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Team W9W8W7W6W5 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
Keltic Club - Jackals9-25-610-15-69-267-327-2-012-620-735-19WLWLW.67767
Rocky Club - Fossils7-46-510-17-49-263-368-1-010-819-834-20WWWWW.63663
Lawrence Elks - Beer Pressure4-75-67-46-56-554-455-4-014-415-1225-29LLWWW.54554
KofC Methuen Cowboys From Hell7-49-21-107-42-953-466-3-011-714-1328-26WWLWL.53553
Haye's H-Men4-76-54-710-16-552-475-4-07-1117-1028-26LWLWW.52552
Combination Club Bullz Deep8-36-55-64-75-643-563-6-04-1413-1426-28WWLLL.43443
KofC Methuen - The Other Guys2-95-66-54-75-639-602-7-09-96-2124-30LLWLL.39439
American Legion Wolfpack3-82-91-101-102-925-740-9-05-134-2316-38LLLLL.25325


 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Week 9 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dan CloutierRocky Club - FossilsC1Ton's225
   Low Dart Game12
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike AsselinHaye's H-MenC1Ton's142
   High In142
Brenna BakerLawrence Elks - Beer PressureC1Ton's220
Bill LeonardKofC Methuen - The Other GuysC1Ton's105
   High In105
John Slauter SrRocky Club - FossilsC1Ton's120
   High In120
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Devin BakerLawrence Elks - Beer PressureC1Ton's261
Pam BeatonHaye's H-MenC1Ton's123
Eric CloutierRocky Club - FossilsC1Ton's120
Jack ConnersHaye's H-MenC1Ton's105
Bob CulityKofC Methuen - The Other GuysC1Ton's100
Laurie HoganLawrence Elks - Beer PressureC1Ton's118
Bruce JordanKofC Methuen - The Other GuysC1Ton's100
Scott KandrutKofC Methuen - The Other GuysC1Ton's100
Chuck LacourseKeltic Club - JackalsC1Ton's100
Ed MartinRocky Club - FossilsC1Ton's114
Tony MolinaKeltic Club - JackalsC1RO's6
Paul MooreLawrence Elks - Beer PressureC1Ton's100
Steve SalleseKofC Methuen Cowboys From HellC1Ton's300
Jeff St. OngeKofC Methuen - The Other GuysC1Ton's100
Pete VatkevichHaye's H-MenC1Ton's100