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 Division 1
Team W10W9W8W7W6 Win-Loss WLT 801601301CRICK701501CRICS Last 5 AVG PTS
Columbia Social Club I14-112-311-48-711-4110-409-1-018-212-822-821-99-123-75-5WWWWW.733110
O'Neals Pub I9-610-58-77-810-593-579-1-010-1016-416-1422-83-719-117-3WWWLW.62093
New Wave I6-93-127-89-64-1165-852-8-07-138-1214-1613-174-615-154-6LLLWL.43365
Shamrock Pub I6-98-712-36-94-1163-873-7-08-127-1313-1713-175-512-185-5LWWLL.42063
O'Neals Pub II9-67-84-114-75-1058-883-7-08-117-1311-1810-194-510-208-2WLLLL.39758
Black Taxi I1-145-103-127-411-457-894-6-08-1110-1013-1610-194-511-191-9LLLWW.39057
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of the Week
   Division 4 Gold
Nick PiccariCav's RH II-Ben&Wheels Present the Joe's and Jawns
Joe QuickCav's RH II-Ben&Wheels Present the Joe's and Jawns
   Division 1
Neal AstwoodNew Wave I
John NewsomeO'Neals Pub I
   Division 2
Len Brown Shamrock Pub III
Ian CurryDruids Keep IV
   Division 3
John Dispaldo2nd Street Shooters I
Darren WeklarCavanaugh's Headhouse I
   Division 5
David StoneBlack Cat on 12th
Mike BibboRogues I - Ginger's Creepshow
   Division 6
Butch RimkunasColumbia Social Club Good Guys
Rich RimkunasColumbia Social Club Good Guys
   Division 7
Kevin DiGiulioRockledge Pub
Dominic SchusterGarage Fishtown
   Division 8
Jamie CurryGood Dog Bar
Ronny TroutPaddy Whacks South
   Division 9
Ruairi CurranCav's RH IV-Bonnie's Bag of Dicks
Ken Christy2nd Street Shooters II
   Division 10
Kevin WilkisonO'Neals Pickles
James BellO'Neals Pickles
   Division 4 Maroon
Michael Otto SrO'Jungs II
Beau GiovannittiBrauhaus Schmitz
   Division 11 Maroon
Josh NewBlack Sheep Pub II - Tommy Boy
Jae ClarkCavanaugh's Headhouse VI
   Division 11 Gold
David GraffBlack Taxi II
Zack CasperCookies on 3rd

 Week 10 (Home Team on Left) All Stars
6 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Neal AstwoodNew Wave IDivision 1T71+x1
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Chris BrinkmanShamrock Pub IDivision 1Outx1
Joe CraigColumbia Social Club IDivision 1Outx1
Jon KulesaO'Neals Pub IIDivision 1Outx2
Keith McCarthyColumbia Social Club IDivision 1Outx1
John NewsomeO'Neals Pub IDivision 1T71+x1
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ray RuelanO'Neals Pub IDivision 1HiOnB120
Frank SchmutzColumbia Social Club IDivision 1HiOnA94
Brian WehrmanO'Neals Pub IDivision 1HalfOutx4
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Brent SnyderO'Neals Pub IDivision 1HiOnA80
Greg StoffaO'Neals Pub IIDivision 1Outx2
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike AirdO'Neals Pub IIDivision 1Outx1
Dan FarrellColumbia Social Club IDivision 1Outx2
Tony HorwathColumbia Social Club IDivision 1Outx2
Ron MarksColumbia Social Club IDivision 1Outx1
Chris MullenNew Wave IDivision 1HalfOutx2
Mike RemshardShamrock Pub IDivision 1HalfOutx2
Marcus RobertsNew Wave IDivision 1Outx1
Tom SchaefferNew Wave IDivision 1HalfOutx2
Brian StewartShamrock Pub IDivision 1HiOffB122
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
John BrennanShamrock Pub IDivision 1LegOutx1
Jon BroadfieldO'Neals Pub IIDivision 1Outx1
Sam LynaghNew Wave IDivision 1Outx1
Rob OlhanoskiO'Neals Pub IDivision 1Outx1
Johnny PettitBlack Taxi IDivision 1Outx1
Adam StoneO'Neals Pub IIDivision 1Outx1
Don ZeppColumbia Social Club IDivision 1Outx1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Division 11 MaroonCavanaugh's Headhouse V2018-11-015Did not pay balance of player's fees by the GMM.
Division 11 GoldRogues II - Lyn Goes Rogue2018-11-015Did not pay balance of player's fees by the GMM.
Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
Division 9Cav's RH IV-Bonnie's Bag of Dicks2018-12-050.1Wins Tie Breaker HtH over Darkside 16-10
Division 3O'Neals Space Lord2018-12-050.1Wins Tie breaker 701 record over OJung's 5-5 vs 3-7