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Team W19W18W17W16W15 Win-Loss WLT A1-5SA1-CDA1-5D Last 5 AVG PTS
TCB Wanderers17-0†15-315-316-216-2275-6619-0-084-2447-740-14WWWWW.806275
St, Mary's Holy Men15-0†13-53-1514-410-8202-13713-6-055-5331-2335-19WWLWW.596199*
Those Guys8-105-1315-312-62-16193-14912-7-061-5335-2231-26LLWWL.564193
Back Room Brawlers10-83-1512-64-1417-1168-1749-10-062-5228-2925-32WLWLW.491168
Old West New West0-15†6-123-152-161-1798-2411-17-134-7415-3917-37LLLLL.28995*
Not Dunn Yet0-17†12-66-126-128-1086-2552-16-134-749-4517-37LWLLL.25286
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
CBeast From The East2020-01-135Results not entered
A Old West New West2020-01-133Results not entered
A St, Mary's Holy Men2020-01-133Results not entered

 Week 20 All Stars
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