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 B North
Team W16W15W14W13W12 Win-Loss WLT B-5SB-CDB-5D Last 5 AVG PTS
Grand Central23-1330-622-1430-620-16355-22113-3-037-14-4521-10-1721-10-17WWWWW.616355
Bulls Hit21-1525-1114-2221-1528-8341-23513-3-032-23-4120-9-1920-9-19WWLWW.592341
Playwright Exiles27-922-1415-2115-2116-20338-23810-5-138-20-3820-11-1718-11-19WWLLL.587338
Gerry's Kids13-2311-2521-1526-1022-14267-3097-9-031-30-359-18-2113-15-20LLWWW.464267
Double Play Dart Diva's9-276-3015-2110-268-28217-3592-13-119-42-3510-21-177-20-21LLLLL.377217
7 Hit's Away From a 915-2114-2221-156-3014-22210-3662-14-013-41-429-20-195-19-24LLWLL.365210
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
CBeast From The East2020-01-135Results not entered
A Old West New West2020-01-133Results not entered
A St, Mary's Holy Men2020-01-133Results not entered

 Week 16 All Stars
8 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Alan CzajaGrand CentralB North*AllStarx8
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bill DoneganGrand CentralB North*AllStarx3
Laura GilmoreDouble Play Dart Diva'sB North*AllStarx3
Brian SlavinGrand CentralB North*AllStarx3
Mike Stefania7 Hit's Away From a 9B North*AllStarx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Dan AlfonsoGrand CentralB North*AllStarx2
Ron FerraroBulls HitB North*AllStarx2
Ron HeckertGerry's KidsB North*AllStarx2
Dan MesserGrand CentralB North*AllStarx2
John PicardGrand CentralB North*AllStarx2
Kim SchwartsDouble Play Dart Diva'sB North*AllStarx2
Jen VirbilaDouble Play Dart Diva'sB North*AllStarx2
Tim WhalenPlaywright ExilesB North*AllStarx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Eric AlbertGerry's KidsB North*AllStarx1
Casey DemariaDouble Play Dart Diva'sB North*AllStarx1
Shaun DonnellyPlaywright ExilesB North*AllStarx1
Tyler GrimesPlaywright ExilesB North*AllStarx1
Brian HansonPlaywright ExilesB North*AllStarx1
Jeremy HickeyGrand CentralB North*AllStarx1
Pete HornakBulls HitB North*AllStarx1
Stephen JerramPlaywright ExilesB North*AllStarx1
Jim Laska7 Hit's Away From a 9B North*AllStarx1
Tim NortonGerry's KidsB North*AllStarx1
Rich PalyoBulls HitB North*AllStarx1
Dave RyanBulls HitB North*AllStarx1
Bill Soquet7 Hit's Away From a 9B North*AllStarx1