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 Super B
Team W4W3W2W1 Win-Loss WLT SB-CDSB-5DSB-5S Last 5 Average Points
Team Ram Rod20-1619-1724-1216-2079-653-1-04-2-64-3-57-6-11WWWL.54979
Not Dunn Drinking16-2013-2321-1523-1373-712-2-03-1-81-4-77-4-13LLWW.50773
Dart Pups21-1517-1914-2217-1969-751-3-04-6-23-2-75-6-13WLLL.47969
The Beaver Hunters15-2119-1712-2413-2359-851-3-02-6-42-4-66-7-11LWLL.41059
Dawg House6-3017-1915-2119-1757-871-3-02-6-43-4-54-9-11LLLW.39657


 Week 4 All Stars
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Cameron CapassoOBBSuper B*AllStarx5
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tony DelmonacoTeam Ram RodSuper B*AllStarx4
DJ KishNot Dunn DrinkingSuper B*AllStarx4
Jim OvertonDart PupsSuper B*AllStarx4
Dan RothwellOBBSuper B*AllStarx4
Chuck SmithDawg HouseSuper B*AllStarx4
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike Burnell Jr.Dart PupsSuper B*AllStarx3
Roy HamiltonThe Beaver HuntersSuper B*AllStarx3
Dave LandryTeam Ram RodSuper B*AllStarx3
Tim NortonDawg HouseSuper B*AllStarx3
Phil RosselliOBBSuper B*AllStarx2
   101+ Out106
Vin RouccoTeam Ram RodSuper B*AllStarx3
Alec SmithNot Dunn DrinkingSuper B*AllStarx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Tom FlukerDawg HouseSuper B*AllStarx2
Tony GonzalezDart PupsSuper B*AllStarx2
Tom HamiltonThe Beaver HuntersSuper B*AllStarx2
Stuart MagovenyThe Beaver HuntersSuper B*AllStarx2
Len MargiottaNot Dunn DrinkingSuper B*AllStarx2
Rob O'ConnellThe Beaver HuntersSuper B*AllStarx2
Mike OberemptOBBSuper B*AllStarx2
Pat WagnerTeam Ram RodSuper B*AllStarx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
David AndreoliTeam Ram RodSuper B*AllStarx1
Kyle AnglaceNot Dunn DrinkingSuper B*AllStarx1
Steve CapassoOBBSuper B*AllStarx1
Blake DominelloTeam Ram RodSuper B*AllStarx1
Rick FillionDart PupsSuper B*AllStarx1
Mike FrankDawg HouseSuper B*AllStarx1
Joe IannielloNot Dunn DrinkingSuper B*AllStarx1
Todd PagelDart PupsSuper B*AllStarx1
Stephanie SerenitaThe Beaver HuntersSuper B*AllStarx1
Greg SmithNot Dunn DrinkingSuper B*AllStarx1
Scott SypekDart PupsSuper B*AllStarx1