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Team W8W7W6W5W4 Win-Loss WLT B-3SB-CDB-5D Last 5 AVG PTS
Dart Pups 21-1529-730-620-16166-866-0-116-4-2211-6-411-2-8WWWWT.659166
Booze Crew 23-1312-2429-732-4158-945-2-014-8-2014-4-36-3-12WLWWW.627158
DILLIGAF 25-1120-1623-1323-13154-986-0-117-6-1911-3-75-4-12WWWWT.611154
Anthony D's Hit It and Sp24-12‡16-2024-1224-1223-13153-995-2-017-8-179-5-79-4-8WLWWW.607153
Sheppard's Tavern 13-2319-1713-2327-9133-1194-3-011-12-198-6-76-4-11LWLWL.528133
Meriden PBA 20-1625-1115-2116-20121-1313-4-011-10-216-6-95-8-8WWLLW.480121
Regal Puppies 15-2117-1912-244-32103-1491-6-07-16-194-12-57-6-8LLLLL.409103
Sheppshooters 11-257-2921-159-27102-1503-4-08-13-212-9-105-8-8LLWLW.405102
Scooby Dunn's 16-2016-206-3013-2388-1640-7-08-22-124-9-83-10-8LLLLL.34988
Wasted Trips12-24‡20-1611-257-2913-2382-1701-6-06-16-203-12-62-10-9LWLLL.32582
‡ in the weekly scores means the result has been entered but may not yet be included in the points until the stats are re-calculated.


 Week 8 All Stars
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bryan CharltonWasted TripsB*AllStarx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Derek AcevedoAnthony D's Hit It and SpB*AllStarx1
Terry BroderickAnthony D's Hit It and SpB101+ In108
Chris DreaherWasted TripsB*AllStarx1
Rob MastrioneAnthony D's Hit It and SpB*AllStarx1
Lynn RyderWasted TripsB*AllStarx1