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Team W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
British Club Berkeley8-36-58-322-113-0-05-16-311-7WWW.66722
Claddagh Pub Unlucky8-36-55-619-142-1-04-24-511-7WWL.57619
Claddagh Pub Misfits9-25-64-718-151-2-03-33-612-6WLL.54518
Bavarian Club Upsetters3-88-36-517-162-1-02-45-410-8LWW.51517
KofC Methuen Cowboys From Hell3-87-47-417-162-1-03-36-38-10LWW.51517
British Club Ravens5-65-65-615-180-3-04-23-68-10LLL.45515
American Legion 3rd Dart6-54-73-813-201-2-02-43-68-10WLL.39413
Rocky Club - FTN2-93-86-511-221-2-01-56-34-14LLW.33311


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