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 Division 3
Team W1011W9/10W8W7W6 Win-Loss WLT 801601301CRICK701501CRICS Last 5 AVG PTS
Druids Keep IV9-67-813-210-512-3105-459-1-017-315-516-1422-87-323-75-5WLWWW.700105
Shamrock Pub III9-68-79-68-77-886-648-2-011-911-919-1117-138-214-166-4WWWWL.57386
2nd Street Shooters I9-66-96-95-1010-582-685-5-014-613-713-1718-126-414-164-6WLLLW.54782
Second Street Irish Society II6-99-68-76-98-769-814-6-07-139-1116-1411-194-618-124-6LWWLW.46069
Mick-Daniel's I6-98-77-87-83-1263-873-7-06-146-1414-1612-183-713-179-1LWLLL.42063
JR's Bombers6-97-82-139-65-1045-1051-9-05-156-1412-1810-202-88-222-8LLLWL.30045
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of the Week
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 Week 10 / D7 Week 11 (Home Team on Left) All Stars
6 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Zeke Berkowitz2nd Street Shooters IDivision 3HiOffA109
5 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Len Brown Shamrock Pub IIIDivision 3Outx1
Jay McFarlandSecond Street Irish Society IIDivision 3HiOnB116
Tom O'NeillMick-Daniel's IDivision 3HiOffA88
4 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Ian CurryDruids Keep IVDivision 3Outx2
Ian HendryDruids Keep IVDivision 3Outx2
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Rich DeckyJR's BombersDivision 3HalfOutx3
John Dispaldo2nd Street Shooters IDivision 3Outx1
Paul Lichorobiec2nd Street Shooters IDivision 3Outx1
Tom SennettShamrock Pub IIIDivision 3Outx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Joe BuzzettoMick-Daniel's IDivision 3Outx1
Mike ClarkDruids Keep IVDivision 3Outx2
Steve GrivnovicsMick-Daniel's IDivision 3Outx1
Kevin KolatoszShamrock Pub IIIDivision 3LegOutx2
Andrew Kruc IIISecond Street Irish Society IIDivision 3HalfOutx2
Andrew Kruc JrSecond Street Irish Society IIDivision 3HalfOutx2
Joe LearmouthJR's BombersDivision 3HalfOutx2
Rob McGinnisSecond Street Irish Society IIDivision 3HalfOutx1
Pat McQuilkinMick-Daniel's IDivision 3Outx1
Ron ReedShamrock Pub IIIDivision 3Outx1
Steve RowsonJR's BombersDivision 3HalfOutx2
Brian StewartShamrock Pub IIIDivision 3Outx1
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
David Brotnitsky2nd Street Shooters IDivision 3Outx1
Bill ConwaySecond Street Irish Society IIDivision 3HalfOutx1
Keith GuglielmiDruids Keep IVDivision 3Outx1
Bob Herrmann JR's BombersDivision 3Outx1
Bob Herrmann JrJR's BombersDivision 3HalfOutx1
Matt KrucSecond Street Irish Society IIDivision 3HalfOutx1
Richie Lind2nd Street Shooters IDivision 3Outx1
Tommy MahoneyMick-Daniel's IDivision 3LegOutx1
John McGuckinShamrock Pub IIIDivision 3Outx1
Bob SteinShamrock Pub IIIDivision 3HalfOutx1
John StuckyJR's BombersDivision 3Outx1
Chris ThudeDruids Keep IVDivision 3LegOutx1
Ryan WeaverDruids Keep IVDivision 3Outx1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Division 11Bards Bulls4Days2018-02-286Match forfeited by Bards Bulls4Days. Per rule 16C - CWV Post 652 gets 7 points and Bards Bulls4Days gets 0. By the same rule, Bards Bulls4Days also receives a 6 point penalty. If teams agree to reschedule & play match, Forfeit will be resinded.
Division 6Sean Thorntons II2018-02-241Scoresheets must be emailed within 12 hours of completion of match.
Division 12Cavanaughs Headhouse V2018-02-195Did not pay player's fees.
Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
Division 6Cranky Joe's Old School2018-04-180.01Wins head to head tie breaker over Ryan's Pub 14-12.