Thursday, February 20, 2020: Week 16

Not Dunn Yet @ Those Guys (Grand Central Cafe)
Old West New West @ TCB Wanderers (TCB)
St, Mary's Holy Men @ Back Room Brawlers (Double Play Cafe)
Super B
The Beaver Hunters @ Dart Pups (Double Play Cafe)
Stealers @ Bar Code Brew Crew (Bar Code)
Kings of 26 @ SuperBallbreakers (TCB)
B North
Grand Central @ Gerry's Kids (Dunn's Pub)
7 Hit's Away From a 9 @ Bulls Hit (No Worries Brewing Company)
Double Play Dart Diva's @ Playwright Exiles (The Playwright Hamden)
B South
Branford IA Club II @ DILLIGAF (American Legion Post #83)
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies @ The Westvillains (New West Cafe)
Regal Beagle's @ Shepp's Shooters (Sheppard's Tavern)
Beast From The East @ Boomshakalaka (TCB)
Country Tavern Hustlers @ Community Property (Bullseye's Billiards & Bar)
PBA #1 @ Who Darted ? (Town Billiards)