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Team W8W7W6W5W4 Win-Loss WLT 301601TCRKT Last 5 Average Points
British Club Berkeley6-57-45-68-38-352-366-2-028-208-816-8WWLWW.59152
Rolf's - Drunken Wolfpack5-67-46-58-37-452-367-1-027-218-817-7LWWWW.59152
Arlington Club Wire Thrashers6-57-48-37-45-650-386-2-024-2414-212-12WWWWL.56850
Relief's In Fuzzy Navels7-44-77-43-87-445-434-4-025-237-913-11WLWLW.51145
Claddagh Pub Misfits7-45-64-73-86-542-463-5-022-269-711-13WLLLW.47742
Arlington Club 3rd Dart5-66-53-87-44-739-492-6-023-259-77-17LWLWL.44339
Irish Cottage D2NL4-74-76-54-74-736-522-6-021-275-1110-14LLWLL.40936
Rocky Club - FTN4-74-75-64-73-836-522-6-022-264-1210-14LLLLL.40936


 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Week 8 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rob BernierArlington Club 3rd DartB-2Ton's217
Cheryl DooleyRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-2Ton's106
   High In106
Sean FoleyArlington Club 3rd DartB-2Ton's200
Jay PlourdeArlington Club 3rd DartB-2Ton's200
Dave PucciIrish Cottage D2NLB-2Ton's100
Jean RamosRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-2Ton's100
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
James KillaleaCladdagh Pub MisfitsB-2Ton's200
Ken CoveyRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-2RO's6
Chris DecesareRelief's In Fuzzy NavelsB-2RO's6
Eric EdwardsRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-2Ton's100
Randy HillBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's115
Leo "Buzzy" LandryArlington Club 3rd DartB-2RO's6
Domenic LaRosaBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's225
Scott LeesBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's100
Scott NadeauArlington Club Wire ThrashersB-2Ton's200
Steve NewtonRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-2Ton's100
Jay ParoliseBritish Club BerkeleyB-2Ton's125
Craig PisaniIrish Cottage D2NLB-2Ton's100
Arty RobichaudRocky Club - FTNB-2Ton's100
Mike SantiagoIrish Cottage D2NLB-2Ton's140
Tony TarasieweczArlington Club Wire ThrashersB-2Ton's100
James TetivaRolf's - Drunken WolfpackB-2RO's6