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 Division 12
Team W0F17W9F17W8F1W7F17W6F17 Win-Loss WLT 701301SCRICK501D601801 Last 5 AVG PTS
Cavanaughs RH Lyns Lancinators8-511-212-17-68-588-4210-0-09-1116-422-813-714-67-3WWWWW.67788
Cavanaughs RH Purple City9-48-55-811-25-883-477-3-014-610-1023-711-915-55-5WWLWL.63883
New Wave Uglies12-15-87-66-77-674-565-5-011-911-915-1512-813-76-4WLWLW.56974
Primo II5-88-58-58-56-748-596-4-012-89-1117-1312-87-137-3LWWWL.44948*
Boyler Room II4-92-116-75-87-637-931-9-06-147-136-247-135-153-7LLLLW.28537
Irish Pol1-125-81-122-116-734-931-9-08-127-137-235-156-142-8LLLLL.26834*
* There were penalties or bonuses awarded. Please check the bottom of the page for information.


 Player of the Week
   Division 1
Frank GorhamJoey O's I
Don ZeppFroggy Carr
   Game of the Week
Rob Olhanoski + Brent Synder (.347) defeated Chris Brinkman + John Griffith (.714) in 301 Doubles D/D 2/3
   Division 2
Nick LessCavanaugh Headhouse I
Darren WeklarCavanaugh Headhouse I
   Game of the Week
Nick Less + Drew Smith (.258) defeated Greg Rand + Kristie Augustyn (.642) in 301 Doubles D/D 2/3
   Division 3
Len Brown Shamrock Pub III
Johnny PettitBlack Taxi
   Game of the Week
Tom O'Neill (.400) defeated Johnny Pettit (.857) in 501 Singles S/D 2/3
   Division 4
Rob McGinnisSecond Street Irish Society II
Eli LenordTen Stone II
   Game of the Week
Rob Williamson + Bryan Healy (.193) defeated Ryan Weaver + Ian Hendry (.709) in 301 Doubles D/D 1/1
   Division 5
David StoneThe Black Cat
Rich MorinoO'Neals Team Smoke
   Game of the Week
Robert Swift + Michael Haines (.366) defeated Matt Lesko + Greg Pease (.746) in Cricket Doubles 1/1
   Division 6
Jeremy JohnsonBards I
Nick PiccariCavanaughs RH - Wheelers Band
   Game of the Week
Jim Brandenburger + Chuck McGinnis (.500) defeated Joe Quick + Greg Stoffa (.702) in Cricket Doubles 1/1
   Division 7
Matt JirinecGarage
Mike RobertsCranky Joe's Old School
   Game of the Week
Hailey Dutter + Mike Dutter (.215) defeated Chuck Henderson + Tim Otto (.646) in Cricket Doubles 1/1
   Division 8
Tony AbranteSaturnalian NYA I
J LagosCavanaughs RH - Ginger Gems
   Game of the Week
Ed Drumstas + Nick Corrazo (.400) defeated Jon Broadfield + Rynn Kloda (1.000) in Cricket Doubles 1/1
   Division 9
John LankelisSean Thorntons Snipers
Justin WendrychowiczSean Thorntons II
   Game of the Week
John Lankelis + Ashley Gerretz (.451) defeated Chris Richman + Mike Goyanes (.683) in Cricket Doubles 1/1
   Division 10
Jim WatersCranky Joes Heineken Starfish
Sean HendersonO'Neals Starving Dartist
   Game of the Week
Gabriel Nyantakyi + Jae Clark (.072) defeated Don Copeland Jr. + Jeff Belonger (.714) in 301 Doubles D/D 1/1
   Division 11
Chris StoneDirty Franks II
Jimmy Wilson2nd Street Shooters II
   Game of the Week
Josh New + Zeke Berkowitz (.333) defeated Chris Stone + William Grove (.350) in Cricket Doubles 1/1
   Division 12
Bonnie CentroneCavanaughs RH Lyns Lancinators
Ruairi CurranCavanaughs RH Lyns Lancinators
   Game of the Week
Brett Thiffaul + Ali Stanley (.000) defeated Casey Hare + Jenn Anderson (.929) in Cricket Doubles 1/1

 Week 10 (home team on left) All Stars
3 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Bonnie CentroneCavanaughs RH Lyns LancinatorsDivision 12Outx3
Ruairi CurranCavanaughs RH Lyns LancinatorsDivision 12Outx2
Alex PalatajkoCavanaughs RH Purple CityDivision 12Outx3
2 All Stars
Player Team Division All Star Score
Mike LobisNew Wave UgliesDivision 12Outx2
Courtney LockettNew Wave UgliesDivision 12Outx2
Brendan PorterCavanaughs RH Purple CityDivision 12Outx2
Brett ThiffaulBoyler Room IIDivision 12Outx2
1 All Star
Player Team Division All Star Score
Jenn AndersonCavanaughs RH Purple CityDivision 12Outx1
David BellocchioBoyler Room IIDivision 12Outx1
Austin BennerNew Wave UgliesDivision 12Outx1
Christopher BrillPrimo IIDivision 12Outx1
Brian BrownPrimo IIDivision 12Outx1
Dylan CottoneCavanaughs RH Purple CityDivision 12Outx1
Chris DoranIrish PolDivision 12Outx1
Matt EmeryCavanaughs RH Lyns LancinatorsDivision 12Outx1
Cory GrayNew Wave UgliesDivision 12Outx1
Greg HeydetPrimo IIDivision 12Outx1
Nicole LevandowskiPrimo IIDivision 12Outx1
Jake LobisNew Wave UgliesDivision 12Outx1
Brian PadgettCavanaughs RH Lyns LancinatorsDivision 12Outx1
Rich SnowBoyler Room IIDivision 12Outx1
Dan SprikCavanaughs RH Lyns LancinatorsDivision 12Outx1
Rich SupleeCavanaughs RH Purple CityDivision 12Outx1
Jess WursterNew Wave UgliesDivision 12Outx1

Division Team Penalty Date Deduction Reason
Division 12Primo II2017-12-025Still has not paid balance of player's fees.
Division 3JR's Bombers2017-11-255Still has not paid balance of player's fees.
Division 12Primo II2017-11-255Still has not paid balance of player's fees.
Division 3JR's Bombers2017-11-185Still has not paid balance of player's fees.
Division 12Primo II2017-11-185Still has not paid balance of player's fees.
Division 3JR's Bombers2017-11-045Did not pay balance of player's fees by the GMM.
Division 12Primo II2017-11-045Did not pay balance of player's fees by the GMM.
Division 12Irish Pol2017-10-303No representative at GMM
Division 3JR's Bombers2017-10-303No representative at GMM
Division 12Primo II2017-10-303No representative at GMM
Division 11McKenna's Pub I2017-09-275Has not paid player's fees.
Division Team Bonus Date Bonus Reason
Division 8Cavanaughs Headhouse Newbies2017-12-060.01Wins head to head tiebreaker 16-10 over Druids Keep II.
Division 4Druids Keep IV2017-12-060.01Wins head to head tiebreaker 16-10 over 2nd St Irish Society II