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Olde English Dart League of Philadelphia - News

Contact the League (Updated)

For any questions or concerns by existing members, or for anyone new to this website and interested in our League, please feel free to contact the main email address,

Added on: Thursday, January 22, 2015


We are no longer mail in score sheets. Captains are responsible to maintain the hard copy through the spring season in case it is needed to settle any dispute/information situations. (You can still exchange the pink and yellow sheets; scan and then hold onto the white ones.)

The League Recorder number (267-738-8236) found on the inside jacket of the team folders is for voicemail messages only.  Captains who would prefer to text their weekly scores should text Bill Mo directly at 215-300-6206.  (Just the scores, not the scoresheets.)

All score sheets only need to be emailed to Smart phone apps (free) for Android (Camscanner) and for iPhone (Genius Scan) are the perfect platform to scan and send documents. Please include in the subject of your email: your division, your team name and the week for which you are reporting.

A few things to keep in mind regarding sending in scans of the white score sheets:

1. Please print clearly and legibly, using full names, not nicknames.

2. Circle a player's number for an out both at the top of the page and in the game listings.  Half outs in 301 and 501 count even if players do not win the game. These can be denoted with a half circle (two half outs making a full one) or two full circles can denote both half outs with one circle = a half out.

3. 171+ is only for marks above a 171 total, or a round of 9. Please do not include 100+ scores/turns.

4. Every high-on and high-off at or above 76 should be noted in the bottom.  Each one counts; not just the highest for the night.  Please print names clearly.

5. PDFs have been by far the easiest to read.  So, if possible, please send PDFs instead of jpegs.  While scores should still be texted to the recorder, sheets should be sent to

6. If you have any issues with the oche, lighting, etc. at a host bar, note it on the front or back of your scoresheet and be sure to include it in your email to  We cannot address problems we do not know about.

The statisticians (for Fall 2018) by division are:

  • 1.    Ron Reed
  • 2.    Greg Stoffa
  • 3.    Jeff Baxter
  • 4.    Gold Don Copeland
  • 4.    Maroon George Jones
  • 5.    Alan Cahill
  • 6.    Billmo
  • 7.    Lauren 
  • 8.    Bill Donegan
  • 9.    Shawn Stinson
  • 10.  Ron Reed
  • 11.    Rob Williamson
  • 11.    Ron Reed

If you get a request to re submit, please verify clarity and resend the form.

Thanks everyone and have a great season!

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Some pre-emptive easy and immediate improvements to match night (from the OEDL Rules and Regulations and as explained at package pick-up):

Rule 7e- "must throw from a distance greater than 7'9 1/4"." Establish the toe line with your opponent prior to play. On the tape? Behind the tape? If there's a board, you can only be on the floor behind the board. It can be .001" greater than, but it has to be greater than. 

Rule 9g- "maximum 3 minutes between games" when the numbers are called, they are called to play, not to smoke. If the match starts at 8 o'clock- 15 game format, assuming 10 minute legs with 3 minute spacing... done before midnight. 13 game format assuming 10 minute legs with 3 minute spacing.... done before midnight. 12 game format assuming 10 minute legs with 3 minute spacing.... done before midnight. 

Rule 10e- "Darts may not be touched by anyone, including the Marker, prior to the decision of the Marker." Cork must be decided by how the darts entered the board.

Rule 16b- You must show up and play this great game all ten weeks. It's the only rule with unarguable results.

Added on: Saturday, October 24, 2015

Player Points Explained

You've probably seen Player Points (‘Points’) next to your names.  This article describes what these points are and how they're calculated.

Points are for comparative purposes between players and to track a shooter’s progress over time; they don’t affect league standings in any way. Points can also be used to help seed the teams when players move between teams over different seasons.

Points are used to award a Player of the Week (see menu P.O.W.) award, and a runner-up, in each division. This award is simply a virtual badge which will be shown next to a player’s name on the website. (There's no physical prize for winning a P.O.W. award).

A shooter’s Points are the sum of (i) points earned from game activity (wins & losses, points vary depending on game type) plus (ii) points earned from All Stars (or “notables”; note that this has nothing to do with our mid-season All Star shoots).

(i) Game Activity

Points earned by each shooter participating in a won game will be:

Singles games ~ 10 pts
Doubles games ~7 pts
3-person games ~ 5 pts
4-person games ~ 3 pts* (except for the C format 2 pt game used in Division 10 only which will yield 6 pts)

(ii) All-Stars/Notables

Points earned by each shooter for getting the following “notables” will be as shown below. Points are cumulative. e.g. If you hit a regular game Out by taking out 78 then you’ll get 10 pts for the regular out plus 10 pts for the HiOffA (see below). You’ll also get the points listed in (i) Game Activity, above, for the win.

Regular out ~ 10 pts
Half Out (in a best of 3 game) ~ 5 pts for each leg out (winning shooter(s) only)
Leg Out (in a best of 3 game) - 5 pts for the leg out (losing shooter(s) only)

HiOnA (76-114 scored) ~ 5 pts
HiOnB (115+ scored) ~ 10 pts
HiOffA (76-114 scored) ~ 10 pts
HiOffB (115+) ~ 20 pts
Roundof9 (Cricket) ~ 20 pts
Ton71+ ~ 20 pts
Low dart (<=15 darts) 501 ~ 20 pts (each shooter involved in the leg earns pts in the C format)
Low dart (<=11 darts) 301 ~ 20 pts (each shooter involved in the leg earns pts)

Note: Captains need to write down HiOns and HiOffs for both teams on the scoresheet, for figures of 76+.  

Example (from the A format)

A. Jack loses the 501 best of 3, 1-2 legs, but takes out 134 in the 2nd leg
B. Jack win the 3-person 801, and gets the outshot of 48 pts
C. Jack wins the doubles best-of-3 301 game, 2-0. Jack got a 120 In, and took out the 1st leg with a 24
D. Jack wins the doubles Cricket. His partner took the Out but Jack hit a Round of 9
E. Jack lost the 4-man DoubleIn 701 game, but got the In of 68 pts.

Points scored are:
A. 5 pts for the HalfOut, 20 pts for the HiOffB: 25 pts total
B. 5 pts for the win, plus 10 pts for the Out: 15 pts total
C. 7 pts for win, plus 10 pts for the HiOnB plus 5 pts for the Out: 22 pts total
D. 7 pts for the win, plus 20pts for the Round of9 = 27 pts total
E. 0pts: no win, no out, no notables

Total points for Jack this week are 79 pts (25+15+22+27). This is an extreme example to illustrate a point. In reality the bulk of the points for the bulk of the shooters will come solely from Wins and Outs.

Added on: Friday, October 23, 2015

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