Thursday, July 18, 2019: Week 5

Old West New West @ Who Dangers (Double Play Cafe)
Not Dunn Yet @ Broken Headlights (St Mary's Men's Club)
St. Mary's @ Back Room Brawlers (Double Play Cafe)
Super B
Dart Pups @ Not Dunn Drinking (Dunn's Pub)
OBB @ The Beaver Hunters (TCB)
Dawg House @ Team Ram Rod (Iron Horse Pub)
B Blue
Spears n' Beers @ Shotz R Us (Grand Central Cafe)
Bulls Hit @ Village Barn Stormers (Village Barn)
Grand Central @ Yale Billiards (Yale Billiards)
B Red
Game Of Throws @ Doormats (Country Tavern)
Regal Beagle's @ Beleaguered B-Leaguers (Bullseye's Billiards & Bar)
DILLIGAF @ Who Darted ? (Town Billiards)