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Team W20W19W18W17W16 Win-Loss WLT B-3SB-CDB-5D Last 5 AVG PTS
Booze Crew21-1522-1419-1724-1220-16417-26715-3-140-21-5330-14-1323-11-23WWWWW.610417
Anthony D's Hit It and Sp21-1526-1017-1927-919-17417-26715-4-042-13-5926-12-1918-9-30WWLWW.610417
Dart Pups19-1714-2226-1025-1124-12414-27014-4-139-17-5823-12-2225-11-21WLWWW.605414
Meriden PBA17-1924-1227-923-1317-19370-31411-8-034-26-5427-12-1812-17-28LWWWL.541370
Sheppard's Tavern27-917-1925-1111-2516-20366-31811-8-032-32-5023-11-2317-17-23WLWLL.535366
Regal Puppies15-2120-0†11-2520-1612-24296-3565-13-123-35-4413-24-1413-11-27LWLWL.454296
Scooby Dunn's20-1610-2610-2616-2017-19273-3952-15-223-40-458-28-1813-20-21WLLLL.409273
Wasted Trips16-2012-249-279-2719-17241-4433-16-020-37-577-32-187-24-26LLLLW.352241
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.
† in the weekly scores denotes the match score has been entered but the game details have not.


Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
Super BWorst Drunk Nightmares2018-03-163Week 20 forfeit adjustment
BDILLIGAF2018-01-252Week 13 forfeit adjustment

 Week 20 All Stars
6 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bill DoneganBooze CrewB*AllStarx6
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tim ReissSheppard's TavernB*AllStarx5
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Derek AcevedoAnthony D's Hit It and SpB*AllStarx4
Mike FrankScooby Dunn'sB*AllStarx4
Jon MrowkaDILLIGAFB*AllStarx3
   101+ In100
Cliff NolanAnthony D's Hit It and SpB*AllStarx4
Dan TerribileMeriden PBAB*AllStarx4
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Alan CzajaBooze CrewB*AllStarx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rob BlakesleeSheppard's TavernB*AllStarx2
Bob CiemniewskiDILLIGAFB*AllStarx2
Mike CozzolinoMeriden PBAB*AllStarx2
Jim DaltonScooby Dunn'sB*AllStarx2
Chris DreaherWasted TripsB*AllStarx2
Chris EnoWasted TripsB*AllStarx2
John EnoWasted TripsB*AllStarx2
Rick FillionDart PupsB*AllStarx1
   101+ Out105
Duane HahnelSheppshootersB*AllStarx2
Gary Huse, Jr.Meriden PBAB*AllStarx2
Ken KoslickDart PupsB*AllStarx2
Paul KowalAnthony D's Hit It and SpB*AllStarx2
Bob MoyerBooze CrewB*AllStarx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
TJ AndersonDart PupsB*AllStarx1
Kevin BlakeleyDart PupsB*AllStarx1
Rich BlanchetteBooze CrewB*AllStarx1
Jim BowtieAnthony D's Hit It and SpB*AllStarx1
Rick CarinoWasted TripsB*AllStarx1
Bryan CharltonWasted TripsB*AllStarx1
Chris DowdScooby Dunn'sB*AllStarx1
Tony GonzalezDart PupsB*AllStarx1
Mike HansenDILLIGAFB*AllStarx1
Rob HillWasted TripsB*AllStarx1
Francois JampierreSheppshootersB*AllStarx1
Steve KeeneMeriden PBAB*AllStarx1
Mike LongleyRegal PuppiesB*AllStarx1
Brandon MabrySheppshootersB*AllStarx1
Rob MastrioneAnthony D's Hit It and SpB*AllStarx1
Dick McKayMeriden PBAB*AllStarx1
Bill MrowkaDILLIGAFB*AllStarx1
Rich NosalBooze CrewB*AllStarx1
James ParfittSheppshootersB*AllStarx1
Jesse SeminaraScooby Dunn'sB*AllStarx1
Steve SharronRegal PuppiesB*AllStarx1
Dan ZielinskiRegal PuppiesB*AllStarx1