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 Week 10| D1/D12 Week 11 (Home Team on Left)
 Player of the Week
   Division 1
Mark FrancksO'Neals Pub II
Jon KulesaO'Neals Pub II
   Division 2
Ed VollmerNew Wave I
JP Kurtz2nd Street Shooters I
   Division 3
Vittorio MeronyckDruids Keep IV
Ryan ScheswohlCavanaugh's Headhouse I
   Division 4
Ricky McCallionCranky Joe's Shockers
Tommy MahoneyMick-Daniel's I
   Division 5
Dan DefeoToll Man Joe's III
Shaun PatchellCranky Joe's Equilibration
   Division 6
Jason SolinskyGarage Fishtown
Jeff SchrothBrauhaus Schmitz
   Division 7
Tuval ShlomoDruids Keep I
Dan BrettleRockledge Pub
   Division 8
Don Copeland Jr.Roofdeck Reporters of O'Neals
Jeff BaxterDirty Franks I
   Division 9
James ChambersDarkside of O'Neals
Ruairi CurranCav's RH IV-Bonnie's Bag of Dicks
   Division 10
Stefan JakowenkoO'Neals Pickles
Anthony MolisaniCav's RH VI-Ladies of Rittenhouse
   Division 11
Kyle HerrinDirty Franks II
Chris DiNoteBlack Taxi II
   Division 12
Dom BonanniRogues II - Lyn Goes Rogue
Arlene RichardsonCWV Post 652
   Notes from the league
D2 Jim Coughlin tied for 2nd