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 B South
Team W16W15W14W13W12 Win-Loss WLT B-CDB-5DB-5S Last 5 AVG PTS
Shepp's Shooters24-1217-1922-1416-2021-15332-24411-5-021-10-1715-8-2534-26-36WLWLW.576332
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies13-2319-1718-1814-2214-22288-2886-9-116-14-1812-16-2033-29-34LWTLL.500288
Regal Beagle's12-2414-2218-1819-1721-15284-2927-8-112-15-2113-9-2626-32-38LLTWW.493284
Branford IA Club II13-2322-1422-1422-1415-21273-3038-6-215-17-1612-13-2326-35-35LWWWL.474273
The Westvillains23-1316-2014-2220-1615-21246-3304-12-010-23-157-15-2624-24-48WLLWL.427246
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
CBeast From The East2020-01-135Results not entered
A Old West New West2020-01-133Results not entered
A St, Mary's Holy Men2020-01-133Results not entered

 Week 16 All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Derek AcevedoFire Breathing Rubber DuckiesB South*AllStarx3
Steven HanrahanShepp's ShootersB South*AllStarx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Donna BorzilloShepp's ShootersB South*AllStarx2
Mike GuarinoThe WestvillainsB South*AllStarx2
Paul HandyBranford IA Club IIB South*AllStarx2
Mike HansenDILLIGAFB South*AllStarx2
Stephen HimesThe WestvillainsB South*AllStarx2
Mladen LolicRegal Beagle'sB South*AllStarx2
Scott MartinBranford IA Club IIB South*AllStarx2
Chris MauroThe WestvillainsB South*AllStarx2
Bill MrowkaDILLIGAFB South*AllStarx2
Chuck MulliganBranford IA Club IIB South*AllStarx2
Mark O'loughlinBranford IA Club IIB South*AllStarx2
Bill PhersonBranford IA Club IIB South*AllStarx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Shawn AndrewsFire Breathing Rubber DuckiesB South*AllStarx1
Tom BeckDILLIGAFB South*AllStarx1
Mark BossertFire Breathing Rubber DuckiesB South*AllStarx1
Mark CelentanoFire Breathing Rubber DuckiesB South*AllStarx1
Adam DavisShepp's ShootersB South*AllStarx1
Jonathan HoytDILLIGAFB South*AllStarx1
Phil IannazzoThe WestvillainsB South*AllStarx1
Steve KatzRegal Beagle'sB South*AllStarx1
Michael LorelloShepp's ShootersB South*AllStarx1
Chris MacMichaelRegal Beagle'sB South*AllStarx1
Rob MastrioneFire Breathing Rubber DuckiesB South*AllStarx1
John MoulandRegal Beagle'sB South*AllStarx1
Tim ReissShepp's ShootersB South*AllStarx1
Ryan WhiteThe WestvillainsB South*AllStarx1