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 Player Information

Name of Player Current Team Current Division Current Point Total Current Season
Jon Mrowka DILLIGAF B Red 0

 Player Statistics

Category Percentage Overall Team Overall Division Overall League
Weeks Played 0 of 1 (0.000) N/A N/A N/A
Total Points 0 N/A N/A N/A
Total Wins 0 of 0 (.000) N/A N/A N/A
A1 501 Singles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
A1 Cricket Doubles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
A1 501 Doubles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
SB 501 Singles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
SB Cricket Doubles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
SB 501 Doubles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
B 501 Singles0 of 1 (0.000)N/AN/AN/A
B Cricket Doubles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
B 501 Doubles0 of 1 (0.000)N/AN/AN/A
C 501 Doubles0 of 0 (.000)N/AN/AN/A
Apparel Size XL N/A N/A N/A

 All Stars Summary

All Stars Type Total Hit Best/Total Score    
There have been no all stars recorded for this player.


  Current Streak Best Streak Worst Streak  
All GamesTN/AN/A 
A1 501 SinglesN/AN/AN/A 
A1 Cricket DoublesN/AN/AN/A 
A1 501 DoublesN/AN/AN/A 
SB 501 SinglesN/AN/AN/A 
SB Cricket DoublesN/AN/AN/A 
SB 501 DoublesN/AN/AN/A 
B 501 SinglesTN/AN/A 
B Cricket DoublesN/AN/AN/A 
B 501 DoublesTN/AN/A 
C 501 DoublesN/AN/AN/A 

 Match Details & Results

B 501 Singles

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
June 13, 2019T DoormatsJon MrowkaArt Rossi

B 501 Doubles

Date Result Against Player(s) Opposition
June 13, 2019T DoormatsBrian Lirette + Jon Mrowka John Corwin + Bud Matakaetis

 Historic Match-ups

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 Team Mates

B 501 Doubles

Team Mate Winning Percentage Games Played Games Won Games Lost
Brian Lirette 0.000 1 0 1
There are no penalties or bonuses for this player.
There are no awards for this player.