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Team S-2nS-1nW14W13W12 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
Keltic Club - Jackals6-5†6-58-35-69-2114-6213-3-018-1232-1358-32WWWLW.648114
Rocky Club - Fossils5-1†7-46-57-49-2112-5915-1-018-1234-1155-35WWWWW.655112
Lawrence Elks - Beer Pressure1-5†4-710-16-58-396-759-7-022-825-2048-42LLWWW.56196
Haye's H-Men5-6†5-61-109-25-691-857-9-011-1929-1646-44LLLWL.51791
KofC Methuen Cowboys From Hell  5-69-22-979-758-6-017-1119-2343-41LWLWL.51379
Combination Club Bullz Deep  6-54-76-566-885-9-08-2018-2440-44WLWLL.42966
KofC Methuen - The Other Guys  5-62-93-860-943-11-014-1412-3034-50LLLLW.39060
American Legion Wolfpack  3-82-92-937-1170-14-08-205-3724-60LLLLL.24037
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Semi-finals - 2nd night All Stars
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