - Cricket Dbls
PPW - Points per Week
AS - Total All Stars Hit
130+ - 130-168
170+ - 170+
7or8 - 7or8
9 - 9
1vs2 - 1vs2
PTS - Points
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