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Team F-1nS-2nS-1nW14W13 Win-Loss WLT 601TCRKT301 Last 5 Average Points
J Brians Hitmen6-5†5-0†7-4†11-07-4117-6415-2-017-1131-1151-33WWWWW.646117
British Club Dartaholics5-6†5-2†7-45-69-2104-799-8-018-1228-1748-42LWWLW.568104
Bavarian Club Grinders 2-5†4-76-54-789-8310-6-017-1325-2045-45LLWLW.51789
Arlington Club #1 0-5†4-7†8-37-487-837-9-016-1220-2247-37LLWWL.51287
American Legion Ravens   5-64-778-767-7-012-1618-2448-36LLLLW.50678
Portuguese American Club - TroubleMakers   3-84-776-787-7-011-1724-1841-43LLWWL.49476
Portuguese American Club Stingers   6-57-463-915-9-013-1517-2533-51WWLWL.40963
Rolf's Renegades   0-112-947-1071-13-010-188-3429-55LLLLL.30547
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.

 Finals - 1st night Results
British Club Dartaholics 5-6J Brians HitmenView Result

 Player of The Week - A1 Division
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 Player of The Week - A2 Division
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 Finals - 1st night All Stars
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